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Airports Oceania Marshall Islands


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
AIC Ailinglaplap Airok Airport Bigatyelang Island
AIM Ailuk Airport Ailuk Island
AIC Airok Airport Airok
AMR Arno Arno
AUL Aur Island Airport Aur Atoll
PKWA KWA KWA Bucholz Army Air Field Kwajalein
PKRO ROI Dyess Army Air Field Roi-Namur
EBN Ebadon Airport Ebadon Island
EBO Ebon Airport Ebon Atoll
EAL Elenak Airport Elenak
EAL Elenak Airport Mejato Island
EJT Enejit Airport Enejit Island
PKMA ENT PKMA Eniwetok Airport Eniwetok Atoll
BII Enyu Airfield Bikini Atoll
IMI N20 Ine Airport Arno Atoll
JAT Jabot Airport Ailinglapalap Atoll
UIT N55 Jaluit Airport Jabor Jaluit Atoll
JEJ Jeh Airport Ailinglapalap Atoll
KBT Kaben Airport Kaben
KIO C51 Kili Airport Kili Island
LML Lae Island Airport Lae Island
LIK Likiep Airport Likiep Island
MJE Majkin Airport Majkin
MJE Majkin Airport Majkin
MAV Maloelap Island Airport Maloelap Island
PKMJ MAJ MAJ Marshall Islands International Airport Majuro Atoll
MJB C30 Mejit Atoll Airport Mejit Atoll
MLIP MIJ Mili Island Airport Mili Island
NDK 3N0 Namorik Airport Namorik Atoll
NMU Namu Namu
RNP Rongelap Island Airport Rongelap Island
TBV Tabal Tabal
TBV Tabal Airstrip Tabal Island
TIC N18 Tinak Airport Arno Atoll
UJAP UJE Ujae Atoll Airport Ujae Atoll
UTK Utirik Airport Utirik Island
WJA Woja Airport Woja
WJA Woja Airport Majuro Atoll
WTO Wotho Island Airport Wotho Island
WTE Wotje Airport Wotje
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