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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
17073 17073 42-56-13.900N / 072-22-47.100W ZBW
17074 17074 42-55-05.190N / 072-05-06.390W ZBW
ACCOW ACCOW 44-42-26.620N / 071-12-02.900W ZBW
ALCEE ALCEE 42-56-34.310N / 070-58-52.200W ZBW
ANIER ANIER 43-35-34.680N / 071-39-16.630W ZBW
AYZOO AYZOO 44-25-21.580N / 071-40-43.190W ZBW
BASUU BASUU 42-53-17.860N / 071-38-48.690W ZBW
BAUER BAUER 43-23-14.080N / 072-28-50.620W ZBW
BECHI BECHI 43-00-05.490N / 070-45-20.760W ZBW
BETEY BETEY 43-02-05.000N / 071-29-40.680W ZBW
BIISN BIISN 44-35-22.990N / 071-11-00.990W ZBW
BILLS BILLS 43-37-36.660N / 071-52-25.290W ZBW
BLENO BLENO 42-54-55.000N / 071-04-43.370W ZBW
BOIRE BOIRE 42-46-20.530N / 071-27-15.140W ZBW
BOVER BOVER 43-11-45.470N / 070-53-10.430W ZBW
BUKER BUKER 44-26-36.120N / 071-05-41.290W ZBW
CARAY CARAY 43-06-17.780N / 070-50-43.220W ZNY
CEHJI CEHJI 43-32-26.290N / 072-30-32.910W ZBW
CEKAY CEKAY 43-01-14.610N / 070-25-24.790W ZBW
CHERN CHERN 42-49-24.200N / 071-36-07.800W ZBW
CHEXS CHEXS 43-21-44.170N / 072-10-06.540W ZBW
CIMVI CIMVI 42-49-28.210N / 072-16-32.470W ZBW
CLOWW CLOWW 42-43-53.500N / 071-51-16.500W ZBW
COREE COREE 42-41-54.880N / 072-18-51.080W ZBW
CORNY CORNY 42-43-57.360N / 071-24-39.670W ZBW
CRTLA CRTLA 43-07-07.180N / 071-32-40.220W ZBW
CUXOV CUXOV 43-00-01.440N / 071-21-33.200W ZBW
DALIA DALIA 42-46-50.890N / 071-42-56.730W ZBW
DMMHK DMMHK 42-57-33.940N / 071-21-23.570W ZBW
DOJEN DOJEN 43-33-42.610N / 071-09-14.650W ZBW
DOVAH DOVAH 43-09-42.300N / 070-52-28.650W ZBW
DUBIN DUBIN 42-54-43.150N / 071-59-35.410W ZBW
EHFAB EHFAB 43-18-18.340N / 071-34-09.900W ZBW
ELHOY ELHOY 43-48-56.180N / 072-05-44.030W ZBW
ELIRY ELIRY 42-41-14.770N / 071-18-57.650W ZBW
ELJUM ELJUM 44-21-40.530N / 071-43-05.390W ZBW
ELSEQ ELSEQ 44-48-24.650N / 071-12-55.320W ZBW
ENINE ENINE 42-46-39.660N / 071-38-08.720W ZBW
EPDEY EPDEY 43-14-31.000N / 070-57-27.870W ZBW
EPEGY EPEGY 42-52-44.780N / 072-16-17.400W ZBW
EVBAC EVBAC 43-20-12.470N / 072-23-56.150W ZBW
EVEBY EVEBY 43-32-17.030N / 071-32-02.370W ZBW
EXALT EXALT 42-43-08.600N / 070-36-48.630W ZBW
FABIG FABIG 43-00-20.280N / 071-11-55.180W ZBW
FALZA FALZA 42-46-08.670N / 071-36-13.440W ZBW
FERNS FERNS 43-01-53.050N / 071-29-00.740W ZBW
FITZY FITZY 42-51-50.980N / 071-31-43.370W ZBW
FOSAN FOSAN 42-50-01.510N / 071-43-10.290W ZBW
FRYYS FRYYS 43-40-45.010N / 072-19-07.910W ZBW
