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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
KRANG KRANG 48-58-17.630N / 094-29-22.520W ZMP
KRESS KRESS 42-01-43.930N / 081-45-51.670W ZOB
KYUGA KYUGA 42-59-49.190N / 080-03-57.280W ZYZ
LABRE LABRE 46-45-06.920N / 069-56-07.860W ZUL
LANRK LANRK 45-00-09.120N / 076-22-45.940W ZYZ
LESUB LESUB 43-01-01.200N / 080-32-58.300W ZYZ
LIAND LIAND 45-04-04.000N / 071-55-27.000W ZUL
LIGNE LIGNE 46-26-36.410N / 070-02-08.160W ZBW
LINNG LINNG 43-18-10.000N / 079-21-17.200W ZYZ
LLEEO LLEEO 41-50-32.700N / 082-37-23.010W ZOB
LOGLI LOGLI 45-04-24.000N / 074-28-54.000W ZUL
LONNA LONNA 47-22-36.000N / 083-01-24.000W ZYZ
MAARS MAARS 42-05-18.000N / 082-29-10.460W ZOB
MERTO MERTO 43-52-36.000N / 076-36-24.000W ZYZ
MOAWK MOAWK 42-45-01.180N / 079-50-58.080W ZOB
MOONN MOONN 42-22-09.640N / 082-27-07.140W ZOB
MOWND MOWND 45-22-38.660N / 066-39-26.190W ZQM
MUPUX MUPUX 44-38-46.800N / 077-32-44.400W ZYZ
MUSCA MUSCA 41-54-57.280N / 083-00-25.560W ZOB
MYPAL MYPAL 42-49-56.000N / 079-18-27.980W ZOB
NAPEE NAPEE 45-10-24.000N / 073-40-11.000W ZUL
NILLA NILLA 53-47-23.000N / 131-05-00.000W ZVR
NORCH NORCH 43-00-35.180N / 080-21-52.330W ZYZ
NOTAP NOTAP 45-12-30.000N / 082-28-30.300W ZYZ
NUTIC NUTIC 42-13-17.970N / 083-03-42.910W ZOB
OAKVL OAKVL 43-18-41.000N / 079-41-54.200W ZYZ
OBUYE OBUYE 48-38-56.240N / 093-31-26.680W ZMP
OCTAS OCTAS 42-13-29.910N / 082-26-56.090W ZOB
OKEKE OKEKE 42-12-12.720N / 083-04-12.280W ZOB
OLKEE OLKEE 46-47-15.320N / 067-45-30.850W ZBW
OMAGA OMAGA 46-03-04.000N / 084-00-00.000W ZYZ
PAIRY PAIRY 45-28-06.000N / 081-01-36.000W ZYZ
PENDO PENDO 44-24-55.130N / 079-48-26.250W ZYZ
PESLA PESLA 46-42-34.000N / 084-08-55.000W ZYZ
PHISH PHISH 41-56-39.290N / 082-24-22.170W ZOB
PICES PICES 42-46-44.900N / 082-11-08.990W ZOB
PINTE PINTE 46-26-45.900N / 070-03-07.100W ZBW
POTAT POTAT 67-55-55.100N / 141-00-09.800W ZYZ
POWAY POWAY 43-15-02.670N / 079-15-18.670W ZYZ
PRADA PRADA 49-25-31.170N / 095-45-27.940W ZWG
PRYCE PRYCE 52-14-17.700N / 128-44-59.000W ZAN
PULRE PULRE 42-17-46.550N / 082-53-08.730W ZOB
QUBIS QUBIS 47-32-00.150N / 067-45-58.090W ZBW
RANGR RANGR 47-10-44.880N / 083-18-29.210W ZYZ
RATHO RATHO 43-08-17.760N / 079-11-25.370W ZNY
REEDO REEDO 44-42-11.400N / 075-58-52.050W ZUL
RENNY RENNY 48-24-48.000N / 061-49-02.000W ZWG
RIBIR RIBIR 46-18-55.900N / 084-07-07.500W ZYZ
RICPO RICPO 42-13-21.120N / 082-41-37.960W ZOB
RIKKE RIKKE 42-26-21.900N / 082-44-25.650W ZOB
ROFTY ROFTY 46-53-29.260N / 082-42-26.270W ZYZ
SEATN SEATN 50-42-12.900N / 122-22-02.100W ZVR
SIBKI SIBKI 44-10-34.810N / 077-47-00.170W ZYZ
SILVR SILVR 49-20-30.300N / 116-46-50.400W ZVR
SOOKE SOOKE 49-20-48.960N / 097-09-40.140W ZWG
SPHRE SPHRE 42-01-36.000N / 082-04-09.000W ZOB
SPICA SPICA 42-30-30.270N / 082-32-46.710W ZOB
SQUIM SQUIM 48-14-39.400N / 123-27-39.700W ZSE
SSUNN SSUNN 41-57-32.970N / 082-33-04.840W ZOB
STACK STACK 42-18-08.350N / 082-53-15.540W ZOB
STANS STANS 42-13-20.730N / 083-00-48.950W ZOB
STIGS STIGS 49-00-00.000N / 113-34-24.800W ZEG
STROW STROW 42-19-30.720N / 082-36-13.150W ZOB
SUSKE SUSKE 42-52-36.720N / 079-00-25.270W ZOB
TACKL TACKL 41-47-52.010N / 082-55-03.850W ZOB
TAFFY TAFFY 47-22-24.170N / 067-18-14.040W ZBW
THORL THORL 42-59-03.770N / 079-45-38.270W ZYZ
TULEG TULEG 43-43-54.840N / 076-43-09.820W ZYZ
TUMEZ TUMEZ 54-34-08.530N / 131-22-58.000W ZYZ
TYCOB TYCOB 42-14-20.950N / 082-26-39.410W ZOB
UBISY UBISY 43-04-21.050N / 079-19-54.090W ZYZ
ULAMO ULAMO 45-13-45.000N / 075-29-35.000W ZUL
UMEXO UMEXO 44-44-18.380N / 075-28-36.810W ZBW
UPEDE UPEDE 45-06-13.450N / 073-08-25.300W ZBW
VEELA VEELA 42-07-35.340N / 082-45-00.010W ZOB
VICCU VICCU 42-51-33.560N / 078-59-34.170W ZOB
VIXIS VIXIS 44-20-07.000N / 082-17-19.000W ZYZ
VRMIL VRMIL 48-27-40.830N / 091-59-04.700W ZMP
WACAL WACAL 54-06-22.800N / 130-38-40.400W ZAN
WALAC WALAC 45-47-23.000N / 082-04-44.800W ZYZ
WELLA WELLA 42-51-15.840N / 079-09-35.690W ZOB
WEPIL WEPIL 42-20-13.450N / 082-38-41.410W ZOB
WINGS WINGS 42-03-53.130N / 082-28-30.600W ZOB
WINZZ WINZZ 42-34-55.470N / 082-31-40.770W ZOB
WOLIS WOLIS 42-37-37.910N / 081-34-44.890W ZOB
WONDA WONDA 43-07-26.250N / 079-04-41.760W ZNY
YOUTH YOUTH 43-22-58.000N / 079-24-59.200W ZYZ
ZAYAS ZAYAS 54-36-51.300N / 131-08-07.200W ZAN
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