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Fixes Oceania Marshall Islands


Name Identifier Location ARTCC
ADHAC ADHAC 09-33-09.150N / 167-31-13.790E ZOA
AGOLY AGOLY 09-29-23.680N / 167-34-35.270E ZOA
AWIJU AWIJU 09-22-53.980N / 167-27-12.960E ZOA
BOQHU BOQHU 09-25-38.170N / 167-37-56.680E ZOA
CASWO CASWO 09-14-28.460N / 167-25-16.720W ZOA
DISHU DISHU 09-21-59.170N / 167-18-33.730W ZOA
EFAHU EFAHU 07-18-39.260N / 171-43-19.450E ZOA
EGRAW EGRAW 08-44-51.450N / 167-49-15.210E ZOA
EJOSO EJOSO 09-18-13.830N / 167-21-55.260E ZOA
ENINY ENINY 11-21-00.000N / 162-20-00.000E ZOA
GOLPE GOLPE 09-26-03.650N / 167-30-48.190E ZOA
IMOTY IMOTY 09-21-33.940N / 167-25-42.180E ZOA
IMUFO IMUFO 07-05-17.250N / 171-21-59.250E ZOA
KUHEK KUHEK 07-06-11.350N / 171-04-34.370E ZOA
MOFHU MOFHU 09-24-43.630N / 167-29-17.380E ZOA
NAMUR NAMUR 09-20-59.110N / 167-24-09.620E ZHN
NIGLY NIGLY 08-41-33.440N / 167-38-32.860E ZOA
NOFKE NOFKE 07-04-48.220N / 171-02-09.550E ZOA
NUGWO NUGWO 07-09-28.500N / 171-30-54.790E ZOA
OGEVE OGEVE 07-01-18.630N / 171-05-46.400E ZOA
TOZTU TOZTU 07-06-29.020N / 171-26-52.330E ZOA
UFUZO UFUZO 07-02-30.560N / 171-10-39.400E ZOA
WANDA WANDA 09-27-47.140N / 167-31-22.560E ZOA
WOZTI WOZTI 07-16-57.450N / 170-49-34.370E ZOA
ZIVZU ZIVZU 07-11-21.790N / 171-25-40.490E ZOA
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