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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
10057 10057 45-00-00.140N / 073-14-15.360W ZUL
10058 10058 45-00-00.160N / 072-07-25.250W ZUL
13023 13023 44-11-23.200N / 072-57-42.420W ZBW
17065 17065 45-01-06.960N / 071-57-03.340W ZUL
17072 17072 43-06-24.000N / 073-02-15.500W ZBW
17085 17085 45-01-00.960N / 071-31-19.400W ZUL
17114 17114 45-00-54.440N / 073-11-27.560W ZUL
21856 21856 43-10-58.800N / 073-13-22.300W ZBW
AHTON AHTON 44-46-25.140N / 072-10-02.410W ZBW
AKAYU AKAYU 43-58-48.120N / 073-24-33.400W ZBW
AKHOM AKHOM 43-33-58.260N / 072-27-00.120W ZBW
AKINE AKINE 43-33-06.970N / 072-57-05.260W ZBW
AXTER AXTER 44-29-02.000N / 072-02-08.390W ZBW
BIBBA BIBBA 44-03-48.020N / 073-24-21.760W ZBW
BRATS BRATS 42-57-19.890N / 072-40-27.730W ZBW
BRLTN BRLTN 44-23-49.580N / 073-10-57.450W ZBW
BURGR BURGR 43-43-58.750N / 072-19-50.410W ZBW
BUTOX BUTOX 44-17-56.130N / 073-03-02.530W ZBW
BUZOC BUZOC 44-02-51.970N / 072-26-56.810W ZBW
CELEM CELEM 43-08-42.900N / 072-46-37.060W ZBW
CESAL CESAL 44-21-58.470N / 073-09-25.000W ZBW
CEVEY CEVEY 44-22-47.980N / 072-03-25.760W ZBW
CHITT CHITT 43-38-08.010N / 072-57-12.240W ZBW
CIBTA CIBTA 42-55-55.250N / 073-20-56.350W ZBW
COPUX COPUX 44-32-57.460N / 072-56-21.840W ZBW
CORNN CORNN 43-32-33.750N / 072-57-00.420W ZBW
COVAN COVAN 44-44-25.680N / 072-23-43.550W ZBW
COVUM COVUM 44-59-31.760N / 073-19-56.030W ZBW
DABTE DABTE 43-47-56.670N / 073-03-05.850W ZBW
DAVID DAVID 43-54-35.540N / 072-20-53.440W ZBW
DETFI DETFI 44-23-31.700N / 072-10-19.640W ZBW
DEVSE DEVSE 43-14-34.400N / 072-36-43.380W ZBW
DOOTY DOOTY 44-27-56.800N / 073-08-30.450W ZBW
DORIS DORIS 42-58-42.880N / 073-03-51.570W ZBW
DOWNO DOWNO 44-32-40.650N / 072-36-47.550W ZBW
DUBSE DUBSE 44-03-30.320N / 073-10-30.020W ZBW
EBERT EBERT 43-32-58.260N / 072-45-42.590W ZBW
ECAVO ECAVO 44-22-03.840N / 071-56-32.050W ZBW
EHIKO EHIKO 44-22-00.210N / 072-58-56.020W ZBW
EJOCA EJOCA 43-34-40.330N / 072-38-47.750W ZBW
EKVAW EKVAW 44-05-30.500N / 072-28-54.950W ZBW
ENSON ENSON 43-41-28.400N / 073-18-37.650W ZBW
FAXIB FAXIB 43-00-39.280N / 073-32-56.300W ZBW
FELKA FELKA 43-16-36.020N / 072-57-38.960W ZBW
FIDER FIDER 43-17-51.980N / 072-33-36.710W ZBW
FISER FISER 44-04-30.700N / 073-03-44.150W ZBW
FOBOP FOBOP 45-08-13.080N / 073-14-09.510W ZBW
FOBUX FOBUX 44-15-49.110N / 073-09-55.760W ZBW
FOGMO FOGMO 44-22-24.720N / 072-52-56.500W ZBW
