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Airports North America Guatemala


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
MGBN Bananera Airport Morales
Barillas upper
Canilla Airport Rio Seco
CMM Carmelita Carmelita
MGCR CMM Carmelita Airport Carmelita
Chajul Airport Chajul
Champerico Airport Champerico
MGCQ CIQ Chiquimula Airport Chiquimula
CTF Coatepeque Airport Coatepeque
MGCT CTF Coatepeque Airport Coatepeque
MGCB CBV Coban Airport Coban
Cuarto Pueblo Airport Carto Pueblo
MGDL DON Dos Lagunas Airport Dos Lagunas
El Estor Airport El Estor
EMR El Mirador Heliport El Mirador
El Naranjo Airport El Naranjo
ENJ El Naranjo Airport El Naranjo
TKM El Petén Airport Tikal
MGES Esquipulas Airport Esquipulas
Finca El Alamo Airport Ayutla Tecun Uman
Flore del Norte Airport Flore del Norte
MGHT HUG Huehuetenango Airport Huehuetenango
Inta Northeast Airport El Achiotal
Ixquisis Airport Ixquisis
Jayabaj Airport Jayabaj
MGGT GUA La Aurora Airport Guatemala City
MGLL La Libertad Airport La Libertad
La Noria Airport Tiquisate
LCF Las Vegas Rio Dulce
MGRD LCF Las Vegas Airport Rio Dulce
Los Angeles Airstrip Los Angeles
MGML Malacatán Airport San Marcos
MCR Melchor de Mencos Airport Melchor de Mencos
MGRF Monterrico Airport Monterrico
MGMM FRS Mundo Maya International Airport San Benito
Nueva Generación Maya Airport Nueva Generación Maya
MGPC PCG Paso Caballos Airport Paso Caballos
PKJ Playa Grande Playa Grande
MGPG PKJ Playa Grande Airport Playa Grande
MGPP PON Poptún Airport Poptún
MGPB PBR Puerto Barrios Airport Puerto Barrios
MGQZ AAZ Quezaltenango Airport Quezaltenango
AQB Quiche Airport Quiche
MGQC AQB Quiché Airport Santa Cruz del Quiché
Rancho Pal
MGRT RER Retalhuleu Airport Retalhuleu
MGRB RUV Rubelsanto Airport Rubelsanto
MGSJ GSJ San José Airport Puerto San José
San Luis Ixcan Valle Uno Candelaria
MGSM San Marcos Airport San Marcos
San Pedro Cotija Airport San Pedro Cotija
Sayaxché Airport Sayaxché
Tiquisate Airport Tiquisate
MGUX UAX Uaxactun Airport Uaxactun
Uspantan Airport Uspantan
Xuctul Airport Xuctul
MGZA LOX Zacapa Airport Zacapa
Zacualpa Airport Zacualpa
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