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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
26466 26466 22-17-05.500N / 067-23-48.800W ZSU
26471 26471 20-42-08.100N / 066-58-48.700W ZSU
ALASK ALASK 16-50-12.920N / 066-32-15.090W ZSU
ANTEN ANTEN 18-24-42.900N / 066-05-17.980W ZSU
ANTEX ANTEX 18-28-45.300N / 068-00-00.000W ZSU
APPOL APPOL 18-04-52.440N / 067-33-40.680W ZSU
AQABA AQABA 18-35-45.160N / 067-22-28.890W ZSU
ARECA ARECA 18-01-37.010N / 067-14-01.040W ZSU
ARETE ARETE 18-32-05.610N / 065-50-26.710W ZSU
ARMUR ARMUR 15-32-36.000N / 066-38-06.000W ZSU
BARVE BARVE 18-22-59.690N / 066-10-14.390W ZSU
BAZRI BAZRI 18-18-27.040N / 065-33-08.420W ZSU
BEANO BEANO 18-45-35.460N / 066-37-10.420W ZSU
BETIR BETIR 19-20-35.240N / 068-36-15.550W ZSU
BEXER BEXER 14-12-00.000N / 068-11-00.000W ZSU
BINJI BINJI 18-26-01.960N / 066-11-20.540W ZSU
BOCCA BOCCA 18-28-33.400N / 066-36-08.620W ZSU
CAVTU CAVTU 18-07-19.510N / 065-32-59.740W ZSU
CHAKA CHAKA 18-22-22.370N / 065-37-46.290W ZSU
CITPO CITPO 18-29-18.970N / 067-08-42.390W ZSU
CLAYO CLAYO 18-03-25.190N / 066-26-38.850W ZSU
CONDO CONDO 18-26-00.400N / 066-05-05.990W ZSU
CORAF CORAF 18-38-47.900N / 066-23-23.940W ZSU
CRSTL CRSTL 16-17-55.310N / 066-34-41.230W ZSU
CULEB CULEB 17-51-03.170N / 066-26-24.220W ZSU
CUVOP CUVOP 18-00-47.210N / 066-34-42.680W ZSU
DAKES DAKES 17-02-52.990N / 066-59-58.620W ZSU
DEEDY DEEDY 18-41-42.900N / 066-01-21.510W ZSU
DEKKA DEKKA 18-13-38.040N / 066-39-06.320W ZSU
DENGE DENGE 17-49-27.400N / 065-51-05.300W ZSU
DONKE DONKE 18-35-46.610N / 066-04-02.020W ZSU
DRADO DRADO 18-28-05.800N / 066-24-44.610W ZSU
DROUN DROUN 18-21-34.630N / 067-17-10.280W ZSU
EGNIW EGNIW 18-13-59.280N / 065-38-58.240W ZSU
ELOPO ELOPO 17-39-00.200N / 062-33-15.800W ZSU
EYOCI EYOCI 17-55-00.610N / 066-23-10.680W ZSU
FAJAR FAJAR 18-28-09.490N / 065-38-22.830W ZSU
FIRPE FIRPE 18-26-44.720N / 066-11-23.770W ZSU
FORTN FORTN 18-24-26.770N / 065-30-22.320W ZSU
GANBO GANBO 18-16-03.830N / 066-11-54.300W ZSU
GESGE GESGE 17-58-46.670N / 066-28-13.360W ZSU
GESSO GESSO 17-29-37.760N / 065-46-42.880W ZSU
GRANN GRANN 23-30-00.000N / 065-48-00.000W ZSU
GUADE GUADE 18-22-05.050N / 066-11-20.020W ZSU
HARDY HARDY 20-00-23.040N / 068-49-01.270W ZSU
HASTO HASTO 18-21-59.830N / 065-29-59.960W ZSU
HENLI HENLI 16-55-10.170N / 065-24-31.490W ZSU
HOMAG HOMAG 18-06-51.120N / 065-35-05.260W ZSU
HORIL HORIL 18-00-56.640N / 066-37-51.300W ZSU
