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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
AGAF AFT Afutara Airport Afutara
ANH Anuha Island Resort Anuha Island Resort
AGGA AKS Auki Airport Auki
AVU Avu Avu Avu Avu
AGGI MBU Babanakira Airport Mbambanakira
AGGE BAS Ballalae Airport Ballalae
VEV Barakoma Barakoma
RRI Barora Barora
AGBT BPF Batuna Airport Batuna
BNY Bellona Bellona
AGGB Bellona/Anua Rennell and Bellona Province
AGGC CHY Choiseul Bay Airport Choiseul Bay
AGGF FRE Fera/Maringe Airport Fera Island
GTA Gatokae Airport Gatokae
AGEV Geva Liangai, Western Province
AKS Gwaunaruu Airport Auki
AGGH HIR Honiara International Honiara
AGKG KGE Kagau Island Airport Kagau Island
IRA Kirakira Kirakira
AGKU Kukudu Western Province
KUE Kukundu Kukundu
KWR Kwai Harbour Kwai Harbour
KWS Kwailabesi Aerodrom Kwailabesi
AGGU RUS Marau Airport Marau
AGGD MBU Mbambanakira Mbambanakira
AGGO MNY Mono Airport Stirling Island
AGGM MUA Munda Airport MUNDA
NAZ Nana Star Habour
AGGK IRA Ngorangora Airport Kirakira
AGGN GZO Nusatupe Airport Gizo
ONE Onepusu Onepusu
AGGQ OTV Ontong Java Ontong Java
AGGP PRS Parasi Parasi
AGRM RBV Ramata Airport Ramata
AGGR RNL Rennell/Tingoa Airport Rennell Island
AGRC RIN Ringi Cove Airport Ringi Cove
AGGT NNB Santa Ana Airport Santa Ana
AGGL SCZ Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova
SVY Savo Savo
AGGS EGM Sege Airport Sege
AGGV VAO Suavanao Airport Suavanao
TAA Tarapaina Tarapaina
TLG Tulagi Island Tulagi Island
AGAR RNA Ulawa Airport Ulawa
AGAT ATD Uru Harbour Airport Atoifi
VIU Viru Harbour Airstrip Viru
AGGY XYA Yandina Airport Yandina
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