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Airports South America Ecuador


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Agro Aereo Jaramillo Airport Quevedo
Alba Elena Airport Bucay
SEPS Amable Calle Gutierrez Airport Pasaje
Andoas Airstrip Andoas
SEAR Arajuno Airport Arajuno
SEAP Arapicos Airport Sangay
SEAS Ascazubi Airport (Closed) Ascazubi
SEIB Atahualpa Airport (Closed) Ibarra
Aviandina Heliport Machala
Ayamu Airstrip Ayamu
SEAY Ayangue Airport San Pedro
Ayuy Airstrip Ayuy
SEBC Bahia de Caraquez
Banastru Airport Tres Postes
Banasur Airport Buenavista
Barbones - Samuel Quimi Airport Barbones
SEBF Buena Fe Airport (Closed) Buena Fe
Cabaña Yasuni Airstrip
SELO LOH Camilo Ponce Enriquez La Toma
SETM LOH Camilo Ponce Enriquez Airport La Toma (Catamayo)
Canal Uno Heliport Guayaquil
Capauari Airstrip Capauari
Carabon Airport Carabon
Celia María Airport Pasaje
SEAM ATF Chachoán Regional Airport Ambato
Chichirata Airstrip Chichirata
SERB Chimborazo Airport Riobamba
SECH Chone Airport Chone
SECQ Coaque Airport Coaque
Copataza Airstrip Copataza
SEMC XMS Coronel E Carvajal Airport Macas
SEHI Cotacachi Airport (Closed) Cotacachi
SELT LTX Cotopaxi International Airport Latacunga
Cotosaz Airstrip Cotosaz
SECR Curaray Airport Curacay
DGAC Heliport Quito
SEMO El Carmen Airport Montalvo
El Guayabo Airport Quevedo
SEVR El Vergel Airport (Closed) El Vergel
SEMT MEC Eloy Alfaro International Airport Manta
Esterito Airport Valencia
Floreana Heliport Puerto Velasco Ibarra
SECO OCC Francisco de Orellana Airport Coca
SEMH MCH General Manuel Serrano Airport (Closed) Machala
SETN ESM General Rivadeneira Airport Tachina
SESA SNC General Ulpiano Paez Airport Salinas
SEII IBB General Villamil Airport Puerto Villamil
General Villamil Airport Playas
Guabital Airport Soledad
SEGZ Gualaquiza Airport Santiago
SEGE Guale Airport Guale
SECM Hacienda Clementina Airport Pozuelos
SELJ Hacienda La Julia Airport Julia
Holandesa Airport Holandesa
Huasaga Airstrip Huasaga
Huito Molino Airstrip Huito Molino
SEIS Isabel Maria Airport América
SEJM Jama Airport Jama
Jibaría Añangu Airstrip Jibaría Añangu
Jimbiquiti Airstrip Jimbiquiti
SEJI JIP Jipijapa Airport Jipijapa
SEGU GYE José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport Guayaquil
SEMA MRR Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra Airport Macará
SEJD TNW Jumandy Airport Tena
Kapawi Ecolodge Airstrip
SEKK Km 192 Airport Lagartera
Km 60 Airport Consumulo
La Cadena Airport Quevedo
La Carolina
La Esperanza Airport Quevedo
La Fabril Heliport Manta
La Mina Airport El Guabo
La Puntilla Airport La Puntilla
Las Peñas Airport Puerto Grande
SETU TUA Lieutenant Colonel Luis a. Mantilla International Airport Tulcán
SELI Limoncocha Airport Limoncocha
Loja Airport Loja
SELM Loma Larga Airport Loma Larga
Los Ceibos Hospital Heliport Guayaquil
SESV BHA Los Perales Airport Bahía de Caraquez
SEPZ Los Perez Airport Los Perez
Los Rebeldes Airpark Guayaquil
Macuma Airstrip Macuma
Mar y Cielo Heliport Machala
SEMX Maragrosa Airport Puerto Balao
SECU CUE Mariscal Lamar Airport Cuenca
SEQU Mariscal Sucre Air Base (Closed) Quito
SEQM UIO Mariscal Sucre International Airport Quito
SEMY Martinica Airport Martinica
SETE Mayor Galo Torres Airport Tena
MZD Méndez Airport Santiago de Méndez
Mitad del Mundo Heliport Quito
SENX NIRSA Airport Posorja
SENL LGQ Nueva Loja Airport Lago Agrio
SELA LGQ Nueva Loja Airport Lago Agrio
SENU Nuevo Rocafuerte Airstrip Nuevo Rocafuerte
Pacayacu Airstrip Pacayacu
Palobamba Heliport Lérida
SEPA Pastaza / Rio Amazonas
SEPC MZD Patuca Airport Patuca
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