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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
18327 18327 20-16-45.800N / 156-32-08.700W ZHN
18328 18328 20-15-01.600N / 156-16-43.500W ZHN
18330 18330 20-28-00.000N / 156-22-16.900W ZHN
18337 18337 20-14-03.200N / 155-02-56.200W ZHN
21909 21909 21-12-11.700N / 155-07-16.600W ZHN
21911 21911 20-19-10.000N / 155-17-35.900W ZHN
22051 22051 21-38-26.500N / 155-09-16.100W ZHN
22393 22393 22-03-14.800N / 156-41-23.500W ZHN
22394 22394 22-27-37.200N / 156-47-10.000W ZHN
24558 24558 22-19-34.200N / 156-20-12.500W ZHN
AJUMI AJUMI 20-40-40.990N / 156-29-59.330W ZHN
AKULE AKULE 21-52-23.340N / 159-20-09.300W ZHN
ALAFU ALAFU 21-21-37.130N / 155-40-19.940W ZHN
ALANA ALANA 21-04-31.180N / 157-56-20.710W ZHN
ALEWA ALEWA 20-00-22.370N / 155-38-54.720W ZHN
ALICA ALICA 21-34-56.160N / 153-23-07.620W ZHN
ALJAI ALJAI 20-40-06.780N / 158-40-59.870W ZHN
ALLUN ALLUN 22-01-33.110N / 157-51-18.130W ZHN
ALONE ALONE 20-21-24.010N / 155-59-55.700W ZHN
AMERY AMERY 19-56-37.870N / 156-25-01.420W ZHN
ANDES ANDES 19-48-31.900N / 156-14-01.440W ZHN
APACK APACK 24-02-37.330N / 156-19-10.350W ZHN
ARBOR ARBOR 19-58-51.610N / 155-07-59.700W ZHN
ARCAS ARCAS 21-49-53.140N / 160-04-03.050W ZHN
ARIDA ARIDA 20-14-02.010N / 156-07-58.990W ZHN
ARROW ARROW 22-21-18.160N / 155-12-30.830W ZHN
ATINE ATINE 22-38-28.070N / 157-13-26.400W ZHN
AWAHI AWAHI 21-06-19.140N / 155-33-21.000W ZHN
AWUHU AWUHU 20-57-50.690N / 158-09-01.960W ZHN
AZIBA AZIBA 21-17-59.110N / 154-41-18.320W ZHN
BAMBO BAMBO 21-24-59.570N / 157-30-36.040W ZHN
BARBY BARBY 20-51-39.550N / 155-58-47.440W ZHN
BASSY BASSY 21-00-21.410N / 155-06-23.690W ZHN
BATES BATES 20-00-31.300N / 153-33-04.400W ZHN
BEACH BEACH 20-41-05.080N / 156-32-09.070W ZHN
BERLE BERLE 23-28-41.100N / 157-15-21.500W ZHN
BILGE BILGE 19-49-09.190N / 156-03-19.780W ZHN
BINJO BINJO 20-24-16.820N / 160-47-57.240W ZHN
BISEN BISEN 20-08-29.450N / 154-43-18.760W ZHN
BITTA BITTA 23-31-40.910N / 155-28-43.810W ZHN
BLUSH BLUSH 21-20-01.310N / 156-40-25.800W ZHN
BOGEE BOGEE 21-01-13.480N / 156-50-30.350W ZHN
BONUS BONUS 20-23-07.090N / 155-34-23.530W ZHN
BOOKE BOOKE 21-27-47.150N / 158-26-59.390W ZHN
BOYYR BOYYR 20-47-30.200N / 157-03-10.810W ZHN
BREAZ BREAZ 20-27-42.060N / 156-10-32.990W ZHN
BRNDY BRNDY 20-28-54.600N / 158-26-10.770W ZHN
BYROW BYROW 20-22-10.040N / 155-03-32.370W ZHN
CAARL CAARL 20-00-07.050N / 156-01-19.930W ZHN
