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Airports South America Colombia


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
ARF Acaricuara Airport Acaricuara
SQKS Aerodromo Los Campanos Tubará
Aerosport Airport Flandes
Agua Blanca Airport Espinal
Agua Blanca Airport Piedras
ACL Aguaclara Airport (Closed) Aguaclara
SKOC OCV Aguas Claras Airport Ocaña
SQFQ Airport Hacienda Nápoles Puerto Triunfo
SKSO SOX Alberto Lleras Camargo Airport Sogamoso
SKAD ACD Alcides Fernández Airport Acandí
Alfemar Airport Jurado
SKCL CLO Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport Cali
SKVP VUP Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport Valledupar
SKLT LET Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport Leticia
Algarrobo Airport Fundación
SKRH RCH Almirante Padilla Airport Riohacha
Altamira Airport Orocue
SKAM AFI Amalfi Airport Amalfi
Ana María Airport Codazzi
Andalucía Airport Villavicencio
SKAN ADN Andes Airport (Closed) Andes
Aniversario Estra Airport El Espinal
SKPS PSO Antonio Nariño Airport Chachagüí
SKLC APO Antonio Roldán Betancur Airport Carepa
APO Apartadó Airport Apartadó
API Apiay Apiay
Apotema Heliport Bogotá
Arabia Airport Barranco Minas
Araguanen Airport Yopal
SKAC ACR Araracuara Airport Araracuara
ARO Arboletes Airport Arboletes
ACM Arica Airport Arica
Ataco Airport Ataco
SKYC AYC Ayacucho Airport Ayacucho
AYA Ayapel Airport Ayapel
BHF Bahia Cupica Airport Bahía Cupica
Balboa Airport Unguía
Banco Airport Nunchia
Banco Cafetero Heliport Manizales
Banco De La Republica Heliport Barranquilla
Banco De La Republica Heliport Caucasia
Banco De La Republica Heliport Girardot
Banco De La Republica Heliport Medellín
Banco De La Republica Heliport Condoto
Banco De La Republica Heliport Quibdo
Banco De La Republica Heliport Barbacoas
Banco De La Republica Heliport Pasto
Banco De La Republica Heliport Cali
Banco De Occidente Heliport Cali
Banco De Occidente Heliport Bogotá
Banco Popular Heliport Medellín
SKMG MGN Baracoa Airport Magangué
Barbosa Airport Barbosa
BAC Barranca de Upia Airport Barranca de Upia
SKBM NBB Barranco Minas Airport Barranco Minas
NBB Barrancominas Airport Barrancominas
Barranquillita Airport Miraflores
Baru Heliport Cartagena
Base Principal Celta Airport Aguachica
Bavaria Heliport Bogotá
SKBE Becerril Airport Becerril
Belén De Inambú Airport Mitu
Bella Cruz - San Juan Airport La Gloria
Bello Horizonte Airport Puerto López
Beneficencia Del Tolima Heliport Ibagué
Beneficiencia De Cundinamarca Heliport Bogotá
SKNV NVA Benito Salas Airport Neiva
SKBR Berástegui Airport Berástegui
Berlín Airport Villavieja
Bethania Airport El Copey
Bizerta Airport Nunchia
Bocas De Satinga Airport Bocas De Satinga
Bocoa Querari Airport Mitu
Bogota Police Academy Heliport Bogotá
Boluca Airport Venadillo
Buena Vista Airport Orocue
SKBN Buenavista Airport Fonseca
Buenos Aires Airport Mitu
Buenos Aires Airport Pailitas
Buenos Aires Airport Puerto Wilches
Cabo Marzo Airport Jurado
Cachiporro Airport Mitu
Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport Medellín
Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport Bogotá
Calamar Airport San José Del Guaviare
Calamar Airport (Closed) Chigorodó
SKAL Calenturitas Airport La Loma
Calicanto Airport Alvarado
Calima Airport Aguachica
Camara De Comercio De Bogota Heliport Bogotá
SKCC CUC Camilo Daza International Airport Cúcuta
Campo Alegre Airport Campo Alegre
Campo Alegre Airport Valledupa
Campo Capote Airport Velez
Canaima Airport Villavicencio
Cananari Airport Mitu
CJD Candilejas Airport Candilejas
Caño Blanco Airport Fuente De Oro
Cano Coló Airport Mitu
Caño Colorado Airport Caño Colorado
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