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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
ATENE ATENE 46-14-04.200N / 070-16-21.000W ZUL
AVVON AVVON 45-14-21.000N / 074-59-18.000W ZUL
AXXIS AXXIS 42-49-50.110N / 081-59-00.170W ZOB
BAGLE BAGLE 46-05-30.100N / 066-54-13.200W ZQM
BANNE BANNE 54-05-57.500N / 130-38-16.200W ZVR
BARBR BARBR 42-21-59.230N / 082-49-53.520W ZOB
BEJAT BEJAT 43-53-23.470N / 078-39-26.640W ZYZ
BELZY BELZY 42-16-44.500N / 081-09-07.220W ZOB
BEPUP BEPUP 46-42-01.000N / 082-33-21.800W ZYZ
BIBEM BIBEM 60-40-19.800N / 141-00-00.000W ZEG
BILPA BILPA 46-25-05.301N / 082-25-57.182W ZYZ
BOBTU BOBTU 44-07-02.000N / 052-49-20.000W ZNY
BOFIN BOFIN 48-43-03.210N / 093-30-38.290W ZMP
BOGSO BOGSO 45-01-32.850N / 082-25-53.400W ZYZ
BOKMA BOKMA 54-31-10.500N / 131-38-56.230W ZVR
BORDN BORDN 44-20-56.600N / 080-19-41.600W ZYZ
BORNE BORNE 42-47-44.920N / 081-40-31.000W ZYZ
BOVEX BOVEX 42-35-43.100N / 081-25-17.800W ZOB
BROKK BROKK 42-19-53.000N / 081-34-54.980W ZOB
BUICK BUICK 48-48-36.360N / 123-08-05.690W ZVR
BUYKK BUYKK 41-57-18.500N / 082-16-03.700W ZOB
CAFIS CAFIS 42-23-16.360N / 080-12-28.110W ZOB
CAMRE CAMRE 41-55-30.160N / 082-12-39.490W ZOB
CEFOR CEFOR 43-37-16.020N / 081-08-02.490W ZYZ
CERAW CERAW 44-39-19.000N / 076-15-15.400W ZYZ
CHATM CHATM 48-27-18.500N / 123-13-52.300W ZVR
COALE COALE 60-27-19.040N / 135-10-26.560W ZYZ
CODIB CODIB 42-18-36.750N / 083-03-50.530W ZOB
COGLE COGLE 49-04-33.110N / 122-33-50.500W ZVR
COLTS COLTS 42-57-49.190N / 079-19-14.180W ZYZ
COMAU COMAU 45-22-33.100N / 074-01-02.200W ZUL
CONDI CONDI 48-34-17.940N / 123-20-22.000W ZVR
COREK COREK 46-37-15.590N / 067-45-23.240W ZBW
COUTS COUTS 49-00-00.000N / 112-17-30.000W ZYZ
DACIL DACIL 42-53-55.730N / 081-27-09.000W ZYZ
DAFLU DAFLU 42-22-44.760N / 082-42-20.130W ZOB
DANOL DANOL 45-41-54.220N / 067-47-16.000W ZQM
DEMKO DEMKO 44-54-51.600N / 079-45-51.600W ZYZ
DENGA DENGA 43-28-24.100N / 081-58-22.200W ZYZ
DESDN DESDN 42-30-55.980N / 082-16-22.320W ZOB
DISCO DISCO 48-24-01.000N / 123-10-41.800W ZVR
DIZWE DIZWE 46-42-00.960N / 082-33-21.820W ZYZ
DOGGS DOGGS 42-23-39.350N / 081-04-52.300W ZOB
DOLFF DOLFF 48-20-00.000N / 128-00-00.000W ZSE
DOLFN DOLFN 42-12-47.670N / 081-39-12.580W ZOB
DONYA DONYA 42-12-17.140N / 082-58-19.520W ZOB
DROME DROME 42-43-29.520N / 082-23-51.090W ZOB
DUCED DUCED 45-01-18.560N / 073-07-07.790W ZBW
DUGGS DUGGS 53-02-05.270N / 129-30-12.000W ZVR
