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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
11457 11457 39-01-14.000N / 075-42-01.640W ZNY
11463 11463 38-51-58.100N / 075-36-44.530W ZNY
16996 16996 39-27-58.400N / 075-33-49.230W ZDC
24418 24418 39-53-00.590N / 075-35-35.340W ZDC
25105 25105 39-05-10.500N / 075-03-12.640W ZDC
25227 25227 38-57-58.000N / 075-30-51.520W ZDC
25255 25255 39-04-04.700N / 075-30-53.720W ZDC
ALALE ALALE 38-45-05.000N / 075-18-33.000W ZDC
ALARY ALARY 39-39-24.000N / 075-44-47.000W ZDC
ANSIN ANSIN 39-40-41.290N / 075-37-12.510W ZDC
ASIGY ASIGY 39-42-32.530N / 075-40-26.570W ZDC
ATWEL ATWEL 38-59-17.980N / 075-28-20.280W ZDC
BALKY BALKY 38-46-48.400N / 075-17-10.680W ZDC
BAREW BAREW 39-00-34.240N / 075-25-24.320W ZDC
BATRE BATRE 39-39-37.310N / 075-43-32.100W ZDC
BEBOY BEBOY 39-41-00.160N / 075-35-20.180W ZDC
BLAID BLAID 38-36-38.710N / 075-27-14.290W ZDC
BLARE BLARE 39-24-46.500N / 075-33-10.100W ZDC
BOHEM BOHEM 39-29-10.830N / 075-41-03.550W ZDC
BOYSE BOYSE 38-50-25.160N / 075-14-07.720W ZDC
BUZIE BUZIE 39-34-57.930N / 075-47-42.450W ZDC
BWINE BWINE 39-48-13.790N / 075-33-30.610W ZDC
CANNY CANNY 39-03-39.510N / 075-40-41.910W ZDC
CANUV CANUV 39-25-42.650N / 075-37-16.430W ZDC
CASTL CASTL 39-38-09.890N / 075-36-27.440W ZDC
CIROV CIROV 38-43-24.780N / 075-19-56.040W ZDC
COTAN COTAN 39-39-41.190N / 075-43-08.470W ZDC
DARNS DARNS 39-02-18.120N / 075-23-22.830W ZDC
DEREE DEREE 39-14-11.700N / 075-27-20.310W ZDC
DMMKX DMMKX 39-26-16.390N / 075-34-28.290W ZDC
DONIL DONIL 39-04-35.440N / 075-18-18.920W ZDC
DPONT DPONT 39-40-41.300N / 075-36-25.500W ZDC
ELAWZ ELAWZ 39-30-51.970N / 075-43-06.140W ZDC
EPKAW EPKAW 39-41-14.840N / 075-46-42.010W ZDC
EQEGO EQEGO 38-47-41.490N / 075-08-45.910W ZDC
ESHIW ESHIW 38-33-45.440N / 075-35-28.800W ZDC
EZIZI EZIZI 38-36-12.960N / 075-30-38.100W ZDC
FOMSO FOMSO 39-38-59.290N / 075-36-42.520W ZDC
GIBAE GIBAE 38-28-34.310N / 075-22-03.750W ZDC
GLEEM GLEEM 39-40-09.100N / 075-42-59.610W ZDC
GROUT GROUT 39-01-08.720N / 075-24-50.990W ZDC
HADIN HADIN 39-34-51.900N / 075-36-50.200W ZDC
HAYDO HAYDO 39-12-23.410N / 075-22-50.200W ZDC
JIPKE JIPKE 39-26-36.770N / 075-41-37.770W ZDC
KIRDO KIRDO 39-35-45.610N / 075-39-57.360W ZDC
KIRKK KIRKK 39-33-19.500N / 075-45-11.420W ZDC
LAFLN LAFLN 38-47-27.400N / 075-30-47.720W ZDC
LAURY LAURY 38-32-55.910N / 075-31-44.440W ZDC
LUECK LUECK 39-36-24.840N / 075-45-01.380W ZDC
MACDS MACDS 39-31-28.210N / 075-43-01.560W ZDC
MAVDS MAVDS 39-31-10.610N / 075-43-23.250W ZNY
METAM METAM 38-32-23.030N / 075-35-27.250W ZDC
NALES NALES 38-53-35.200N / 075-38-11.130W ZDC
OKKOE OKKOE 38-28-43.320N / 075-22-47.110W ZDC
ORLOE ORLOE 38-49-47.840N / 075-40-36.040W ZDC
OZIGY OZIGY 39-14-38.180N / 075-29-07.260W ZDC
PALMM PALMM 39-08-16.100N / 075-36-18.730W ZDC
PATCH PATCH 38-41-57.200N / 075-26-18.610W ZDC
PEAPS PEAPS 39-02-30.900N / 075-04-44.050W ZDC
PEKME PEKME 38-54-31.200N / 075-38-28.900W ZDC
PESKY PESKY 39-02-09.400N / 075-28-21.810W ZDC
PRIMP PRIMP 38-53-30.370N / 075-29-08.200W ZDC
QWOTE QWOTE 39-40-28.720N / 075-39-00.070W ZDC
RADDS RADDS 38-38-54.800N / 075-05-18.480W ZDC
RANRE RANRE 39-26-25.670N / 075-43-48.070W ZDC
RUPER RUPER 39-38-36.800N / 075-49-27.850W ZDC
SABER SABER 38-36-05.780N / 075-25-58.250W ZDC
SOONU SOONU 39-29-44.300N / 075-34-56.430W ZDC
SOPHY SOPHY 39-16-04.870N / 075-22-57.100W ZDC
TERRI TERRI 39-26-43.800N / 075-38-00.040W ZDC
TIDEY TIDEY 39-11-53.050N / 075-17-38.410W ZDC
TOWHE TOWHE 38-31-02.800N / 075-30-07.370W ZDC
UKIEY UKIEY 39-23-26.600N / 075-40-43.900W ZDC
URESY URESY 39-11-34.500N / 075-42-19.400W ZDC
UWAFY UWAFY 38-28-19.910N / 075-24-46.340W ZDC
WACON WACON 39-34-43.000N / 075-35-36.830W ZDC
WATNI WATNI 38-37-15.850N / 075-25-00.660W ZDC
WENDS WENDS 39-21-46.750N / 075-39-57.560W ZDC
WESIL WESIL 39-32-13.640N / 075-46-11.050W ZDC
WIKIE WIKIE 38-28-45.440N / 075-31-03.840W ZDC
WILEA WILEA 39-46-00.300N / 075-34-34.720W ZDC
YOPUG YOPUG 38-41-43.240N / 075-30-37.760W ZDC
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