HOVIP HOVIP 18-00-04.140N / 066-32-23.540W ZSU
IDAHO IDAHO 19-15-37.880N / 067-38-22.390W ZSU
INNES INNES 18-27-53.140N / 067-13-43.860W ZSU
ISLLA ISLLA 18-27-28.330N / 065-48-52.540W ZSU
ISSLA ISSLA 18-27-16.800N / 065-48-34.580W ZSU
JAAWS JAAWS 18-58-42.030N / 066-32-26.390W ZSU
JAMIX JAMIX 18-09-28.330N / 065-41-15.860W ZSU
JETSS JETSS 18-40-24.220N / 065-21-57.410W ZSU
JIREG JIREG 17-53-07.280N / 066-38-19.890W ZSU
JOSHE JOSHE 18-14-32.520N / 066-30-03.540W ZSU
JUNTA JUNTA 18-23-19.430N / 067-28-47.040W ZSU
KATOK KATOK 18-49-50.740N / 068-00-00.000W ZSU
LAZTY LAZTY 18-04-32.580N / 065-42-15.420W ZSU
LIIMA LIIMA 18-02-23.720N / 065-44-47.630W ZSU
LOBOZ LOBOZ 18-45-20.000N / 065-07-11.000W ZSU
MACHE MACHE 17-40-01.090N / 065-56-40.030W ZSU
MALCU MALCU 18-26-06.590N / 066-16-38.710W ZSU
MELLA MELLA 18-12-00.000N / 068-00-00.000W ZSU
MIGHT MIGHT 18-09-53.950N / 066-19-06.020W ZSU
MIXEE MIXEE 18-05-29.390N / 065-41-05.820W ZSU
MORRS MORRS 22-00-00.000N / 062-40-00.000W ZSU
MUNDS MUNDS 18-26-19.480N / 066-00-53.510W ZSU
MUNGE MUNGE 18-07-55.540N / 065-30-20.340W ZSU
NIFEF NIFEF 18-21-22.540N / 065-28-52.130W ZSU
NIIMO NIIMO 18-28-48.000N / 066-41-23.820W ZSU
ODEZZ ODEZZ 18-26-21.640N / 067-18-45.560W ZSU
OGDAW OGDAW 18-15-31.540N / 065-37-24.640W ZSU
OLGAH OLGAH 17-49-12.220N / 066-06-17.180W ZSU
PAESO PAESO 18-29-26.170N / 065-54-54.540W ZSU
PALCO PALCO 18-17-30.170N / 065-14-08.230W ZSU
PALON PALON 18-01-59.130N / 065-39-02.360W ZSU
PEBLO PEBLO 18-29-11.190N / 066-50-43.630W ZSU
PERRY PERRY 13-14-37.000N / 063-05-14.000W ZSU
PEVOE PEVOE 18-06-38.860N / 065-35-59.360W ZSU
PICKI PICKI 18-44-44.470N / 064-48-07.190W ZSU
PISAX PISAX 23-30-00.000N / 062-32-47.900W ZSU
PLAYR PLAYR 18-23-26.970N / 066-11-30.010W ZSU
PLING PLING 19-59-31.820N / 066-47-52.570W ZSU
POVEE POVEE 18-25-47.610N / 066-02-12.150W ZSU
REMSY REMSY 18-26-01.390N / 066-05-51.010W ZSU
RIMMA RIMMA 18-24-26.560N / 066-05-31.850W ZSU
RIQIE RIQIE 17-50-03.810N / 065-35-58.290W ZSU
ROBLE ROBLE 18-57-16.290N / 067-00-50.570W ZSU
RORPE RORPE 18-01-04.900N / 066-40-37.290W ZSU
SAALR SAALR 19-06-47.470N / 066-20-10.210W ZSU
SANLO SANLO 18-12-02.770N / 065-56-05.640W ZSU
SCAPA SCAPA 15-50-02.900N / 067-29-58.300W ZSU
SEPBO SEPBO 17-58-12.790N / 066-46-30.060W ZSU
SILOE SILOE 18-30-48.070N / 065-49-50.100W ZSU
TARGT TARGT 18-28-03.540N / 067-13-36.810W ZSU
TAYOG TAYOG 17-54-15.610N / 066-51-14.980W ZSU
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