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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
MPAC ACU Achutupu Airport Achutupo
MPGU Aeródromo Regional de Guararé "Augusto Vergara" Guararé, Los S
Aguadulce Airport Aguadulce
Ailigandi North Airport (Closed) Ailigandi
MPAI AIL Alligandi Airport Alligandi
MPCE CTD Alonso Valderrama Airport Chitré
PX02 Alvaro Berroa Airport Nueva California
Arena Airport Arena
MPNU Augusto Vergara Airport Los Santos
BFQ Bahia Piña Airport Bahia Piña
MPBO BOC Bocas del Toro International Airport Isla Colón
CDE Caledonia Caledonia
Caledonia Airport Suletupu
Candelaria Airport La Candelaria
Cap Scarlet Martinez
MPCL Capt. Alex H. Bosquez Airport Calzada Larga
MPPD PDM Capt. J. Montenegro Airport Pedasí
MPCM Captain Krish E. Persaud Airport Chame
MPLP PLP Captain Ramon Xatruch Airport (Closed) La Palma
CTE Carti Airport Carti
MPMC Chame Mayor Airport Chame
MPCH CHX Changuinola Captain Manuel Niño International Airport Changuinola
PX06 Chitre Chitre
Coiba Airport Isla de Coiba
Coral Lodge Airport Santa Isabel
CZJ Corazón de Jesús Airport Corazón de Jesús and Narganá I
CZJ Corazón de Jesús Airport Nurna
Deborah Airport Guabito
MPVR PVE El Porvenir Airport El Porvenir
ELE El Real Airport El Real de Santa María
MPCF Enrique Adolfo Jime
MPEJ ONX Enrique Adolfo Jimenez Airport Colón
MPDA DAV Enrique Malek International Airport David
MPZZ Finca 32 Changuinola, Bocas del Toro
MPZL Finca 32 Airport La Dalia
Finca 45 Airport Dos Caños
CHX Finca 67 Airport Changuinola
Finca Blanco Airport Finca Blanco
AML Finca Ceiba Airport Finca Jaguá
Finca Fátima Airport Finca Fátima
MPFS Fort Sherman Airport Fort Sherman
GHE Garachiné Airport Garachiné
PX07 Ingenio Santa Rosa Airport Ingenio Santa Rosa
PX09 Isla Mandinga Mandinga
Isla Tigre Airstrip Isla Tigre
MPJE JQE Jaqué Airport Jaqué
La Cabezona Airport Guarumal
PX08 La Candelaria La Candelaria
La Joya Airport La Joya
La Plantación Airport La Plantación
MPI Mamitupo Airport Mamitupo
Mandinga Airport Mandinga
Mansukun Airport Mansukun
MPMG PAC Marcos a. Gelabert International Airport Albrook
MPMF PLP Miraflores Airport Miraflores
MPP Mulatupo Airport Mulatupo
Napakanti Airport Napakanti
NGN Narganá Airport (Closed) Narganá
Nusatupo Airport Nusatupo
OGM Ogubsucum Airport Ustupo
MPPC Panama City
MPPA BLB Panamá Pacífico International Airport Panamá City
PDM Pedasí Airport (Closed) Pedasí
PX10 Penonome Airport Penonome
PYC Playón Chico Airport Playón Chico
MPOA PUE Puerto Obaldía Airport Puerto Obaldía
PX11 Punta Cocos Airport Punta Cocos
MPRA OTD Raul Arias Espinoza Airport Contadora Island
RIZ Rio Alzucar Rio Alzucar
RIZ Río Azúcar Airport Río Azúcar
RSI Rio Sidra Rio Sidra
Rio Sidra Airport Rio Sidra
RIT Río Tigre Airport Río Tigre
MPSA SYP Ruben Cantu Airport Santiago
MPSB SAX Sambú Airport Boca de Sábalo
NBL San Blas San Blas
MPWN NBL San Blas Airport Carti
SIC San José Island Airport Las Perlas
MPMI NMG San Miguel Airport Isla del Rey
SFW Santa Fe Santa Fe
MPSM RIH Scarlett Martinez International Airport Río Hato
Soloy Heliport Soloy
TJC Ticantiki Airport Ticantiqui
MPTO PTY Tocumen International Airport Tocumen
Tonosí Airport Tonosí
Tubuala Airport Tubuala
TUW Tubuala Airport Tubuala
Tupile Airport Tupile
TUE Tupile Airport (Closed) Isla Tupile
UTU Ustupo Airport Ustupo
IVI Viveros Island Airport Isla Viveros
MPWN Wannukandi Wannukandi
Wannukandi Airport Wannukandi
PYV Yaviza Airport Yaviza
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