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Airports Oceania Australia


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
YSVS 1770 Agnes Water, Queensland
YABG Abbieglassie Bargunyah, Queensland
YABF Aberfoyle Torrens Creek, Queensland
ABG Abingdon Abingdon
YABI Abingdon Downs Abingdon Downs, Queensland
YACS Acacia Downs Fowlers Gap, New South Wales
YADY Adaminaby Kennedy Adaminaby, New South Wales
YADA Adavale Adavale, Queensland
YPAD ADL Adelaide Intl Adelaide
XHX Adelaide Keswick Rail Adelaide
YPPF Adelaide Parafield Adelaide
YADL Adele Island Western Australia
YALG Adels Grove
YPEC Aeropelican
YAWT Agnes Water Agnes Water, Queensland
YAGN AGW Agnew Mapoon, Queensland
YALR Aileron Anmatjere, Northern Territory
YAMN Alamein Port Augusta West, South Austr
YABA ALH Albany Airport Albany
YAPK Albany Park Eva Valley, Northern Territory
YALH Albilbah Isisford, Queensland
YABS Albion Downs Sir Samuel, Western Australia
YMAY ABX Albury Albury
YALC Alcoota Stn Engawala, Northern Territory
YALY Alderly Georgina, Queensland
YADR Aldersyde Miles, Queensland
YADG Aldinga
AXL Alexandria Alexandria
YALX Alexandria Homestead Nicholson, Northern Territory
YACD Alice Downs Station Blackall, Queensland
YBAS ASP Alice Springs Alice Springs
XHW Alice Springs Railway Alice Springs
YALM Allambie Hale, Northern Territory
YALN Allandy Packsaddle, New South Wales
YAPH ABH Alpha Alpha
YALP Alpurrurulam Alpurrurulam, Northern Territo
YALD AYD Alroy Downs Tablelands, Northern Territory
YATI Althorpe Island Inneston, South Australia
YADS AWN Alton Downs Innamincka, South Australia
GTE Alyangula Groote Eylandt
YAMT AMT Amata Airport Amata
YABL Ambalindum Hart, Northern Territory
YAMB Amberley Amberley
YABU Amburla Homestead Burt Plain, Northern Territory
RCN American River American River
YAMM AMX Ammaroo Sandover, Northern Territory
YAMJ Ampilatwatja Ampilatwatja, Northern Territo
YANR Anaburroo Mt Bundey, Northern Territory
YADO Andado Ghan, Northern Territory
YAMK ADO Andamooka Andamooka
YADN Angas Downs Stn Petermann, Northern Territory
YAST Anglestone Roundstone, Queensland
ANZ Angus Downs Angus Downs
YANK Anna Creek
YAPA Anna Plains Hs Eighty Mile Beach, Western Aus
YADE Annandale Coppabella, Queensland
YANN Anningie Meekatharra, Western Australia
YANW Annitowa Costello, Northern Territory
YAND Answer Downs McKinlay, Queensland
YANL AYL Anthony Lagoon Creswell, Northern Territory
YAPO Apollo Bay Apollo Bay
YAMC AXC Aramac Aramac
YARA ARY Ararat Ararat
YACI Arcadia Arcadia Valley, Queensland
YARC Archer River Archer River, Queensland
YAKG Arckaringa Oodnadatta, South Australia
YATU Arcturus Downs Hs Arcturus, Queensland
YADU Ardgour Bundella, New South Wales
YAOR Ardmore Dajarra, Queensland
YARS Ardrossan
YARN Areyonga Areyonga, Northern Territory
YARD Argadargada Costello, Northern Territory
YARG GYL Argyle Airport Argyle
AGY Argyle Downs Argyle Downs
YARI Arizona Hs Taldora, Queensland
YRKP Arkapena Blinman, South Australia
YARK Arkaroola
YARM ARM Armidale Armidale
YAML Armraynald Burketown, Queensland
YANO Arno Hs Isisford, Queensland
YARY AAB Arrabury Arrabury
YADD Arubiddy Station Cocklebiddy, Western Australia
YADH Ashburton Downs Homestead (Old) Innawanga, Western Australia
YAHD Ashburton Downs Station Innawanga, Western Australia
YASF Ashford Ashford, New South Wales
YATN Atherton
YATY Atley Sandstone, Western Australia
YATL Atula Station Anatye, Northern Territory
YAUB Auburn (Qld) Auburn, Queensland
YAUA Augathella Augathella, Queensland
YAUG Augusta
YAGD AUD Augustus Downs Augustus Downs
YAUR AUU Aurukun Airport Aurukun
AWP Austral Downs Austral Downs
YAUS Austral Downs Stn Ranken, Northern Territory
YAUT Auteuil Ingberry, Queensland
AVG Auvergne Auvergne
YAUV Auvergne Station Gregory, Northern Territory
YMAV AVV Avalon Avalon
YAVE Avalon East (Temp. During Airshows) Point Wilson, Victoria
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