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Airports South America Bolivia


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
SLAB Abapó Airport (Closed) Abapó
SLAQ Aiquile Airport Campero
SLAL SRE Alcantarí Airport Yamparaez
SLAN Angora Airport Ballivian
SLAP APB Apolo Airport Apolo
SLAM Arampampa Airport Gral. Ballivian
SLAS ASC Ascención de Guarayos Airport Ascensión de Guarayos
SLBA BVL Baures Airport Baures
SLBN Bella Unión Airport Mamoré
SLBS Bella Vista Itenez Airport Itenes
SLBJ BJO Bermejo Airport Bermejo
SLBF Blanca Flor Airport Madre De Dios
Buen Jesus Airport Buen Jesus
SLBT Buen Retiro Ballivian Airport Ballivian
SLBR Buen Retiro Itenez Airport Itenes
SLBH Buena Hora Airport Ballivian
SLBB Bulo Bulo Airport Carrasco
SLCE Cabezas Airport Cordillera
SLHA Cachascani Airport Itenes
SLCI Caigua Airport Gran Chaco
SLCM Camacho Airport Camacho
Camiare Airport Camiare
SLCA CAM Camiri Airport Camiri
SLCD Cañada Airport Gutierrez
SLNL Cañada Larga Airport Chiquitos
SLCO CIJ Capitán Aníbal Arab Airport Cobija
SLSB SRJ Capitán Av. German Quiroga G. Airport San Borja
SLSI SNG Capitán Av. Juan Cochamanidis S. Airport San Ignacio de Velasco
SLPS PSZ Capitán Av. Salvador Ogaya G. Airport Puerto Suárez
SLRI RIB Capitán Av. Selin Zeitun Lopez Airport Riberalta
SLVG VAH Capitán Av. Vidal Villagomez Toledo Airport Vallegrande
SLGY GYA Capitán de Av. Emilio Beltrán Airport Guayaramerín
SLPO POI Capitan Nicolas Rojas Airport Potosí
SLTJ TJA Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza Airport Tarija
SLVI Caranavi Airport Nor Yungas
SLDA Caranda Airport Ichilo
SLCH Carol Marghata Airport
SLCV Cavinas Airport Ballivian
SLCS Cerdas Airport Nor Lipez
SLER Cerrillos Airport Hernando Siles
SLHS Chacobos Airport Parapeti
SLCG Charagua Airport Cordillera
SLCN Charaña Airport Charaña
SLHI CCA Chimore Airport Chimore
SLGQ Chiquitos Airport
SLCX Chive Airport Iturralde
SLCT Choreti Airport Mamore
SLCY Collpa Airport A. Ibañez
SLCL Collpani Airport Abaroa
SLCR Comarapa Airport M. Caballero
SLCP CEP Concepción Airport Concepción
SLCC Copacabana Airport Copacabana
SLLQ Copaquilla Airport L. Cabrera
SLQN Coquinal Airport Ballivian
SLVD Covendo Airport Sud Yungas
SLUC Cuevo Airport Cordillera
SLCU Culpina Airport Sud Cinti
Culpina K Heliport Culpina K
SLUK Curahuara de Carangas Airport Oruro
SLDL Dalmacia Airport
SLLP LPB El Alto International Airport La Paz / El Alto
SLEC El Cairo Airport Yacuma
SLEA El Cocal Airport Yacuma
SLEK El Condor Airport Tesoro
SLDN El Desengano Airport Yacuma
SLEE El Escondido Airport Tesoro
El Mojar Airport El Mojar
SLEO El Paraiso Airport Yacuma
SLEP El Peru Airport Yacuma
SLPW El Porvenir Sur Airport Luis Calvo
SLEH El Rancho Airport Mamore
SLEV El Salvador Airport Ballivian
El Tacuaral El Tacuaral
SLEF El Triunfo Airport Yacuma
SLET SRZ El Trompillo Airport Santa Cruz
SLEI Espino Airport Cordillera
Espiritu Airstrip Espiritu
SLES Estalsa Airport Poopo
SLFA Fatima Airport Ballivian
SJZX Fazenda Rebojo Santa Cruz
SITN Fazenda Santo Antonio Diamandore Santa Cruz
SLFO Flor De Oro Airport Moxos
SLFR Florencia Airport Moxos
SLFL Florida Airport Moira
SLGM GYA Guayaramerín Airport Guayaramerín
SLGP Guirapembi Airport Cordillera
SLHJ BVK Huacaraje Airport Itenes
SLHC Huacareta Airport H. Silez
Ibibobo Airport Ibibobo
SLIR Ibori Airport Itenes
SLIG Inglaterra Airport Ballivian
SLIY Intiraymi Airport La Joya
Isla Pescado Isla Pescado
SLIT Itaguazurenda Airport Cordillera
SLIX Ixiamas Airport Iturralde
SLIZ Izozog Airport Cordillera
SLJA Jatata Airport Madre De Dios
SLCB CBB Jorge Wilsterman International Airport Cochabamba
SLJS Josuani Airport Yacuma
SLOR ORU Juan Mendoza Airport Oruro
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