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Latitude / Longitude: 37°59'12"N / 58°21'39"E
  37°59.208'N / 58°21.66'E
  37.9868 / 58.3610

Nearby radio navigation aids

AD ASHGABAT NDB. 102.4° 2.8nm from AD to field.
GH ASHGABAT NDB. 113.3° 1.5nm from GH to field.
PQ ASHGABAT NDB. 306.0° 3.1nm from PQ to field.

Runway Information

Runway 11 /29

Dimensions: 5907 x 114 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 11
Runway 29
Latitude: 37.976992 37.973944
Longitude: 58.361081 58.370572
Elevation: 692 ft. 692 ft.
Runway true heading: 111 291

Runway 12L/30R

Dimensions: 12467 x 151 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 12L
Runway 30R
Latitude: 38.000244 37.983447
Longitude: 58.343139 58.380806
Elevation: 682 ft. 682 ft.
Runway true heading: 119 299

Runway 12R/30L

Dimensions: 9806 x 197 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 12R
Runway 30L
Latitude: 37.988397 37.975169
Longitude: 58.345125 58.374797
Elevation: 689 ft. 689 ft.
Runway true heading: 119 299

Instrument Procedures

  Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart
  Aircraft Parking Chart

Departure Procedures

  Area Chart Arrival/ Departure and Transit Routes)
  [Cyrillic] Aerodrome Chart
  [Cyrillic] Aerodrome Taxi Circuit
  Aerodrome Chart
  Aerodrome Chart Marking and Lighting Aids

STARs (Standard Terminal Arrivals)

  [Cyrillic] STAR Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] STAR Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] STAR Rwy 30R
  [Cyrillic] STAR Rwy 30R
  STAR VOR/DME Rwy 12L/12R
  STAR VOR/DME Rwy 30R/30L
  STAR NDB/MKR Rwy 12L/12R
  STAR NDB/MKR Rwy 30R/30L

IAPs (Instrument Approach Procedures)

  ILS Rwy 12L
  ILS Rwy 30R
  ILS/ 2 NDB Rwy 12R
  ILS/ 2 NDB Rwy 30L
  NDB/MKR Rwy 12L
  NDB/MKR Rwy 30R
  VOR/DME Rwy 12R
  VOR/DME Rwy 30L
  [Cyrillic] Operational Area
  [Cyrillic] IAC ILS Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] IAC ILS Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] IAC ILS
  [Cyrillic] IAC ILS Rwy 30R
  [Cyrillic] IAC ILS Rwy 30R
  [Cyrillic] IAC ILS
  [Cyrillic] IAC VOR/DME Rwy 12R
  [Cyrillic] IAC VOR/DME Rwy 30L
  [Cyrillic] IAC Prevision Runway Monitoring Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] NDB Rwy 30R
  Aerodrome Obstacle Chart Type A. Rwy 12R/30L
  Aerodrome Obstacle Chart Type A. Rwy 12L/30R
  Precision Approach Terrain Chart Rwy 12L
  Precision Approach Terrain Chart Rwy 30R
  Data / Text / Tables

Departure Procedures

  [Cyrillic] SID Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] SID Rwy 30R
  [Cyrillic] SID Rwy 12L
  [Cyrillic] SID Rwy 12L
  SID VOR/DME Rwy 12L/30R/ 12R/30L Textual Description
  SID Rwy 12L/12R
  SID Rwy 30R/30L
  SID VOR/DME Rwy 12L/30R/ 12R/30L
  SID NDB/MKR Rwy 12L/30R/ 12R/30L
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UTAA 181300Z 26010KT 220V290 9999 FEW050CB SCT050 BKN100 36/14 Q1001 R88/70D NOSIG


TAF UTAA 181044Z 1812/1912 36012KT 6000 SCT030 SCT050CB 530009 TEMPO 1812/1818 30014G24KT PROB40 TEMPO 1812/1818 VRB28KT 3000 -TSRA TEMPO 1818/1903 20012KT


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