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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
WARA MLG Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport Malang-Java Island
Aboge Airstrip
WAKH Abohoy Papua
Aboyi Airstrip
WASC RSK Abresso Airport Ransiki-Papua Island
WAHS SRG Achmad Yani Airport Semarang-Java Island
WAHQ SOC Adisumarmo International Airport Sukarata(Solo)-Java Island
WAHH JOG Adisutjipto International Airport Yogyakarta-Java Island
WIME AEG Aek Godang Airport Padang Sidempuan-Sumatra Islan
Aideralma Airstrip Aideralma
WALS AAP Aji Pangeran Tumenggung Pranoto International Airport Samarinda
WABC Akimuga
WAYG Akimuga Papua
Alama Airstrip Alama
WAPA AHI Amahai Airport Amahai-Seram Island
Amazu Airstrip
Ambisibil Airstrip
WAAM MXB Andi Jemma Airport Masamba-Celebes Island
WASG AGD Anggi Airport Anggi-Papua Island
Angguruk Airstrip
Anik Airstrip Anik
AAS Apalapsili Airport Apalapsili
Apowo Airstrip Apowo
Arsbol Airstrip
WAJA ARJ Arso Airport Arso-Papua Island
Aru Airport Fekfetal / Jerdera-Trangan Isl
Aurimi Wzil Airstrip Aurimi Wzil
Awinbon Airstrip Awinbon
WASA AYW Ayawasi Airport Ayawasi-Papua Island
WASO BXB Babo Airport Babo-Papua Island
WAMQ Bada (MAF) Lore Selatan, Central Sulawesi
WAKE BXD Bade Airport Bade
WATB BJW Bajawa Soa Airport Bajawa
NAF Banaina Banaina
NAF Banaina Airport Banaina-Borneo Island
WAPC NDA Bandanaira Airport Banda-Naira Island
WIIG PPJ Bandar Udara Pulau Panjang Pulau Panjang
WIPD Banding Agung Airport Pasar Bandingagung-Sumatra Isl
WIAP PWL Banyumas Airport Banyumas-Java Island
Bareri Airport Bareri
Bari Airport Bari
Basiem Airport Basiem
BAT Private Helipad
BXM Batom Batom
WAJG BXM Batom Airport Batom-Papua Island
WAOC BTW Batu Licin Airport Batu Licin-Borneo Island
WRLD Batu Putih/Talisayam (Pertamina) East Kalimantan
WIIB Batujajar Airport Bandung-Java Island
WARW BXW Bawean Airport Bawean
WIOB Bengkayang Airport Bengkayang-Borneo Island
WIPY PXA Bentayan Airport Bentayan-Sumatra Island
Bentiang Airstrip Bentiang
Beoga Airport Beoga
Berau Airport Sokan-Borneo Island
WAOM GXA Beringin Airport Murateweh-Borneo Island
WAWB BUW Betoambari Airport Bau Bau-Butung Island
WABX Biak Boruku Papua
WABU Biak Manuhua Airport Biak-Supiori Island
WAKF Bilai (AMA) Papua
WABV UGU Bilogai-Sugapa Airport Sugapa-Papua Island
WAKC Bilorai (AMA) Papua
Bime Airstrip Bime
WIMB GNS Binaka Airport Gunung Sitoli-Nias Island
Binsari Airstrip Binsari
WAUB NTI Bintuni/Stenkol Papua Barat
Binuang Airstrip Binuang
Biri Airstrip Biri
KJX Blang Pidie Airport Blangpidie
WADY BWX Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi
BJG Boalang Airport Boalang-Celebes Island
WAVB BUI Bokondini Airport Bokondini-Papua Island
WAJB BUI Bokondini Airport Bokondini
WAKL Bomakia (ZGK) Papua
Bomela Airport Bomela
Bomoani Airstrip Bomomani
WALC BXT Bontang Airport Bontang-Borneo Island
Borme Airstrip Borme
WAFD LLO Bua Airport Palopo
WIRR BTO Budiarto Airport Tangerang-Java Island
Buduk Kabul Airstrip Buduk Kabul
Bugalaga Airstrip Bugalaga
WAPB Bula Airport Bula-Seram Island
WAEM PGQ Buli Airport Pekaulang
WAME Buli/Halmahera Island North Maluku
WRBU Buntok Airport Buntok-Borneo Island
WALV BYQ Bunyu Airport Bunju Island
UOL Buol Buol
WAMY UOL Buol Airport Buol-Celebes Island
Calang Airstrip Calang
WIAM TSY Cibeureum Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java
WICM TSY Cibeureum Airport Tasikmalaya-Java Island
Cilacap Wulung Airport Cilacap-Java Island
WIIC Cirebon Panggung Cirebon, West Java
Comoro Airstrip Comoro
WIDS SIQ Dabo Airport Pasirkuning-Singkep Island
WAJC DRH Dabra Airport Dabra-Papua Island
Dagai Airport Dagai
WALJ DTD Datadawai Airport Datadawai-Borneo Island
WRLI Datah Dawai/Tiong Ohong (Local Gov) East Kalimantan
Datah Dian Airstrip Pertamina Oil & Gas Corp.
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