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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
11858 11858 46-43-23.640N / 103-10-01.630W ZMP
11862 11862 46-52-56.040N / 103-10-01.640W ZMP
11863 11863 46-05-24.110N / 103-10-01.620W ZMP
11902 11902 48-59-59.950N / 097-07-54.610W ZWG
11985 11985 46-54-05.240N / 103-10-01.640W ZMP
12521 12521 46-08-51.070N / 100-30-16.040W ZMP
12522 12522 46-50-33.540N / 099-41-00.780W ZMP
13907 13907 48-21-46.640N / 101-25-49.780W ZMP
13922 13922 49-00-00.050N / 102-06-07.800W ZWG
13925 13925 48-56-10.470N / 102-14-50.510W ZMP
13930 13930 48-31-22.790N / 103-10-01.660W ZMP
21096 21096 48-15-35.370N / 103-10-01.660W ZMP
21097 21097 47-25-52.450N / 103-10-01.670W ZLC
21098 21098 46-48-21.840N / 103-10-01.640W ZMP
21289 21289 48-59-59.950N / 097-07-54.810W ZMP
21478 21478 47-59-02.580N / 103-10-01.670W ZLC
23809 23809 47-29-11.010N / 102-07-15.320W ZMP
26688 26688 45-57-23.600N / 099-16-01.300W ZMP
ABUVE ABUVE 48-28-42.280N / 101-29-31.870W ZMP
ADUTE ADUTE 48-16-59.900N / 099-49-24.100W ZMP
AKUSE AKUSE 48-50-52.090N / 097-52-49.940W ZMP
AMAXE AMAXE 48-34-16.020N / 101-37-37.970W ZMP
AMIRE AMIRE 48-17-41.610N / 101-03-59.680W ZMP
ASABE ASABE 46-16-06.340N / 097-39-49.260W ZMP
ATODE ATODE 48-38-17.950N / 097-26-48.210W ZMP
AXAXE AXAXE 46-36-16.400N / 100-56-02.710W ZMP
AXMAN AXMAN 48-26-43.140N / 100-07-40.660W ZMP
BALTA BALTA 48-11-26.690N / 100-02-51.200W ZMP
BANAW BANAW 48-20-07.230N / 099-55-14.970W ZMP
BANEY BANEY 46-14-21.150N / 096-56-14.900W ZMP
BEBUW BEBUW 46-05-13.870N / 103-13-28.080W ZLC
BEETZ BEETZ 47-26-45.850N / 097-04-52.720W ZMP
BEHQY BEHQY 47-02-19.070N / 099-41-50.000W ZMP
BIGBA BIGBA 47-42-30.820N / 097-22-02.330W ZMP
BLANN BLANN 47-22-38.510N / 097-18-58.160W ZMP
BLITS BLITS 48-02-10.650N / 097-09-34.360W ZMP
BODDI BODDI 48-12-21.350N / 097-22-24.360W ZMP
BORPE BORPE 47-43-34.380N / 097-18-58.200W ZMP
BOWIS BOWIS 47-44-54.640N / 103-08-29.370W ZMP
BUCHA BUCHA 47-00-04.050N / 098-47-00.790W ZMP
BULAH BULAH 47-11-45.500N / 101-31-41.870W ZMP
BUPAY BUPAY 48-16-31.810N / 101-18-08.590W ZMP
BUVFY BUVFY 48-51-59.470N / 103-12-14.680W ZLC
BUWBI BUWBI 48-45-55.990N / 097-51-39.200W ZMP
BYSON BYSON 47-16-21.880N / 097-02-22.500W ZMP
CABKA CABKA 46-22-48.040N / 096-49-36.020W ZMP
CADDI CADDI 48-32-16.460N / 097-19-45.690W ZMP
CAGOS CAGOS 47-48-34.190N / 097-19-02.160W ZMP
CAREW CAREW 48-09-28.370N / 099-31-52.770W ZMP
