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Airports South America Venezuela


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Acañana Airport
Acañana Heliport
Acarigua Heliport Acarigua
Accro Heliport
SVCH Achaguas Airport
SVAD Adícora Airport Adícora
Aeroatun Heliport Cumaná
Aerofumigaciones Campo Alegre Airstrip Campo Alegre
SVCB CBL Aeropuerto "General Tomas de Heres". Ciudad Bolivar Ciudad Bolivar
SVLE Aeropuerto La Esmeralda La Esmeralda
Aeroservicios Ranger Heliport Tumeremo
Aerotécnica Heliport Acarigua
Agropecuaria Cuajarote Airport
SVGA Agropecuaria Gamma Airport
SVGG Agropecuaria Los Araguaneyes Airport
SVSI Agropecuaria San Francisco Airport
SVAU Agua Clara Airport
SVGL Agua Linda Airport
Aguasay Heliport Aguasay
SVMD MRD Alberto Carnevalli Airport Mérida
SVAL Algodonal Airport
SVAO Altagracia de Orituco Airport
Alto Ipare Heliport Altagracia de Orituco
SVAN AAO Anaco Airport Anaco
SVIE ICC Andrés Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport Isla de Coche
SVTE Antabare Airport
Apartaderos Heliport Apartaderos
SVAP Apurito Airport Apurito
SVRE Aracay Abajo Airport
Araguay Mujo Heliport Aragua de Maturín
SVAA Araya Airport
Arekuna Airport Canaima
Arekuna Camp Arekuna
SVAI Arichuna Airport
Aricuaisa Airport
Aripao Heliport
Arismendi Airport Arismendi
SVAS LPJ Armando Schwarck Airport Guayabal
SVVA VLN Arturo Michelena International Airport Valencia
Asisa (Alto Asisa) Airpòrt
Asita Airport
Avila Heliport Caracas
SVBQ Bachaquero Airport (Closed)
SVVB Bajo Verde Airport
Balgres Heliport
SVBV Banco Verde Airport
Bancomara Heliport Maracaibo
SVBI BNS Barinas Airport Barinas
SVBM BRM Barquisimeto International Airport Barquisimeto
Barrancas Heliport Barrancas
Belen Airport Culebra
SVBE Bernal Airport
SVBA Boca Anaro Airport Boca de Anaro
Boca de Uracoa Heliport Boca de Uracoa
SVBN Bocon Airport
SVBO Bocono Airport Bocono
SVBT Boquemonte Airport
Buena Vista del Caño Airport
SVVM Buena Vista del Caño Medio Airport
Buena Vista Heliport
Buja Heliport San José de Buja
Cabimas Hilton Heliport Las Múcuras
Cabuya Airport Canaripo
SVAH Cachimbo Airport Coco de Mono
SVPA PYH Cacique Aramare Airport Puerto Ayacucho
SVAJ Cacuri Airport
Cacurito Airport
Caicara de Maturín Heliport Caicara de Maturín
SVCD CXA Caicara del Orinoco Airport Caicara de Orinoco
SVCL CLZ Calabozo Airport Guarico
SVLL Callejas Airport Callejas
Camani Airport
Camatagua Airport Camatagua
Campo de Palma Airport
SVCN CAJ Canaima Airport Canaima
SVCM Cañita Mendera Airport Tinaco
Caño Iguana Sur Airport
SVCK Caño Lucas Airport El Poblado
SVKN Caño Negro Airport
Caño Santo Airport
Capitán Alfredo Sierra Heliport Lagunillas
SVCZ Capitán Manuel Ríos Airbase Carrizal
Capure Heliport
SVBR Carbonero Airport
Caribe (Simón Bolívar Internacional) Heliport Caracas
Caripe Heliport Caripe
Caripito Heliport Caripiro
Carona Airport Simaraña
SVCO VCR Carora Airport (Closed) Carora
SVRR Carrao Airport
MVCZ Carrizal
SVCG CUV Casigua El Cubo Airport Casigua El Cubo
Castilletes Airport Castilletes
SVCT Caujarito Airport
Cayoateri (Coyowateli) Airport
SVCQ Cazorla Airport
SVSJ Central Bolívar Airport (Closed)
SVTJ Central Matilde Airport Central Matilde
SVBU Central Venezuela Airport Bobures
Centro Lago I Heliport
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