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Airports South America Chile


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
SCAV Achibueno Airport Linares
WPR Aeropuerto Capitan Fuentes Martinez Porvenir
SHAE Aerorescate Heliport Pudahuel
SCUZ Aerosanta Cruz Airport Santa Cruz
SCVU Agromanzún Airport Vilcun
SCKO Agua Buena Airport Collipulli
SCAG Agua Santa Airport Palmilla
SCGU Aguas Blancas Airport Antofagasta
SHAB Aguas Blancas Heliport Puchuncavi
SCNH Ainhoa Airport Vilcún
SCSA Alberto Santos Dumont Airport Til Til
SCAM Alempue Airport Teno
SCHG Almahue Airport Pichidegua
SCDW Almirante Schroeders Airport Isla Dawson
SCCN Alto Cauquenes Airport Cauquenes
SCAP WAP Alto Palena Airport Alto Palena
SCXA Alupenhue Airport Molina
SCFA ANF Andrés Sabella Gálvez International Airport Antofagasta
SHAG Anguila 1 Heliport Magallanes
SCAA Añorada Airport Frutillar
Arco Iris Airport Rio Grande
SCAQ Arquilhué Airport Lago Ranco
SHAP Asistencia Pública Dr. Alejandro del Río Heliport Santiago
SHAC Asociación Chilena de Seguridad Heliport Santiago
SCAK Atacalco Airport Recinto
SCIL Aucó Airport Illapel
SCAY Ayacara Airport Ayacara
SCAZ Azopardo Airport Timaukel
Bahia Catalina Airport (Closed) Punta Arenas
SHBP Bahía Los Primos Heliport La Estrella
SCBA BBA Balmaceda Airport Balmaceda
SHBE Banco Exterior Heliport Santiago
SHBS Banco Santander Heliport Santiago
SCBE TOQ Barriles Airport Tocopilla
SHDG Batería Dungenes Nº 1 Heliport Magallanes
SCBV Bellavista Airport Rio Claro
SCIB Butachauques Airport Isla Butachauques
SCAS WPA Cabo 1° Juan Román Airport Puerto Aysen
SHCB Caburga Heliport Pucon
SHCG Cachagua Heliport Zapallar
SCBC Cacique Blanco Airport Lago Verde
SCLF Calcurrupe Airport Llifen
SCCL Caldera Airport Caldera
SCIH Caleta Andrade Airport Isla Las Huichas
SCGN Caleta Gonzalo Airport Chaiten
SCCP Callipulli Airport Osorno
SCPL Calpulli Airport Paillaco
SCJO ZOS Cañal Bajo Carlos - Hott Siebert Airport Osorno
Canchones West Airport Canchones
SCFM WPR Capitan Fuentes Martinez Airport Airport Porvenir
SHHR Carabineros de Chile Heliport Punta Arenas
SCMY Carolina Airport Michilla
SCIE CCP Carriel Sur Airport Concepcion
SCZC Casas Viejas Airport Zapallar
SHNC Catalina Norte 1 Heliport Punta Arenas
SHNO Catalina Norte 2 Heliport Punta Arenas
SCCP Catapilco Airport Zapallar
SCPY Cerro Castillo Airport Cerro Castillo
SHSB Cerro Sombrero Heliport Magallanes
SCAR ARI Chacalluta Airport Arica
SCTN WCH Chaitén Airport Chaiten
SCHA CPO Chamonate Airport Copiapo
SCHN Chan Chan Airport Choshuenco
SCRA CNR Chañaral Airport Chañaral
SCEK Chépica Airport Chepica
SCHC Chicureo Airport Santiago
SCCC CCH Chile Chico Airport Chile Chico
SCGH Cholguahue Airport Los Angeles
SCIF Chollinco Airport Llifen
SCHF Chufquén Traiguén
SCHD Chumilden Airport Chaiten
Cinco de Enero Airport Santa Maria
SHCD Clinica Alemana Helipad Santiago
SHIN Clínica Indisa Helipad Santiago
SHCC Clínica Las Condes Heliport Santiago
SHMA Clínica Santa María Heliport Santiago
SCKM Cochamó Airport Cochamo
SCHR LGR Cochrane Airport Cochrane
SCSK Colorado Airport San Clemente
SCEL SCL Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport Santiago
SCCK Contao Airport Contao
SCHP Copihue Airport Retiro
SCKP CPP Coposa Airport Pica
SCQB COW Coquimbo Coquimbo
SHCM Corporativo Mutual Heliport Santiago
SCPR Corte Alto Airport Purranque
SCSO Costa del Sol Airport Lago Rapel
SCBN Cotreumo Airport Rio Bueno
SHEJ Cuartel Gral. I División De Ejercito Heliport Antofagasta
SHIQ Cuartel Gral. VI División de Ejercito Heliport Iquique
SCVQ Cuatro Pantanos Airport Vichuquen
SCUH Cuincahuin Río Bueno
SCAI Curacautín Airport Curacautín
SCCV Curacaví Airport Curacaví
SCGP Curaco Airport (Closed) Panguipulli
SCKQ Curimanque Airport Pucon
SCYU Cuyumaique Airport Purranque
SHDN Daniel 1 Heliport Magallanes
SCBB Del Bío Bío Airport Negrete
SHDP Del Pacifico Heliport Temuco
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