CAWVI CAWVI 48-23-14.250N / 100-01-06.560W ZMP
CDPKS CDPKS 49-00-00.000N / 097-07-54.800W ZMP
CENTR CENTR 47-00-33.170N / 101-09-14.400W ZMP
CETIL CETIL 46-00-40.430N / 097-40-53.330W ZMP
CEVOX CEVOX 47-29-01.630N / 098-22-19.640W ZMP
CFLCB CFLCB 48-03-10.090N / 103-27-07.390W ZLC
CHACE CHACE 47-16-40.910N / 100-00-41.200W ZMP
CHAFE CHAFE 46-48-34.090N / 097-23-24.660W ZMP
CIGEN CIGEN 48-22-05.150N / 101-35-36.930W ZMP
CIKMO CIKMO 46-03-26.270N / 097-27-05.670W ZMP
CINCH CINCH 46-11-52.160N / 096-35-16.620W ZMP
CIPGO CIPGO 47-42-19.700N / 103-02-08.940W ZMP
CIPUM CIPUM 47-57-08.510N / 097-05-58.470W ZMP
COINS COINS 46-02-11.080N / 096-36-17.400W ZMP
CONEI CONEI 48-31-05.820N / 101-17-01.390W ZMP
COOOK COOOK 46-56-58.870N / 102-55-40.810W ZMP
CORWN CORWN 46-07-53.440N / 097-36-24.430W ZMP
CUCAY CUCAY 46-43-45.250N / 100-41-20.790W ZMP
CUDRI CUDRI 48-15-44.820N / 101-36-40.740W ZMP
CUJZU CUJZU 48-45-09.060N / 097-59-07.010W ZMP
CURAN CURAN 48-38-15.570N / 101-44-22.480W ZMP
DAKHI DAKHI 48-26-21.010N / 100-06-58.820W ZMP
DAKME DAKME 47-38-34.570N / 097-18-53.400W ZMP
DAYAV DAYAV 46-39-45.050N / 096-57-27.490W ZMP
DEMKY DEMKY 48-46-42.440N / 097-44-11.160W ZMP
DEVLL DEVLL 48-06-54.810N / 098-54-45.070W ZMP
DEWWI DEWWI 46-49-04.820N / 096-49-02.930W ZMP
DITRE DITRE 47-59-02.650N / 097-28-47.280W ZMP
DMEGQ DMEGQ 48-45-43.090N / 096-55-26.830W ZMP
DMKCN DMKCN 48-20-19.090N / 103-52-11.740W ZLC
DOPEQ DOPEQ 48-28-38.640N / 097-21-56.910W ZMP
DOYAB DOYAB 48-25-25.030N / 101-30-01.420W ZMP
DUMBE DUMBE 47-42-29.320N / 097-26-17.780W ZMP
EBVAC EBVAC 48-20-53.740N / 099-44-42.830W ZMP
EDHUC EDHUC 47-43-55.470N / 101-32-01.400W ZMP
EDSIQ EDSIQ 48-01-56.880N / 097-59-07.040W ZMP
EFIQU EFIQU 46-55-39.920N / 096-57-07.630W ZMP
EHRUX EHRUX 46-55-34.360N / 096-40-38.700W ZMP
EHTIP EHTIP 46-51-15.380N / 100-38-24.200W ZMP
EHZEJ EHZEJ 47-22-26.600N / 101-38-36.180W ZMP
EJKOW EJKOW 48-42-02.020N / 101-27-01.930W ZMP
EJRIQ EJRIQ 47-12-25.200N / 101-31-12.100W ZMP
ELVAW ELVAW 47-54-54.440N / 097-10-42.730W ZMP
EMCEC EMCEC 46-57-49.080N / 098-44-10.660W ZMP
EMCIJ EMCIJ 46-53-46.730N / 098-37-44.540W ZMP
EMDEW EMDEW 48-15-16.380N / 101-20-10.330W ZMP
EMEBY EMEBY 48-15-15.230N / 101-12-46.140W ZMP
ENUDE ENUDE 46-25-26.620N / 097-36-11.930W ZMP
ERIXE ERIXE 47-45-05.560N / 097-10-52.800W ZMP
EVUKY EVUKY 46-03-37.340N / 097-39-01.290W ZMP
EWIRU EWIRU 48-40-02.200N / 101-47-15.000W ZMP
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