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Airports South America Peru


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
SPCR Acarí Airbase Airport Acarí
SPAT Aguas Calientes Airport Aguas Calientes
SPAG Aguaytia Airport Aguaytia
SPAL Alao Airport El Dorado
SPZO CUZ Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport Cusco
SPAR ALD Alerta Airport Fortaleza
SPAS AOP Alferez Fap Alfredo Vladimir Sara Bauer Airport Andoas
SPNC HUU Alferez Fap David Figueroa Fernandini Airport Huánuco
SPNO Ancón Airport Ancón
SPHY ANS Andahuaylas Airport Andahuaylas
SPOY Atico Airport Atico
SPGU Baguá Airport Baguá
SPBA Barranca Airport Barranca
SPBY Bayovar Bayovar
SPBS Bellavista Airport Jeberos
SPBC LHC Caballococha Airport Caballococha
Cabo Pantoja Airstrip Cabo Pantoja
SPST TPP Cadete Fap Guillermo del Castillo Paredes Airport Tarapoto
SPAM Camana Airport Camana
Camposol Chao Airport Virú
SPCL PCL Cap Fap David Abenzur Rengifo International Airport Pucallpa
SPRU TRU Capitan Fap Carlos Martinez de Pinillos International Airport Trujillo
SPUR PIU Capitán Fap Guillermo Concha Iberico International Airport Piura
SPHI CIX Capitan Fap Jose a Quinones Gonzales International Airport Chiclayo
SPRM Capitán Fap Leonardo Alvariño Herr Airport San Ramón
SPSO PIO Capitán Fap Renán Elías Olivera International Airport Pisco
SPME TBP Captain Pedro Canga Rodriguez International Airport Tumbes
SPYL TYL Captain Victor Montes Arias International Airport Talara
SPVL Caraveli Airport Caraveli
SPAA Caraz Airport Ancash
SPCG Casa Grande Airport Ascope
SPSA Casma Airport Casma
SPLD Celendín Airport Celendín
SPEQ Cesar Torke Podesta Airport Moquegua
SPPY CHH Chachapoyas Airport Chachapoyas
SPGL Chagual Airport
SPHC Chala Airport Puerto Chala
SPZT Chazuta Airport Chazuta
SPHA Chincha Airport Chincha
SPCT Chota Airport Chota
SPAC Ciro Alegria Airport Bagua
SPCC Ciudad Constitución Airport Ciudad Constitución
SPOL Collique Airport Collique Bajo
SPHZ ATA Comandante Fap German Arias Graziani Airport Anta
SPCM Contamana Airport Contamana
SPHO AYP Coronel Fap Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport Ayacucho
SPTN TCQ Coronel Fap Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa International Airport Tacna
SPQT IQT Coronel Fap Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport Iquitos
SPCN Cunocuno Airport Cunocuno
Diospi Suyana Hospital Heliport Curahuasi
SPEE El Estrecho Airport
SPTP El Pato Air Base Talara
SPEO CHM Fap Lieutenant Jaime Andres de Montreuil Morales Airport Chimbote
SPFA Fausa Airport Fausa
SPJJ JAU Francisco Carle Airport Jauja
SPGB Galilea Airport
SPGP Güeppi­ Airport Güeppi, Loreto Region
SPVA Hacienda El Valor Airport El Valor
Huacho Airport Santa María
SPBL BLP Huallaga Airport Bellavista
SPUC Huamachuco Airport Huamachuco
SPPP Huanacopampa Airport Huanacopampa
SPAB Huancabamba Airport Huancabamba
SPHU Huancayo Airport Huancayo
SPHV HUU Huánuco Viejo Airport Huánuco Viejo
SPBR IBP Iberia Airport Iberia
SPIA Ica Airport Ica
SPLO ILQ Ilo Airport Ilo
SPRL Imperial Airport Imperial
SPIN Iñapari Airport Iñapari
SPJL JUL Inca Manco Capac International Airport Juliaca
SPNT Intuto Airport Intuto
SPEN Iscozasin Airport Iscozasin
SPQJ Jaquí Airport Jaquí
SPJC LIM Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima
SPJA RIJ Juan Simons Vela Airport Rioja
SPJI JJI Juanjui Airport Juanjuí
Kirigueti Airfield (Closed) Kirigueti
SPQI Kiteni Airport La Convención
SPLG Lagarto Nuevo Airport Lagarto
SPNH Laguna Choclococha Airport Choclococha
SPGS Lagunas Airport Cajamarca
Lagunas Airstrip Lagunas
SPSL Lamas Airport Lamas
SPLH Las Dunas Airport Ica
SPWT VVN Las Malvinas/Echarate Airport Las Malvinas
SPLP Las Palmas Air Base Chorrillos
SPLT Lobitos Airport Lobitos
SPLA Luisiana Airport Luisiana
SPYA Luya Airport Luya
MFT Machu Pichu Airport Machu Pichu
SOML Malin Airport Malin
SPNU Manu Airport Manu
SPZA NZC Maria Reiche Neuman Airport Nazca
SPLC Mariano Melgar La Joya
SPSS Masisea Airport Masisea
SPJR CJA Mayor General Fap Armando Revoredo Iglesias Airport Cajamarca
SPMF MZA Mayor Pnp Nancy Flores Paucar Airport Mazamari
Micaela Bastidas Morales Heliport Misión
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