CAMPS CAMPS 20-39-54.940N / 156-36-09.390W ZHN
CANON CANON 22-48-05.400N / 162-37-00.800W ZHN
CEDRI CEDRI 21-18-29.750N / 157-56-15.270W ZHN
CEKOB CEKOB 19-43-16.430N / 154-50-05.810W ZHN
CHAIN CHAIN 20-58-22.770N / 156-55-32.730W ZHN
CLORI CLORI 21-13-56.040N / 157-25-10.590W ZHN
CLUTS CLUTS 23-00-11.730N / 154-39-17.180W ZHN
COBIK COBIK 22-06-31.360N / 159-12-10.740W ZHN
CODDY CODDY 21-26-22.340N / 155-08-21.250W ZHN
COGDA COGDA 19-49-17.790N / 154-50-05.280W ZHN
COLIS COLIS 21-18-24.210N / 158-06-29.120W ZHN
COOKE COOKE 20-10-19.020N / 155-02-39.520W ZHN
COPTA COPTA 21-22-40.630N / 158-02-36.770W ZHN
COREY COREY 21-33-00.360N / 157-46-46.310W ZHN
CRISI CRISI 20-27-44.070N / 157-03-56.310W ZHN
CUBIG CUBIG 21-59-23.790N / 159-20-09.150W ZHN
CUTLE CUTLE 20-04-37.930N / 153-37-58.690W ZHN
DANIE DANIE 21-14-35.120N / 157-58-08.320W ZHN
DANNO DANNO 23-31-59.640N / 161-34-54.360W ZHN
DARIL DARIL 22-09-04.000N / 159-15-26.680W ZHN
DENNS DENNS 22-21-48.240N / 153-52-50.100W ZHN
DEREC DEREC 20-18-44.450N / 155-19-34.310W ZHN
DIPPS DIPPS 20-41-35.770N / 156-34-54.620W ZHN
DKINE DKINE 22-30-52.980N / 159-57-07.420W ZHN
DOLIE DOLIE 21-52-44.920N / 159-59-36.990W ZHN
DOPIE DOPIE 21-32-49.890N / 157-50-14.910W ZHN
DOVRR DOVRR 18-43-00.000N / 157-40-00.000W ZHN
DREGO DREGO 21-31-23.890N / 157-41-43.910W ZHN
DYANE DYANE 19-29-13.890N / 156-01-18.190W ZHN
DYDRA DYDRA 21-14-52.220N / 157-52-07.620W ZHN
EBBER EBBER 21-42-48.360N / 153-08-50.220W ZHN
EELIC EELIC 19-27-25.900N / 153-18-22.600W ZHN
EGIPT EGIPT 19-49-33.910N / 156-02-16.270W ZHN
EHIKU EHIKU 19-57-38.310N / 155-45-13.370W ZHN
EKAGE EKAGE 19-43-16.990N / 155-03-52.660W ZHN
ELAYN ELAYN 21-07-27.160N / 158-42-31.770W ZHN
ELYSA ELYSA 20-38-06.100N / 156-12-30.440W ZHN
EREBE EREBE 19-43-16.780N / 154-56-09.180W ZHN
EVEVE EVEVE 21-18-24.480N / 157-58-47.160W ZHN
EWABE EWABE 21-19-30.770N / 158-02-55.920W ZHN
EYEPO EYEPO 20-44-02.610N / 157-00-15.820W ZHN
FALOS FALOS 21-18-13.890N / 157-56-29.020W ZHN
FAMBU FAMBU 19-52-03.530N / 154-55-15.400W ZHN
FAMOP FAMOP 19-43-15.850N / 154-43-44.210W ZHN
FEXAN FEXAN 21-08-26.610N / 158-01-34.940W ZHN
FIRES FIRES 20-19-25.370N / 156-56-09.500W ZHN
FISHE FISHE 21-46-38.010N / 155-32-07.970W ZHN
FITES FITES 20-47-40.400N / 153-00-02.280W ZHN
FLITT FLITT 20-02-36.070N / 155-56-34.650W ZHN
FOGOL FOGOL 21-03-17.550N / 156-17-20.940W ZHN
FRAKR FRAKR 22-12-19.380N / 159-12-43.740W ZHN
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