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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Arçman Heliport Arçman
Ashgabat Bezmein Air Base Ashgabat
UTAA ASB Ashgabat International Airport Ashgabat
Awaza Heliport Awaza
BKN Balkanabat Airport Balkanabat
Bekdash Airport Bekdash
Belek Heliport Belek
Cardiology Center Heliport Ashgabat
Cheleken East Airport Cheleken
UTAT TAZ Daşoguz Airport Daşoguz
Dzhanga Heliport Dzhanga
Emergency Medical Center Ground Helipad Ashgabat
Emergency Medical Center Rooftop Helipad Ashgabat
Gaurdak Airport Gaurdak
Gokdepe Airport Gokdepe
Gyaurs (Gawers) Airfield Gyaurs
Infectious Diseases Management Center Heliport Ashgabat
Internal Affairs Ministry Training Center Helipad Ashgabat
Internal Affairs Ministry Training Center Helipad 2 Ashgabat
Internal Affairs Ministry Training Center Helipad 3 Ashgabat
Kala-I-Mor Airport Turkmenkarakul
UTAE KEA Kerki Airport Kerki
Kizyl Atrek Northwest Airport
Kizyl Atrek West Airport
Kizyl-Arvat Airport Kizyl-Arvat
Mary Heliport Mary
UTAM MYP Mary International Airport Mary
Mary North Airport Mary
Military Institute Heliport Ashgabat
Ministry of National Security and State Border Service Academy Heliport Ashgabat
Mollagara Heliport Mollagara
Oguzhan Presidential Palace Heliport Ashgabat
Pitnyak Airport Gazojak
Saraghs Southeast Airport Saraghs
State Tribune Heliport Ashgabat
Tarta Heliport Awaza
Tejen Airport Tejen
Tejen Heliport Tejen
UTAV CRZ Türkmenabat International Airport Türkmenabat
UTAK KRW Turkmenbashi International Airport Turkmenbashi
Turkmenbashi Naval Barracks Helipad Dzhanga
Turkmenbashi Naval Base Heliport Dzhanga
Yangadzha Airport Yangadzha
Yarajy Airport Yarajy
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