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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
NWWB Bourail - Poé Airport Bourail / Poé
NWWX Canala Airport (Closed) Canala
NWWO IOU Edmond Cané Airport (Closed) Île Ouen
HNG Hienghene Hienghene
NWWC BMY Île Art - Waala Airport Waala
NWWE ILP Île Des Pins Airport Île Des Pins
Ile Hugon Airstrip Hugon Island
IOU Ile Ouen Ile Ouen
NWWD KNQ Koné Airport Koné
NWWK KOC Koumac Airport Koumac
NWWW NOU La Tontouta International Airport Nouméa
NWWL LIF Lifou Airport Lifou
NWWR MEE Maré Airport Maré
NWWQ PDC Mueo Airport Mueo
NWWH HLU Nesson Airport Houailou
NWWM GEA Nouméa Magenta Airport Nouméa
NWWN Noumea Nlle-Caledonie
NWWT Oua Tom Airport La Foa
NWWY Ouaco Airport Ouaco
NWWV UVE Ouvéa Airport Ouvéa
NWWS Plaine Des Lacs Airport (Closed) Plaine des Lacs
PUV Poum Poum
NWWP PUV Poum Airport Poum
NWWA TGJ Tiga Airport Tiga
NWWU TOU Touho Airport Touho
NWWF Voh Airport (Closed) Voh
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