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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
NVVA AUY Anelghowhat Airport Anelghowhat
NVVB AWD Aniwa Airport Aniwa
GBA Big Bay Big Bay
NVSF CCV Craig Cove Airport Craig Cove
NVVD DLY Dillon's Bay Airport Dillon's Bay
EPI Epi Epi
NVVF FTA Futuna Airport Futuna Island
NVSQ ZGU Gaua Island Airport Gaua Island
NVVI IPA Ipota Airport Ipota
NVSL LPM Lamap Airport Lamap
NVSM LNB Lamen Bay Airport Lamen Bay
NVSG LOD Longana Airport Longana
NVSO LNE Lonorore Airport Lonorore
NVSA MTV Mota Lava Airport Ablow
NVSN MWF Naone Airport Maewo Island
NVSP NUS Norsup Airport Norsup
NVSZ OLZ North West Santo Airport Olpoi
OLJ Olpoi Olpoi
SON Pekoa Espiritu Santo
NVVV VLI Port Vila Bauerfield Port-vila
UIQ Quine Hill Quine Hill
NVVQ Quoin_Hill Port Vila, Shefa Province
NVSR RCL Redcliffe Airport Redcliffe
NVSE EAE Sangafa Airport Sangafa
NVSS SON Santo Pekoa International Airport Santo
NVSH SSR Sara Airport Pentecost Island
NHHC Sola (Vanua Lava)
NVSC SLH Sola Airport Sola
NVSX SWJ Southwest Bay Airport Malekula Island
NVVW TAH Tanna island Tanna
NVSI PBJ Tavie Airport Paama Island
NVST TGH Tongoa Island Airport Tongoa Island
NVSD TOH Torres Airstrip Loh/Linua
NVSU ULB Uléi Airport Ambryn Island
NVSV VLS Valesdir Airport Valesdir
NVSW WLH Walaha Airport Walaha
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