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Airports Oceania Papua New Guinea


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
ABW Abau Airport (Closed) Abau
AYAF AFR Afore Airstrip Afore
AYAL Agali Airstrip
AUP Agaun Agaun
AYAG AUP Agaun Airport
Agotu Airstrip Agotu
AYAK AIH Aiambak Airport Aiambak
AYAO AIE Aiome Airport Aiome
AYAI ATP Aitape Airport Aitape
AYU Aiyura Aiyura
AYAY AYU Aiyura Airport Aiyura Valley
AYAC Akwom Airstrip
AYAH Ali Airstrip Ali
AMF Ama Ama
AYAA AMF Ama Airport
AMU Amanab Amanab
AYAM AMU Amanab Airport Amanab
AZB Amazon Bay Airport Amazon Bay
AYAB Ambaluwa Airstrip Ambulua
AMG Amboin Airport Amboin
AYAJ Ambua Airstrip Ambua Lodge - Tari
AUJ Ambunti Ambunti
AYAT AUJ Ambunti Airport Ambunti
AYAR Anangalo Airstrip
AYAN ADC Andakombe Airport Andekombe
AYAD Ande Airstrip Sindeni
Angai Airstrip Angai
AGG Angoram Airport Angoram
AYGU AKG Anguganak Airport Anguganak
AOB Annanberg Airport Annanberg
AYAP Appa Airstrip
APR April River April River
AYPE APR April River Airport April River
ARP Aragip Airport Aragip
RAW Arawa Arawa
RAW Arawa Airport Arawa
AYAV Arkosame Airstrip
Aro Airstrip Aro
AOA Aroa Aroa
AOA Aroa Airport (Closed) Agevairu
AON Arona Arona
KIE Aropa Kieta
AYIQ KIE Aropa Airport Kieta
AYAU Arou Airstrip Arou
AYRF Arufi Airstrip Arufi
AYAS Asama Airstrip
APP Asapa Airport Asapa
AEK Aseki Aseki
AYAX AEK Aseki Airport Aseki
AYAZ Asimba Airstrip Asimba
AYWA Asinuwa Airstrip Amjenuwa
ASZ Asirim Airport Asirim
AYSN Assengseng Airstrip Assengseng
ABP Atkamba Airport Atkamba Mission
AYND AUI Aua Island Airport Aua Island
AUV Aumo Aumo
AYUM AUV Aumo Airport Aumo
AYUW Auwi Airstrip Auwi
AYAW AWB Awaba Airport Awaba
AWR Awar Airport (Closed) Awar
Aziana Airstrip Aziana Mission
BAP Baibara Airport (Closed) Nabai
AYBA VMU Baimuru Airport Baimuru
AYBN Baina Airstrip Baina
AYBG BDZ Baindoung Airport Baindoung
AYBB Bak Airstrip Bak
BALI BAJ Bali Airport Unea Island
OPU Balimo Airport Balimo
AYBM OPU Balimo Airport Balimo
BCP Bambu Bambu
AYBC BCP Bambu Airport Bambu
AYBF BMZ Bamu Airport Bamu
AYBJ Bank Airstrip Bank
BNZ Banz Airport (Closed) Banz
AYBP BPD Bapi Airstrip Bapi
Basikuna Airstrip Basikuna
AYBT Batri Airstrip Batri
BWJ Bawan Airport Bawan
AYBS Begesin Airstrip Begesin
Benaria Airstrip Tamide Mission
AYBH BSP Bensbach Airport Bensbach
BEA Bereina Airport (Closed) Bereina Mission
BSV Besakoa Besakoa
AYBI BWP Bewani Airport Bewani
AYBL BAA Bialla Airport Bialla, Matalilu, Ewase
AYBQ BPK Biangabip Airport Biangabip
BRP Biaru Biaru
AYBR BRP Biaru Airport Biaru
AYIL Bili Airstrip Bili
BIJ Biliau Airport (Closed) Biliau
BIZ Bimin Airport (Closed) Bimin
AYBZ XBN Biniguni Airport Biniguni
Bisorio Airstrip
AYBW Blackwara Airport
BNV Boana Airport (Closed) Boana
BOV Boang Boang
BOV Boang Airport Boang Island
BNM Bodinumu Bodinumu
AYBD BNM Bodinumu Airport Bodinumu
AYOI Boikoa Airstrip Boikoa
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