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Airports South America Guyana


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
SYAH AHL Aishalton Airport Aishalton
SYAN NAI Annai Airport Annai
SYAP Apoteri Airport Apoteri
SYAW Awaruwaunau Airport Awaruwaunau
Baganara Island Baganara
SYBR BMJ Baramita Airport Baramita
GFO Bartica Bartica
SYBT GFO Bartica A Airport Bartica
SYBE BCG Bemichi Airport Kumaka
SJKM Canawapai Potaro-Siparuni
SYCJ GEO Cheddi Jagan International Airport Georgetown
SYCP Cipo Airstrip
SYDW Dadanawa Airport Dadanawa
SYEB Ebini Airport Ebini
EKE Ekereku Ekereku
SYEC OGL Eugene F. Correira International Airport Ogle
Fort Wellington Airport Fort Wellington
Hampton Court Airstrip Anna Regina
SYIB IMB Imbaimadai Airport Imbaimadai
SYKA KAI Kaieteur International Airport Kaieteur Falls
PSKA KIA Kaieteur International Airport Kaieteur Falls
SYKM KAR Kamarang Airport Kamarang
SYKR KRM Karanambo Airport Karanambo
SYKS KRG Karasabai Airport Karasabai
SYKT KTO Kato Airport Kato
KKG Konawaruk Konawaruk
SYKZ KKG Konawaruk Airport Konawaruk
SYKK Kurukabaru Airport Kurukabaru
KPG Kurupung Kurupung
SYKW Kwakwani Airport Kwakwani
SYLT LTM Lethem Airport Lethem
SYLD Linden Airport Linden
SYLP LUB Lumid Pau Airport Lumid Pau
SYMB USI Mabaruma Airport Mabaruma
SYMD MHA Mahdia Airport Mahdia
VEG Maikwak Maikwak
SYMK VEG Maikwak Airport Maikwak
SYMN Manari Airport Manari
SYMW Marurawana Airport Marurawana
MWJ Matthews Ridge Matthews Ridge
SYMR MWJ Matthews Ridge Airport Matthews Ridge
MYM Monkey Mountain Monkey Mountain
SYMM MYM Monkey Mountain Airport Monkey Mountain
SYMP Mountain Point Airport Mountain Point
SYNA QSX New Amsterdam Airport New Amsterdam
SYOR ORJ Orinduik Airport Orinduik
SYPM PMT Paramakatoi Airport Paramakatoi
PMT Paramakotoi Paramakotoi
SYPR PRR Paruma Airport Paruma
PIQ Pipillipai Pipillipai
PKM Port Kaituma Port Kaituma
SYPK Port Kaituma Airport Port Kaituma
SYSC SDC Sand Creek Airport Sand Creek
SYSK SKM Skeldon Airport Skeldon
Spring Garden Airstrip Supenaam
SYWI Wichabai Airport Wichabai
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