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Airports North America Mexico


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
MX01 Abasolo Abasolo
MMCS CJS Abraham González International Airport Ciudad Juárez
AJS Abreojos Airport Abreojos
MX02 Acaponeta Airport Acaponeta
Acocotla Airport Atlixco
MX04 Actopan Actopan
Aduana de Sonoyta Airstrip
Aero Agricola El Caimanero Airport Navolato
Aero Club Manitoba Airport Cuauhtémoc
Aero Club Manitoba Airport Cuauhtémoc
Aero Fumigaciones David Airport Gonzalez
Aeroclub Valle de Bravo Airfield Valle de Bravo
Aerodeportes Airfield Cadereyta
Aeródromo Cabo Cortes Los Cabos
MX97 Aerodromo San Miguel de Allende San Miguel de Allende
Aerofumigaciones Castro Airport Mexicali
Aerofumigaciones Lopez Airport Tepalcatepec
Aerofumigaciones Maranatu Airport Culiacan
Aerofumigaciones Nayarit Airstrip Mexicali
Aerofumigaciones Sarabia Airport Culiacan
Aerolandia Airport Tlaxco
Aerosam Airport Aguililla
Agricola Las Isabeles Airport Villa Ahumada
Agropecuaria Amparan Airstrip Navojoa
Agua Prieta South Airport
Agua Prieta Southwest Airport
Agua Zarca Airport Soto La Marina
Aguaje del Monte Airport San Javier
MMAL Agualeguas Airport
Aguililla Airport Aguililla
MMSG Air Base No. 11 Santa Gertrudis Saucillo
Air Station No. 8 Loma Bonita Loma Bonita
MMGD Airport Isla Guadalupe
XAL Álamos Airport Álamos
Albatros Residencial Aereo Jojutla
Alfonsina's Airstrip Ensenada
Algodonera de Tapachula Airport Tapachula
Alicia Airport Gonzalez
Alizal Airport Tamazula
Alsavision Heliport Miguel Hidalgo
MMEP TPQ Amado Nervo National Airport Tepic
Amatlan de Jora Airport La Yesca
Americas Country Heliport Guadalajara
And Port Airport Buenavista Tomatlán
MMTG TGZ Angel Albino Corzo International Airport Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Ángeles Hospital Helipad San Luis Potosi
Apozolco Airport La Yesca
MX05 Arcelia Airport (Closed) Arcelia
Arena Ciudad de Mexico Helipad I Azcapotzalco
Arena Ciudad de Mexico Helipad II Azcapotzalco
MX06 Atil Atil
MMJC AZP Atizapan de Zaragoza Airport Mexico City
Atoyac Airstrip Atoyac de Alvarez
MX08 Autlán Airport Autlán de Navarro
Baborigame Airport Guadalupe Y Calvo
MMCL CUL Bachigualato Federal International Airport Culiacán
MX09 Bacubirito Airport Sinaloa de Leyva
Badiraguato Airport Badiraguato
MX10 Bahía Asunción Airstrip Mulegé
MX11 Bahía Ballenas Airstrip Campo René
MX14 Bahía de Kino Airport Bahia de Kino
MX12 BHL Bahía de los Ángeles Airport Bahía de los Ángeles
Bahia De Los Angelos South
MX13 Bahía Tortugas Airfield Bahía Tortugas
MMBT HUX Bahías de Huatulco International Airport Huatulco
Bajichic Airport Bajichic
Balancan Airstrip Balancan
Balder Platform Helipad Ciudad Del Carmen
Bamopa Airport Badiraguato
Barra de Navidad Airport Cihuatlan
Bayosa Airstrip Bayosa
BBVA Bancomer Operating Center Helipad Miguel Hidalgo
BBVA Bancomer Tower Helipad Cuauhtémoc
Betty Airport Gonzalez
Bonfil Airport San Luis Rio Colorado
Boquillas del Carmen Airport Boquillas del Carmen
Bravo Airport Rio Bravo
MX15 Buenavista Buenavista
Buenavista de Atascaderos Airport Guadalupe y Calvo
C.P.A. Leonardo López Hernandez Airport Sto. Domingo Zanatepec
C.P.A. Rodolfo Amparan Rosales Airport Aldama
Cabo de Peñas Heliport Huixquilucan
MX37 Cabo Real Heliport Los Cabos
MMSL CSL Cabo San Lucas International Airport Cabo San Lucas
Cabo Sky Tours Heliport Cabo Sky Tours
Cadejé Airstrip Comondú
MM52 Camaguey-Campo Cuatro Milpas Airport Guasave
Camargo Airport Santa Rosalia de Camargo
Campamento Sur Helipad, Isla Guadelupe
Campeche Airport Mexicali
Campo Berlin Airport Navolato
Campo Cortés Airport Irapuato
Campo David Airport Huimanguillo
Campo Gobierno Airport
Campo La Primavera Airport Culiacan
Campo Montelargo Airport Navolato
Campo Rio Verde Airport Rio Verde
MMCA CNA Cananea Airport Cananea
MMUN CUN Cancún International Airport Cancún
MX18 Candelaria Airport Candeleria
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