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Airports South America Paraguay


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
SGBN BFA Bahía Negra Airport Bahía Negra
SGBA Bella Vista Sur Airport Colonia Doctor Pastor Obligado
Cabaña La Escondida Airport Cabaña La Escondida
SGPI PIL Carlos Miguel Gimenez Airport Pilar
Cerro Corá Airport Cerro Corá
Colonia Carmelo Peralta Airport Colonia Carmelo Peralta
SGVO Colonia Volendam Airport Villa del Rosario
Coronel Bogado Airport (Closed) Coronel Bogado
SGOV Coronel Oviedo Airport Coronel Oviedo
SGCU Curuguaty Airport
SGPJ PJC Dr Augusto Roberto Fuster International Airport Pedro Juan Caballero
VMI Dr Juan Plate Airport Puerto Vallemi
SGME ESG Dr. Luis Maria Argaña International Airport Mariscal Estigarribia
El Retiro Airport El Retiro
Estancia Buena Vista Airport Estancia Buena Vista
Estancia Coeyu Airport Estancia Coeyu
Estancia Cunataí Airport Porto María
Estancia El Dorado Airport Estancia El Dorado
Estancia Herradura Airport Estancia Herradura
Estancia Lomas Airport Rosario
Estancia Pai Quara Airport Estancia Pai Quara
Estancia Trementina Airport Estancia Trementina
SIXQ Fazenda Sao Joao Ypejhu, Canindeyu
SGFI FLM Filadelfia Airport Filadelfia
SGOL OLK Fuerte Olimpo Airport Fuerte Olimpo
Gnadenheim Airport Gnadenheim
SGES AGT Guarani International Airport Ciudad del Este
Hugo Stroessner Nueva Londres Airport Nueva Londres
VMI Inc Vallemi
Isla Pucu Airport Isla Pucu
SGIB Itaipú Airport Itaipú
Iturbe Airport Iturbe
SGAY AYO Juan de Ayolas Airport Ayolas
PCJ La Victoria Airport La Victoria
Loma Plata Airport Loma Plata
Mayor Infante Rivarola Airport Mayor Infante Rivarola
SGNA Nueva Asuncion
Nueva Australia Airport Nueva Australia
Nueva Germania Airport Nueva Germania
Paraguari Airport Paraguari
SGPG Pelayo Prats Gill Airstrip
SGPC Pozo Colorado Airport Pozo Colorado
Puerto Abente Airport Puerto Abente
Puerto Alegre Airport Puerto Alegre
Puerto Boqueron Airport Puerto Boqueron
Puerto Calera Airport Puerto Calera
Puerto Guaraní Airport Puerto Guaraní
Puerto Itapucu Airport Puerto Itapucu
Puerto La Esperanza Airport Puerto La Esperanza
SGLV PCJ Puerto La Victoria Airport Puerto La Victoria
PBT Puerto Leda Puerto Leda
PBT Puerto Leda Airport Puerto Leda
Puerto Max Airport Puerto Max
Puerto Michi Airport Puerto Michu
SGPO Puerto Pinasco Airport Pinasco
Puerto Risso Airport Puerto Risso
SGRO Rosario Airport Rosario
Rosario South 1 Airport Villa del Rosario
Rosario South 2 Airport Villa del Rosario
Rosario South 3 Airport Villa del Rosario
SGGR Salto del Guaira Airport Salto del Guaira
San Cosme y Damian Airport San Cosme y Damian
San Juan Bautista Airport San Juan Bautista
San Miguel Airport San Miguel
SGSP San Pedro Airport San Pedro del Ycuamandiyu
Santa Clara Airport Santa Clara
Santa Maria Airport Santa Maria
SGST Santa Teresa Airport Santa Teresa
SGAS ASU Silvio Pettirossi International Airport Asunción
SGMZ Snel. Dem. Jose Maria Argana Itapua
SGEN ENO Teniente Amin Ayub Gonzalez Airport Encarnación
SGCO CIO Teniente Col Carmelo Peralta Airport Concepción
ENO Teniente Prim Alarcon Encarnacion
SGNB Villa Hayes Sarg Airport Villa Hayes
Villa Rey Airport Villa Rey
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