GOOCH GOOCH 43-01-30.310N / 070-52-55.190W ZBW
GRENI GRENI 42-51-36.700N / 071-23-29.200W ZBW
GRUMP GRUMP 43-33-05.830N / 071-23-27.860W ZBW
GUMOL GUMOL 43-14-45.690N / 072-01-42.830W ZBW
HAKAM HAKAM 42-43-17.590N / 071-33-07.700W ZBW
HELNO HELNO 44-37-43.970N / 071-11-21.570W ZBW
HENEY HENEY 42-56-07.180N / 070-56-43.530W ZBW
HOULE HOULE 43-16-37.930N / 070-55-06.240W ZBW
HUSKI HUSKI 43-29-58.170N / 071-39-25.770W ZBW
IDEED IDEED 42-54-36.070N / 070-41-11.260W ZBW
IHEYA IHEYA 43-31-03.840N / 071-36-04.160W ZBW
INKOW INKOW 43-23-49.040N / 071-37-41.340W ZBW
IRGAW IRGAW 42-37-00.690N / 071-22-33.980W ZBW
ITAWA ITAWA 43-15-24.120N / 070-58-11.450W ZBW
ITAWT ITAWT 43-17-44.720N / 071-13-32.350W ZBW
JAGTA JAGTA 42-45-26.840N / 071-15-16.810W ZBW
JOHNZ JOHNZ 42-43-22.870N / 071-40-55.800W ZBW
KB78C KB78C 43-00-00.000N / 072-00-00.000W ZBW
KB81C KB81C 43-30-00.000N / 072-00-00.000W ZBW
KB84C KB84C 44-00-00.000N / 072-00-00.000W ZBW
KELLI KELLI 43-33-44.370N / 072-03-07.300W ZBW
KERSY KERSY 43-21-37.580N / 071-46-12.590W ZBW
KHRIS KHRIS 42-57-01.090N / 071-15-35.560W ZBW
KIMBR KIMBR 43-00-14.520N / 071-28-35.270W ZBW
KOSHI KOSHI 43-38-20.240N / 071-11-51.220W ZBW
LAROE LAROE 43-44-58.720N / 071-16-47.950W ZBW
LUBCA LUBCA 42-42-52.990N / 071-12-08.630W ZBW
LURCH LURCH 42-53-57.640N / 071-48-23.470W ZBW
LYNES LYNES 42-55-17.310N / 071-00-57.200W ZBW
MABJY MABJY 42-47-34.800N / 072-00-20.230W ZBW
MABKV MABKV 43-16-45.100N / 070-55-36.400W ZBW
MACOV MACOV 43-33-58.320N / 071-26-25.560W ZBW
MAFOR MAFOR 42-56-42.130N / 071-26-29.740W ZBW
MAHGI MAHGI 42-46-59.690N / 071-30-44.570W ZBW
MAHGO MAHGO 43-38-00.670N / 072-17-39.300W ZBW
MATSB MATSB 43-17-05.180N / 070-55-40.580W ZBW
MAWEL MAWEL 42-47-32.720N / 071-49-40.170W ZBW
MCADM MCADM 43-32-44.840N / 072-13-39.340W ZBW
MITRE MITRE 42-46-02.270N / 071-23-46.540W ZBW
MUGGY MUGGY 42-53-44.500N / 071-45-12.520W ZBW
NANNE NANNE 42-57-01.320N / 070-51-25.190W ZBW
NASUA NASUA 42-46-39.670N / 071-30-22.180W ZBW
NEETS NEETS 43-30-50.750N / 071-09-20.160W ZBW
NILUW NILUW 43-29-13.760N / 071-42-06.980W ZBW
NOTTY NOTTY 44-01-57.290N / 071-07-11.430W ZBW
ONGEE ONGEE 43-00-01.300N / 071-21-33.630W ZBW
PAYIK PAYIK 44-21-48.570N / 071-39-28.320W ZBW
PEASE PEASE 43-05-04.110N / 070-49-55.100W ZBW
PELAN PELAN 42-45-20.000N / 071-19-47.410W ZBW
PIPPO PIPPO 44-44-56.990N / 071-12-24.890W ZBW
POPVE POPVE 42-50-28.810N / 071-22-49.070W ZBW
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