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Airports South America Suriname


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
SMAF Afobakka Airstrip Afobakka
SMDU Alalapadu Airstrip Alalapadi
SMBN ABN Albina Airport Albina
Alupi Airstrip Alupi
SMAM Amatopo Airstrip Amatopo
SMPT Apetina Airstrip Apetina
SMVO Avanavero Airstrip Avanavero
SMBG Bakhuys Airstrip Bakhuys
SMBO BTO Botopasi Airport Botopasi
Braak Airport Calcutta
Brownsweg Airstrip Brownsweg
SMCB Cabana Airstrip Cabana
SMCA AAJ Cayana Airstrip Awaradam
SMCI Coeroeni Airport Coeroeni
SMCT Cottica Airstrip Lawa Cottica
SMDJ DOE Djumu-Djomoe Airport Djumu-Djomoe
SMDK Donderskamp Airstrip Donderskamp
SMDA DRJ Drietabbetje Airport Drietabbetje
SMGA Gakaba Airstrip Gakaba
SMGH Godo Holo Airstrip Pikienkondre of Miranda
SMGR Gross Rosebel Airstrip
SMHP Gummels Heliport Paramaribo
Hazard Airstrip Oostelijke Polders
SMHA Henri Alwies Airstrip Antongron
SMJA Jarikaba Airstrip Jarikaba
SMJP PBM Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport Zandery
SMKA Kabalebo Airport Kabalebo
SMKE Kayser Airport Kayserberg
SMSM Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport
SMDO LDO Ladouanie Airport Aurora
SMLT Langatabbetje Airstrip Langatabbetje
SMLA Lawa Anapaike Airstrip Anapaike
SMAN Lawa Antino Airstrip Benzdorp
SMLI Lelygebergte Airstrip Lelygebergte
Manglie Airport Nieuw-Nickerie
SMMO MOJ Moengo Airstrip Moengo
SMJK Nieuw Jacobkondre Airstrip Nieuw Jacobkondre
SMNI ICK Nieuw Nickerie - Major Henk Fernandes Airport Nieuw Nickerie
SMOL Oelemari Airport
SMPE Poeketi Airstrip Poeketi
SMPG Poesoegroenoe(Pusugrunu) Airstrip Poesoegroenoe
SMRN Ragoebarsing Airstrip Ragoebarsing
SMRA Ralleigh Airstrip Ralleigh
Ramnath Agro Airstrip Middenstandspolder
SMTB Rudi Kappel Airport Tafelberg
SMSK Sarakreek Airstrip Sarakreek
SMSI Sipaliwini Airport Sipaliwini
SMST SMZ Stoelmanseiland Airport Stoelmanseiland
SMTA Tabiki Airstrip Benzdorp
SMTP KCB Tepoe Airstrip Kasikasima
SMCO TOT Totness Airport Totness
SMVG Vier Gebroeders Airstrip Vier Gebroeders
SMPA OEM Vincent Fayks Airport Paloemeu
SMWA AGI Wageningen Airstrip Wageningen
SMWS WSO Washabo Airport Washabo
SMZY Zanderij
SMZO ORG Zorg En Hoop Airport Paramaribo
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