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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Aeroservicios ALA Airport Malacataya
MNAL Alamicamba Airport Alamicamba
MNAM Altamira Airport Altamira
MNMG MGA Augusto C. Sandino (Managua) International Airport Managua
MNBL BEF Bluefields Airport Bluefileds
MNBC Boaco Airport Boaco
MNCH Chinandega Germán Pomares Ordóñez Airport Chinandega
MNCT Corinto Airport Chinandega
MNCI RNI Corn Island Airport Corn Island
MNCE ECI Costa Esmeralda Airport Tola
MNDM Dos Montes Airport Dos Montes
MNFF El Bluff Airport El Bluff
El Coyol Airport Tipitapa
MNPP El Papalonal Airport El Papalonal
MNES Estelí Airport Estelí
MNHG Hato Grande Airport Hato Grande
MNJG Jinotega Jinotega
MNJU Juigalpa Airport (Closed) Juigalpa
MNKW Karawala Airport Karawala
La Cicaya Airport Hato Grande
MNMT La Cumplida Airport La Cumplida
La Esperanza Airport San Juan del Sur
MNEP La Esperanza Airport (Closed) La Esperanza
Las Chacaras Airport Las Chacaras
Las Lajas Airport Malacataya
Las Parcelas Airport Las Parcelas
MNLN Leon (Fanor Urroz) Airport León
MNBR Los Brasiles Airport Los Brasiles
MNMA Macantaca Airport (Closed) Macantaca
Malacataya Airport Malacataya
MNMR Montelimar Airport Montelimar
MNNG NVG Nueva Guinea Airport (Closed) Nueva Guinea
MNLP Omtepe Airport Omtepe Island
MNPC PUZ Puerto Cabezas Airport Puerto Cabezas
MNFC Punta Huete (Panchito) Airport Punta Huete
MNRS Rivas Rivas
MNRT RFS Rosita Airport La Rosita
NCR San Carlos San Carlos
MNSC NCR San Carlos Airport San Carlos
MNSN San Juan De Nicaragua Airport San Juan de Nicaragua
MNBZ BZA San Pedro Airport Bonanza
Santa Elena Airport Santa Elena
MNSI SIU Siuna Siuna
Tierra Dorada Airport Kukra Hill
MNWP WSP Waspam Airport Waspam
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