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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
ACRON ACRON 13-37-25.510N / 143-01-52.110E ZHN
ADAYI ADAYI 13-34-02.830N / 144-57-45.050E ZOA
ADEDE ADEDE 13-26-29.010N / 144-42-07.210E ZUA
ANIKA ANIKA 13-32-32.480N / 144-50-31.840E ZHN
ASADE ASADE 12-47-35.400N / 144-50-24.140E ZUA
BAGBE BAGBE 13-39-15.510N / 145-17-46.630E ZUA
BOLFY BOLFY 13-27-19.850N / 144-43-58.270E ZUA
BOONY BOONY 13-11-13.400N / 143-02-45.200E ZHN
BURLE BURLE 13-14-24.050N / 144-39-56.730E ZUA
CADUK CADUK 13-43-26.830N / 144-55-15.310E ZUA
CETAS CETAS 13-35-23.840N / 144-39-56.840E ZUA
CIBOL CIBOL 13-34-20.750N / 144-59-35.910E ZUA
CONKS CONKS 13-17-18.780N / 144-08-46.940E ZHN
CONUT CONUT 13-44-53.090N / 145-47-04.720E ZHN
CORRS CORRS 12-38-19.040N / 143-14-32.510E ZHN
COWER COWER 13-12-31.050N / 144-10-58.810E ZHN
CRAZY CRAZY 14-04-50.870N / 145-38-16.220E ZHN
DALPE DALPE 13-23-23.670N / 144-35-39.430E ZUA
ERTTS ERTTS 14-10-05.950N / 145-01-44.100E ZHN
ERVIN ERVIN 10-28-39.840N / 145-12-34.000E ZHN
FAPAM FAPAM 13-25-26.020N / 145-04-04.840E ZUA
FIBEE FIBEE 13-34-49.300N / 144-57-51.860E ZHN
FIGOR FIGOR 13-18-20.700N / 144-45-26.530E ZUA
FISON FISON 13-26-22.520N / 144-42-09.780E ZUA
FLAKE FLAKE 13-24-10.340N / 144-37-33.130E ZOA
GUMGE GUMGE 13-05-07.480N / 145-11-52.110E ZUA
GUQQY GUQQY 13-26-39.540N / 144-42-30.330E ZUA
GUSTO GUSTO 13-44-45.940N / 141-43-07.950E ZHN
HAGIX HAGIX 13-43-38.350N / 144-55-24.150E ZUA
HAMAL HAMAL 13-34-03.160N / 144-42-09.350E ZUA
HICKS HICKS 13-06-03.610N / 146-24-13.790E ZHN
HIRCH HIRCH 14-47-21.110N / 145-46-06.680E ZHN
HOPPY HOPPY 14-01-18.700N / 146-20-39.600E ZHN
HUKES HUKES 13-27-08.450N / 144-43-50.110E ZUA
IKOVY IKOVY 13-24-21.270N / 144-37-28.560E ZUA
JOMAX JOMAX 13-31-26.020N / 144-53-13.240E ZUA
JUNIE JUNIE 11-32-50.640N / 147-06-28.510E ZHN
KAPOK KAPOK 11-48-03.390N / 144-59-56.780E ZHN
KLOUT KLOUT 12-46-51.350N / 147-52-11.630E ZHN
LEROW LEROW 13-31-03.800N / 144-45-09.060E ZHN
LUMMS LUMMS 13-29-54.670N / 144-45-40.580E ZHN
MAKEO MAKEO 12-59-25.380N / 141-51-00.330E ZHN
NARKS NARKS 13-44-07.210N / 145-21-06.000E ZHN
OBALE OBALE 13-23-29.960N / 144-35-36.430E ZUA
OPLAR OPLAR 12-23-51.480N / 146-03-24.560E ZHN
PAVYI PAVYI 13-31-57.780N / 144-54-06.220E ZUA
PONOI PONOI 15-01-03.100N / 145-28-19.500E ZHN
PULEE PULEE 13-31-25.050N / 144-03-09.830E ZUA
RASPE RASPE 13-28-03.080N / 144-33-26.050E ZUA
SANDO SANDO 14-09-44.960N / 145-16-49.680E ZHN
SHAKA SHAKA 15-05-37.600N / 145-39-47.920E ZHN
SIDPE SIDPE 13-29-47.680N / 145-01-46.090E ZUA
SNAPP SNAPP 15-51-12.380N / 146-36-20.820E ZHN
STINE STINE 14-28-04.640N / 147-38-19.710E ZHN
SWAIN SWAIN 13-13-57.100N / 144-16-12.640E ZHN
TRADE TRADE 13-41-52.730N / 145-05-47.510E ZHN
TRAPP TRAPP 13-37-29.550N / 145-07-44.300E ZHN
WABOX WABOX 13-34-32.230N / 144-59-44.660E ZUA
WUVEN WUVEN 14-03-22.270N / 144-25-57.510E ZUA
YAMMA YAMMA 15-02-11.800N / 145-31-11.600E ZHN
ZEEKE ZEEKE 13-20-19.050N / 144-45-08.340E ZUA
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