DUMKU DUMKU 46-34-28.910N / 084-22-01.940W ZYZ
DUPAB DUPAB 45-04-19.300N / 074-38-47.560W ZBW
EBDUS EBDUS 44-29-22.800N / 077-37-31.200W ZYZ
ERRTH ERRTH 42-11-22.000N / 081-56-09.000W ZOB
ETCHL ETCHL 43-21-05.930N / 081-24-15.530W ZYZ
FINBO FINBO 49-16-31.790N / 116-01-32.010W ZVR
FINGL FINGL 42-45-23.740N / 081-19-22.000W ZYZ
FIRME FIRME 41-54-06.460N / 083-01-45.980W ZOB
FOLDY FOLDY 49-03-06.000N / 120-42-53.400W ZVR
FOWEL FOWEL 42-36-05.210N / 080-09-30.270W ZOB
FRANX FRANX 45-14-59.690N / 074-12-41.760W ZUL
FROSS FROSS 48-09-12.000N / 061-14-27.000W ZQM
FRUMP FRUMP 43-30-18.110N / 081-39-02.570W ZYZ
FYNCH FYNCH 45-06-24.160N / 075-11-23.000W ZUL
GAFET GAFET 48-00-09.590N / 089-55-57.320W ZWG
GOKPE GOKPE 48-32-56.400N / 093-45-21.630W ZMP
GOMAC GOMAC 42-18-40.060N / 082-54-32.370W ZOB
GONNE GONNE 41-50-22.620N / 082-03-02.110W ZOB
GOOSS GOOSS 42-40-49.520N / 082-00-13.980W ZOB
GOSAR GOSAR 44-48-10.800N / 077-27-56.400W ZYZ
GRAND GRAND 46-07-43.120N / 066-08-37.070W ZQM
GRIBY GRIBY 47-45-16.000N / 086-15-38.000W ZYZ
GRIMS GRIMS 43-07-47.200N / 079-43-58.900W ZYZ
HADAR HADAR 42-21-54.000N / 082-29-02.000W ZOB
HANRY HANRY 54-36-23.000N / 131-05-36.000W ZVR
HEGEL HEGEL 42-34-56.130N / 081-28-58.000W ZOB
HEIMS HEIMS 43-40-40.200N / 081-15-24.500W ZYZ
HENRI HENRI 46-43-10.000N / 071-12-09.000W ZUL
HENSL HENSL 43-31-36.000N / 081-33-12.000W ZYZ
HIMEZ HIMEZ 41-50-58.910N / 082-12-04.000W ZOB
HODEV HODEV 48-44-02.750N / 093-38-57.150W ZMP
HUMUS HUMUS 45-04-29.650N / 074-04-30.000W ZUL
HUXLY HUXLY 44-54-39.190N / 075-38-16.870W ZUL
IDNEY IDNEY 48-38-36.400N / 123-24-22.400W ZVR
ISTON ISTON 43-09-12.920N / 079-04-12.040W ZYZ
JAROM JAROM 44-10-00.000N / 054-53-00.000W ZNY
JARVS JARVS 42-44-22.200N / 080-07-34.270W ZOB
JEBBY JEBBY 43-04-20.000N / 057-52-05.000W ZNY
JETAM JETAM 46-42-15.950N / 067-44-03.070W ZBW
JIBNA JIBNA 41-54-52.700N / 082-24-30.180W ZOB
JLGON JLGON 42-34-46.250N / 081-25-51.860W ZOB
JOFFS JOFFS 45-44-52.600N / 082-00-40.100W ZYZ
JUDYS JUDYS 42-13-22.710N / 082-58-20.800W ZOB
JUNKR JUNKR 41-48-50.200N / 082-39-55.690W ZOB
JUSTT JUSTT 42-12-12.020N / 083-05-01.590W ZOB
KAPUX KAPUX 45-04-50.460N / 079-44-59.470W ZYZ
KATSY KATSY 43-01-32.160N / 080-47-07.400W ZYZ
KELVI KELVI 45-02-24.000N / 074-12-53.000W ZUL
KENPA KENPA 44-47-42.000N / 082-23-36.000W ZYZ
KITOK KITOK 43-01-23.100N / 081-55-14.900W ZYZ
KLANT KLANT 44-12-27.000N / 082-08-47.000W ZYZ
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