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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
10960 10960 41-08-06.650N / 072-04-53.270W ZBW
13614 13614 41-39-06.500N / 071-11-40.500W ZBW
25135 25135 41-46-36.600N / 071-43-30.300W ZBW
25153 25153 41-41-09.160N / 071-10-03.260W ZBW
25236 25236 41-27-25.350N / 071-42-17.630W ZBW
25237 25237 41-26-36.350N / 071-44-32.740W ZBW
25261 25261 41-31-59.460N / 071-17-19.270W ZBW
25274 25274 41-35-29.560N / 071-19-53.780W ZBW
ALLEY ALLEY 41-41-55.050N / 071-23-49.960W ZBW
ARMIN ARMIN 41-48-38.080N / 071-21-13.120W ZBW
ASHWY ASHWY 41-24-19.330N / 071-47-04.250W ZBW
AVONN AVONN 41-38-09.300N / 071-12-26.150W ZBW
BARYS BARYS 41-42-35.400N / 071-40-06.930W ZBW
BEVIN BEVIN 41-38-43.050N / 071-20-27.090W ZBW
BEYEL BEYEL 41-38-09.410N / 071-26-52.920W ZBW
BIRDS BIRDS 41-56-36.960N / 071-42-55.910W ZBW
BLOKK BLOKK 41-10-34.210N / 071-28-46.700W ZBW
BRAGA BRAGA 41-37-53.510N / 071-11-04.800W ZBW
BRIGG BRIGG 41-48-54.000N / 071-19-53.220W ZBW
BRUCE BRUCE 41-30-23.990N / 071-23-24.820W ZBW
CATIE CATIE 41-20-44.150N / 071-48-38.120W ZBW
CFLTA CFLTA 41-52-00.380N / 071-16-30.780W ZBW
COMRU COMRU 41-47-43.340N / 071-21-59.170W ZBW
CONEZ CONEZ 41-31-18.710N / 071-20-30.120W ZBW
COTAG COTAG 41-41-17.250N / 071-27-23.460W ZBW
CRIER CRIER 41-54-59.890N / 071-29-44.970W ZBW
CUSKA CUSKA 41-48-32.920N / 071-21-17.370W ZBW
CUTSI CUTSI 41-37-53.230N / 071-30-14.310W ZBW
DAAME DAAME 41-33-51.780N / 071-15-41.110W ZBW
DELCI DELCI 41-13-53.320N / 072-00-39.280W ZBW
DRATE DRATE 42-00-24.950N / 071-43-44.850W ZBW
EJUDO EJUDO 41-52-29.710N / 071-32-40.300W ZBW
FALMA FALMA 41-22-22.160N / 071-10-16.250W ZBW
FEFOX FEFOX 41-40-43.780N / 071-21-52.460W ZBW
FEKWU FEKWU 41-36-31.760N / 071-20-26.350W ZBW
FEXUX FEXUX 41-41-08.130N / 071-27-31.100W ZBW
FISBO FISBO 41-47-56.120N / 071-30-12.700W ZBW
FOSTY FOSTY 41-50-35.460N / 071-38-31.340W ZBW
FRYIN FRYIN 41-55-41.740N / 071-29-09.850W ZBW
GEKVE GEKVE 41-28-46.400N / 071-37-50.190W ZBW
GONNG GONNG 41-44-02.360N / 071-29-20.210W ZBW
HEFTY HEFTY 41-54-19.190N / 071-33-50.390W ZBW
HOBET HOBET 41-34-47.550N / 071-16-18.860W ZBW
HOKMI HOKMI 41-51-51.260N / 071-34-22.800W ZBW
HUMER HUMER 41-34-59.230N / 071-10-16.540W ZBW
HUTUB HUTUB 41-46-10.620N / 071-28-20.720W ZBW
ILACI ILACI 41-10-00.670N / 071-35-35.480W ZBW
INNDY INNDY 41-46-19.190N / 071-05-55.930W ZBW
JAGRA JAGRA 41-24-27.090N / 071-22-20.300W ZBW
JEENE JEENE 41-39-26.710N / 071-39-55.890W ZBW
JTOWN JTOWN 41-31-38.480N / 071-21-29.360W ZBW
JUMPR JUMPR 41-10-15.340N / 071-14-49.500W ZBW
KENTE KENTE 41-32-48.070N / 071-34-29.160W ZBW
KLUTZ KLUTZ 41-17-48.450N / 071-53-49.350W ZBW
KREAK KREAK 41-55-59.750N / 071-36-17.030W ZBW
KUNDE KUNDE 41-45-17.140N / 071-27-23.980W ZBW
LAFAY LAFAY 41-27-45.220N / 071-43-16.430W ZBW
MABYG MABYG 41-55-23.290N / 071-29-46.200W ZBW
MABYT MABYT 41-54-51.950N / 071-29-18.070W ZBW
MAHAX MAHAX 41-43-52.790N / 071-25-19.470W ZBW
MIMIC MIMIC 41-50-03.520N / 071-33-53.310W ZBW
MINNK MINNK 41-21-40.670N / 071-25-27.200W ZBW
NEWBE NEWBE 41-12-24.390N / 071-04-26.920W ZBW
NICOD NICOD 41-24-36.380N / 071-11-54.390W ZBW
RENCH RENCH 41-38-30.400N / 071-29-40.800W ZBW
REUTR REUTR 41-41-08.600N / 071-29-40.500W ZBW
RHINA RHINA 41-09-56.020N / 071-41-34.060W ZBW
RUSEL RUSEL 42-00-38.210N / 071-25-00.710W ZBW
RUSKY RUSKY 41-48-11.050N / 071-29-16.730W ZBW
SALME SALME 41-45-16.530N / 071-33-32.920W ZBW
SMARI SMARI 41-37-31.420N / 071-13-31.790W ZBW
SUFOK SUFOK 41-09-47.610N / 071-49-44.100W ZBW
TRAIT TRAIT 41-17-04.750N / 071-55-03.350W ZBW
UNTER UNTER 41-50-17.060N / 071-27-53.100W ZBW
WACKY WACKY 41-20-25.520N / 071-51-22.320W ZBW
WALLU WALLU 41-45-33.710N / 071-37-38.730W ZBW
WAVON WAVON 41-11-06.590N / 071-21-13.400W ZBW
WOONS WOONS 41-57-02.070N / 071-30-25.340W ZBW
YBERA YBERA 41-41-10.760N / 071-28-19.850W ZBW
ZORNN ZORNN 41-52-28.270N / 071-33-17.050W ZBW
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