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Airports North America Honduras


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
MHAC Acensa Airport Acensa
Agropecuaria Lepaguare Airport La Lima
MHPI Agropecuaria Piedra De Agua Azul Airport Buena Vista
MHHO Agua Caliente Airport Horcones
MHAH AHS Ahuas Airport Ahuas
MHAS Alas Del Socorro Airport Siguatepeque
MHAM Amapala
MHAP Apala Airport Apala
MHAY Araslaya Airport Araslaya
MHAR Archaga Airport Archaga
MHAZ Aserradero Azacualpa Airport Cacao
MHEN Aserradero El Encino Airport La Canoa
MHUC Auca Airport Auca
MHZA Azacualpa Airport Azacualpa
MHBA Barbareta Airport Barbareta Island
MHPA Barra Del Patuca Airport Barra del Patuca
MHEL Barrio El Aterrizaje Airport El Paraiso
HX01 Bonito Oriental Bonito Oriental
MHBL BHG Brus Laguna Airport Brus Laguna
TJI Capiro Trujillo
MHCR LUI Carta Airport La Unión
MHCA CAA Catacamas Catacamas
CDD Cauquira Cauquira
MHGS GAC Celaque Airport Gracias
MHCI Chiquerito Airport Chiquerito
MHCM Choloma Airport Choloma
MHCH Choluteca
MHNC Choluteca Airport Choluteca
MHGA Chumbagua Airport Chumbagua
MHNA Ciudad Nacaome Airport Nacaome
MHCP Cochino Pequeño Airport Cochino Pequeño Island
MHCO Coco Airport
MHCB Cocobila Airport Cocobila
MHCG Comayagua Airport Comayagua
MHCC Concepción Airport Concepción
RUY Copan Copan
MHRU RUY Copán Ruinas Airport Copán Ruinas
MHHC Coratsa Heliport San Pedro Sula
MHSC XPL Coronel Enrique Soto Cano AB Coronel E Soto Cano AB
CYL Coyoles Coyoles
Cristo Te Quiere Airport Danli
MHPS Desvio Potrerillos Airport El Encinal
MHGE El Aguacate Airport El Aguacate
MHAL El Alto Airport
MHEA OAN El Arrayán Airport Olanchito
MHEC El Cubo Airport
MHPV El Porvenir Airport Manga
El Tesoro Airport Aguacatal
EDQ Erandique Erandique
MHGU EDQ Erandique Airport Erandique
Ficohsa Heliport San Pedro Sula
MHFD Finca 12 Airport Agua Blanca
MHFA Finca San Antonio Airport La Lima
MHLF Flefil Airport
MHFC Fort Cay Airport Fort Cay
MHLC LCE Goloson Intl La Ceiba
GAC Gracias Gracias
MHGC Grupo Carnol Airport Catacamas
GUO Gualaco Gualaco
MHUG Guanacastal Airport Canchias
MHNJ GJA Guanaja Guanaja
MHGB Guayabillas Airport Esquias
MHGY Guayape Airport El Zapato
MHHG Hacienda Galeras Airport La Lima
MHMC Hacienda Montecristo Heliport Hacienda Montecristo
MHAU Hacienda Ulua Airport Tasajeras
Higuerito Central Airport Higuerito
IRN Iriona Iriona
MHIC Islas del Cisne Islas del Cisne I.
MHIZ Izapan Airport La Puerta
MHJI GUO Jicalapa Airport Jicalapa
MHJC Jocon Airport Jocón
MHJQ Joya Del Quebracho Airport Caleras/El Triunfo
MHRO RTB Juan Manuel Galvez Intl Roatan
MHJU JUT Juticalpa Juticalpa
MHLA La Alondra Airport Candelaria
MHEI La America Airport El Guanacaste
MHLE LEZ La Esperanza La Esperanza
MHEZ La Esperanza Airport Lérida
MHLZ La Estanzuela Airport el agua
MHLG La Grecia Airport Monjarás
MHHE La Herradura Airport Punuare
MHJO La Joya Airport
MHTB La Katabila Airport Tuntuntara
LUI La Union La Union
MHUO La Union Airport La Unión
MHLS Laguna Seca Airport Laguna Seca
MHLJ Las Lajas Airport Coyoles
MHLL Las Lomas Heliport Tegucigalpa
MHMS Las Marias Airport Siksatara
MHMI Las Minitas Airport Vallecillo
MHLV Las Vegas Airport Las Vegas
LMH Limon Limon
MHLT Llanos Del Tigre Airport Moroceli
MHNS Los Llanos Airport
Los Pollos Airport El Limón
MHLU Luz Y Vida Airport San Luis Pajón
MHMT Manto Airport Manto
MHLP Mapulaca Airport Mapulaca
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