FOVES FOVES 44-32-09.670N / 073-15-19.970W ZBW
GADYE GADYE 43-05-03.740N / 073-29-42.970W ZBW
GITEW GITEW 43-47-46.830N / 072-57-32.750W ZBW
GIYEV GIYEV 45-00-21.130N / 073-06-52.730W ZBW
GOOTH GOOTH 45-01-04.880N / 073-09-03.560W ZBW
GREEK GREEK 44-04-56.580N / 072-45-17.370W ZBW
GULLP GULLP 44-00-15.628N / 072-22-05.991W ZBW
HABOK HABOK 44-27-40.590N / 073-08-04.270W ZBW
HAIZO HAIZO 43-26-05.360N / 072-31-44.480W ZBW
HAMMM HAMMM 43-48-56.120N / 072-20-55.810W ZBW
HEPES HEPES 44-27-22.680N / 073-08-57.920W ZBW
HERRO HERRO 44-31-56.040N / 073-14-58.060W ZBW
HHANA HHANA 43-49-58.390N / 072-18-14.500W ZBW
HOSUG HOSUG 43-42-39.510N / 073-00-59.880W ZBW
HUKPI HUKPI 44-20-14.340N / 071-52-32.800W ZBW
HURDS HURDS 44-56-16.570N / 071-59-40.650W ZBW
ICURO ICURO 42-49-31.900N / 072-52-35.130W ZBW
IPEYA IPEYA 43-08-22.400N / 073-27-20.020W ZBW
IRAGE IRAGE 44-26-47.470N / 073-05-31.250W ZBW
IRAME IRAME 44-45-03.880N / 073-02-53.180W ZBW
JAMMA JAMMA 43-16-11.870N / 072-35-10.630W ZBW
JENAX JENAX 44-16-06.800N / 073-16-52.540W ZBW
JIMEX JIMEX 43-13-20.290N / 072-37-53.160W ZBW
JOREX JOREX 43-20-35.960N / 072-57-29.250W ZBW
JOTOV JOTOV 42-56-14.730N / 073-36-09.170W ZBW
JRVIS JRVIS 44-38-53.950N / 073-02-51.000W ZBW
JUBUB JUBUB 43-05-55.590N / 072-49-36.490W ZBW
JUNEL JUNEL 44-30-10.890N / 073-12-07.410W ZBW
JUTEK JUTEK 44-43-55.360N / 073-11-27.000W ZBW
KB87C KB87C 44-30-00.000N / 072-00-00.000W ZBW
KB90C KB90C 45-00-00.000N / 072-00-00.000W ZBW
KECSI KECSI 44-30-48.280N / 073-18-05.950W ZBW
KERST KERST 43-29-07.840N / 073-01-36.870W ZBW
KEZUP KEZUP 43-30-22.900N / 072-35-15.860W ZBW
KOSPE KOSPE 43-14-24.060N / 073-11-09.840W ZBW
LIDOW LIDOW 44-21-21.210N / 071-51-34.930W ZBW
LIIDA LIIDA 44-12-08.870N / 072-43-10.000W ZBW
LIQED LIQED 44-44-44.890N / 072-34-18.910W ZBW
LISBE LISBE 43-10-27.310N / 072-40-36.010W ZBW
LOCET LOCET 43-59-48.100N / 073-24-31.080W ZBW
LUNFI LUNFI 44-41-43.980N / 072-07-35.670W ZBW
MABCI MABCI 44-27-29.700N / 073-08-59.460W ZBW
MACKD MACKD 44-32-24.180N / 072-36-53.440W ZBW
MAHAG MAHAG 44-53-36.440N / 072-13-31.440W ZBW
MAUVE MAUVE 43-51-33.270N / 072-50-56.310W ZBW
MENNE MENNE 43-15-22.010N / 072-35-53.510W ZBW
MIWZO MIWZO 44-11-44.600N / 072-33-34.630W ZBW
MUDDI MUDDI 43-44-39.850N / 072-51-26.920W ZBW
NARUE NARUE 44-31-51.860N / 073-27-43.200W ZBW
NASEE NASEE 44-27-13.540N / 073-06-46.310W ZBW
NEIVA NEIVA 43-12-53.210N / 072-38-13.880W ZBW
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