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Name Identifier Location ARTCC
MAJUR MAJUR 25-19-48.200N / 077-51-39.610W ZMA
MAYKO MAYKO 26-12-08.760N / 078-56-47.330W ZMA
TINKY TINKY 24-58-48.430N / 078-23-37.260W ZMA
ABACO ABACO 27-00-00.000N / 077-34-10.000W ZMA
ALBEE ALBEE 20-25-00.000N / 072-14-55.700W ZMA
ANNAD ANNAD 24-30-00.530N / 074-33-35.520W ZMA
BAHMA BAHMA 25-56-28.020N / 079-07-46.310W ZMA
BARTS BARTS 25-59-01.370N / 077-30-20.470W ZMA
BAYRU BAYRU 25-55-51.780N / 077-49-29.800W ZMA
BEECH BEECH 25-58-30.410N / 079-23-03.090W ZMA
BENZI BENZI 27-03-49.110N / 079-00-53.560W ZMA
BERTH BERTH 26-57-12.990N / 079-19-31.350W ZMA
BOSAR BOSAR 24-38-13.240N / 076-50-59.760W ZMA
BRONO BRONO 24-48-37.000N / 077-32-50.240W ZMA
BUBEB BUBEB 23-59-43.150N / 074-43-33.710W ZMA
BURBO BURBO 26-12-55.210N / 078-13-13.480W ZMA
BURGO BURGO 24-25-00.000N / 074-33-55.900W ZMA
BURRL BURRL 24-59-22.020N / 077-16-02.210W ZMA
CAREY CAREY 25-35-55.810N / 078-13-47.910W ZMA
COBBL COBBL 24-45-24.810N / 075-11-16.860W ZMA
COKPO COKPO 24-04-42.990N / 074-43-05.210W ZMA
COREG COREG 25-15-38.030N / 074-30-28.580W ZMA
DUNNO DUNNO 22-55-42.260N / 075-55-52.600W ZMA
ELBOW ELBOW 26-25-34.220N / 076-43-35.430W ZMA
ELLEE ELLEE 24-52-50.210N / 079-41-24.070W ZMA
EMGOR EMGOR 24-09-42.860N / 074-42-37.080W ZMA
GRREG GRREG 26-32-06.940N / 077-52-44.150W ZMA
GUAVA GUAVA 25-08-23.450N / 076-54-36.670W ZMA
HAANA HAANA 26-43-52.830N / 077-22-10.700W ZMA
HALBI HALBI 26-40-36.390N / 079-08-35.600W ZMA
HANKX HANKX 25-41-10.750N / 077-29-13.930W ZMA
HINZY HINZY 25-06-52.270N / 077-41-02.790W ZMA
HIROC HIROC 26-29-25.500N / 078-18-09.100W ZMA
HODGY HODGY 24-09-37.800N / 077-23-41.200W ZMA
INDEE INDEE 23-08-23.230N / 074-23-22.330W ZMA
INGRA INGRA 25-27-55.550N / 077-13-20.400W ZMA
ISAAC ISAAC 25-57-07.650N / 078-47-51.930W ZMA
JAKEL JAKEL 26-48-58.410N / 079-06-27.860W ZMA
JAYEE JAYEE 24-25-55.780N / 077-43-24.630W ZMA
JEFRY JEFRY 24-35-31.700N / 077-40-56.860W ZMA
JEPIR JEPIR 24-04-17.090N / 074-37-38.500W ZMA
JOLTS JOLTS 26-59-35.180N / 079-12-51.170W ZMA
KURAY KURAY 25-15-33.160N / 077-27-38.860W ZMA
LAUTH LAUTH 26-07-35.970N / 078-20-34.800W ZMA
LEPAS LEPAS 24-44-25.430N / 077-00-28.580W ZMA
MAMEL MAMEL 25-32-11.970N / 076-38-51.610W ZMA
MELON MELON 25-31-10.350N / 077-28-36.700W ZMA
MUNRO MUNRO 26-32-24.050N / 079-00-49.740W ZMA
MUVOD MUVOD 24-39-23.980N / 075-40-00.660W ZMA
NICKO NICKO 24-59-27.330N / 078-10-45.560W ZMA
NUCAR NUCAR 28-07-33.700N / 077-37-58.800W ZMA
OHBEE OHBEE 25-26-09.700N / 076-47-45.700W ZMA
OREDE OREDE 22-36-14.890N / 072-26-42.920W ZMA
OYSTA OYSTA 25-43-42.420N / 078-24-32.280W ZMA
PADUS PADUS 26-21-14.430N / 079-06-30.900W ZMA
PEACH PEACH 25-25-46.670N / 077-46-22.840W ZMA
PLUMA PLUMA 24-44-16.030N / 078-05-45.990W ZMA
PRUNE PRUNE 25-12-56.770N / 077-57-22.200W ZMA
RAJAY RAJAY 25-18-02.780N / 078-11-09.510W ZMA
RAPPS RAPPS 27-03-22.370N / 078-40-23.960W ZMA
SANNS SANNS 24-47-33.600N / 077-56-36.700W ZMA
SEAAN SEAAN 24-54-33.650N / 076-52-24.680W ZMA
SKIPS SKIPS 25-33-14.010N / 079-16-27.720W ZMA
STIFF STIFF 27-36-18.660N / 078-38-46.020W ZMA
SWIMM SWIMM 25-29-59.200N / 079-02-18.090W ZMA
SYDNY SYDNY 25-33-45.330N / 077-52-51.870W ZMA
SYRIL SYRIL 24-03-33.320N / 074-28-31.540W ZMA
WELKS WELKS 24-52-17.880N / 077-31-05.250W ZMA
WIERS WIERS 25-46-11.570N / 079-26-43.310W ZMA
WLKER WLKER 27-15-06.000N / 078-24-00.000W ZMA
WOOZE WOOZE 25-25-33.840N / 078-43-09.990W ZMA
WOPOP WOPOP 26-42-40.970N / 078-37-53.110W ZMA
WSTEN WSTEN 26-41-18.000N / 078-58-42.000W ZMA
ZAPPA ZAPPA 26-37-48.010N / 079-05-52.520W ZMA
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