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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
BGAQ QUV Aappilattoq Heliport Aappilattoq
BGAG AOQ Aappilattoq Heliport Aappilattoq
BGAA JEG Aasiaat Airport Aasiaat
BGAK QCU Akunnaaq Heliport Akunnaaq
BGAP LLU Alluitsup Paa Heliport Alluitsup Paa
BGAS QUW Ammassivik Heliport Ammassivik
JRK Arsuk Arsuk
BGAR JRK Arsuk Heliport Arsuk
QGQ Attu Heliport Attu
BGAT QGQ Attu Heliport Attu
BGDB Daneborg Heliport Daneborg
BGDH Danmarkshavn Landing Strip Danmarkshavn
BGDU DUN Dundas Airport (Closed) Pituffik
EastGRIP Airport EastGRIP
BGET QFG Eqalugaarsuit Heliport Eqalugaarsuit
Gisp Ice Landing Strip Summit Camp
JGR Grønnedal Heliport (Closed) Kangilinnguit
BGIO QFX Igaliku Heliport Igaliku
BGIG QFI Iginniarfik Heliport Iginniarfik
QFI Iginniarfik Heliport Iginniarfik
QJI Ikamiut Heliport Ikamiut
BGIT QJI Ikamiut Heliport Ikamiut
Ikateq Airport Iqateq
QRY Ikerasaarsuk Heliport Ikerasaarsuk
BGIA IKE Ikerasak Heliport Ikerasak
BGPC Ikerasassuaq Heliport Ikerasassuaq
BGIK QRY Ikerassaarsuk Heliport Ikerassaarsuk
XIQ Ilimanaq Harbour Ilimanaq
BGIL XIQ Ilimanaq Heliport Ilimanaq
BGLL IOT Illorsuit Heliport Illorsuit
BGJN JAV Ilulissat Airport Ilulissat
BGIN IUI Innarsuit Heliport Innarsuit
BGIS IOQ Isortoq Heliport Isortoq
BGSC OBY Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport Ittoqqortoormiit
BGKA QPW Kangaatsiaq Heliport Kangaatsiaq
BGSF SFJ Kangerlussuaq Airport Kangerlussuaq
BGKS KGQ Kangersuatsiaq Heliport Kangersuatsiaq
BGGD JGR Kangilinnguit Heliport Kangilinnguit
BGKT QJE Kitsissuarsuit Heliport Kitsissuarsuit
BGKQ KHQ Kullorsuaq Heliport Kullorsuaq
BGKK KUS Kulusuk Airport Kulusuk
BGKM KUZ Kuummiut Heliport Kuummiut
BGMA Maniitsoq Kitaa
BGMQ JSU Maniitsoq Airport Maniitsoq
BGMV Mestersvig Airport Mestersvig
BGMO Moriusaq Heliport Moriusaq
BGNL Nalunaq Heliport Nalunaq
BGNN JNN Nanortalik Heliport Nanortalik
BGNS JNS Narsaq Heliport Narsaq
BGFD QFN Narsarmijit Heliport Narsarmijit
BGBW UAK Narsarsuaq Airport Narsarsuaq
Neem Camp Skiway (Closed) Neem Camp
BGCO CNP Neerlerit Inaat Airport Neerlerit Inaat
BGNK QMK Niaqornaarsuk Heliport Niaqornaarsuk
BGNT NIQ Niaqornat Heliport Niaqornat
USAN UNG Northeast Greenland Air Force Base Northeast Greenland National P
Northgrip Airport Northgrip
BGNQ JUU Nuugaatsiaq Heliport Nuugaatsiaq
BGGH GOH Nuuk Airport Nuuk
BGNU NSQ Nuussuaq Heliport Nuussuaq
Nuussuaq Icestrip (Closed) Nuussuaq
XEO Oqatsut Harbour Oqatsut
BGPT JFR Paamiut Airport Paamiut
BGFH Paamiut Heliport (Closed) Paamiut
BGTL THU BGTL Pituffik Space Base Pituffik
BGQQ NAQ Qaanaaq Airport Qaanaaq
BGUQ JQA Qaarsut Airport Uummannaq
BGJH JJU Qaqortoq Heliport Qaqortoq
BGCH JCH Qasigiannguit Heliport Qasigiannguit
BGQT QJH Qassimiut Heliport Qassimiut
BGQE PQT Qeqertaq Heliport Qeqertaq
PQT Qeqertaq Heliport Qeqertaq
BGGN JGO Qeqertarsuaq Heliport Qeqertarsuaq
BGQS Qutdligssat
Raven Skiway Raven Camp
BGSO QOQ Saarloq Heliport Saarloq
BGST SAE Saattut Heliport Saattut
QUP Saqqaq Heliport Saqqaq
BGSQ QUP Saqqaq Heliport Saqqaq
BGSV SVR Savissivik Heliport Savissivik
BGSG SGG Sermiligaaq Heliport Sermiligaaq
BGSI SRK Siorapaluk Heliport Siorapaluk
BGSS JHS Sisimiut Airport Sisimiut
Sødalen Landingstrip Sodalen
BGNO Station Nord Heliport Station Nord
BGMI Station Nord Landing Strip Station Nord
GSUM Summit Ice Landing Strip Summit Camp
Susse Kangia
BGAM AGM Tasiilaq Heliport Tasiilaq
XEQ Tasiuasaq Harbour Tasiuasaq
BGTA TQA Tasiusaq Heliport Tasiusaq
BGTQ XEQ Tasiusaq Heliport Tasiusak
BGTM Tingmiarmiut
BGTN TQI Tiniteqilaaq Heliport Tiniteqilaaq
BGUT JUK Ukkusissat Heliport Ukkusissat
BGUK JUV Upernavik Airport Upernavik
BGUP Upernavik AWS (Aut) Upernavik
BGKL UPK Upernavik Kujalleq Heliport Upernavik Kujalleq
BGUM UMD Uummannaq Heliport Uummannaq
Zackenberg Airport Zackenberg
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