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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
LDZK Aerodrom Zabok-Gubaševo Zabok
LDZJ Bjelovar Brezova Airport Bjelovar
LDSB BWK Brač Airport Bol
LDZB Buševec Velika Glider Airport Busevec
LDVC Čakovec Pribisla Airport Čakovec
LDVR Daruvar
LDVD Daruvar Blagorod Airport Daruvar
LDDU DBV Dubrovnik Airport Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik General Hospital Helipad Dubrovnik
LDSF Firule Heliport Split
Gradac Airstrip
LDRG Grobnicko Polje Airport Grobnicko
LDSH Hvar Airport Hvar Island
LDSJ Hvar/Jelsa Seaplane Base (Closed) Hvar
LDZI Ivanić-Grad Airstrip Ivanić-Grad
LDSL Korčula Vela Luka Seaplane Terminal (Closed) Vela Luka
Letjelište "Marina"
Lila Airstrip
LSZ Losinj Arpt Mali Losinj
LDLO LSZ Lošinj Island Airport Lošinj
LDZL Lučko Airport Zagreb
LDSM Lumbarda Seaplane Terminal (Closed) Lumbarda
LDPM Medulin Campanoz Airport Medulin
Mirkovac Airstrip
Nova Rača Airfield
LDZN Novalja Seaplane Terminal (Closed) Novalja
Osejava Heliport Makarska
LDOS OSI Osijek Airport Osijek
LDOC Osijek-Čepin Airfield Čepin
LDRO Otočac Airport Otočac
Pisarovina Airfield
LDDP Ploče Airport (Closed) Ploče
LDPL PUY Pula Airport Pula
LDPP Pula Seaplane Terminal (Closed) Pula
LDRR Rab Seaplane Terminal (Closed) Rab
LDRI RJK Rijeka Airport Rijeka
LDRP Rijeka Seaplane Terminal (Closed) Rijeka
Selca/Novo Selo Heliport Novo Selo
Sepurine Training Base (Closed) Zaton
LDSS Sinj Piket Airfield Sinj
LDZS Sisak
LDOR Slavonski Jelas Airport Slavonski
LDSP SPU Split Airport Split
LDST Split Seaplane City (Closed) Split
LDSR Split-Resnik Seaplane Base (Closed) Split
LDZU Udbina Air Base (Closed) Udbina
LDPN Unije Airport Unije Island
LDVA Varaždin Airport Varaždin
LDOV Vinkovci Sopot Airport Vinkovci
LDPV Vrsar Crljenka Airport Vrsar
LDOB Vukovar Borovo N Airport (Closed) Vukovar
LDZD ZAD Zadar Airport Zemunik (Zadar)
LDDD Zagreb Aftn Zagreb
LDZA ZAG Zagreb Airport Zagreb
LDZE Zvekovac Zvekovac
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