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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
MRAD Aerodamas Airport Quepos
MRAO TTQ Aerotortuguero Airport Roxana
MRPT Agropecuaria Playa Caletas Airport Nicoya/Guanacate
MRAG Altagracia Airport AltaGracia Resort
MRAT Altamira de San Carlos Airport San Carlos
MRAL Altomonte Airport Trinidad
MRAM Amubri Airport Amubri
MRAJ Aranjuez Airport Miramar
MRAR Atirro Airport Turrialba
MRBB Babilonia Airport Siquirres
MRBP Barra de Parismina Airport Pococi
MRBC BCL Barra del Colorado Airport Pococi
MRBT TTQ Barra del Tortuguero Tortuguero
MRBN Bataan (Monte Libano) Airport Limón
MRBO Boca Naranjo Airport Quepos
MRBM Bremen Airport Guacimo
MRBA BAI Buenos Aires Airport Punta Arenas
MRCV TNO Cabo Velas Airport Nicoya
MRCJ Cajuela/San Isidro Airport San Isidro
LCS Canas Canas
MRCD Cangrejo Verde Airport Cangrejo-Verde
MRCE Carate Airport Golfito
MRCZ Carrizal Airport Carrizal
MRCT Catsa Airport Liberia
MRCH JAP Chacarita Airport Puntarenas
MRCI Ciruelas Airport Bagaces
MRAF ACO Cóbano Airport Cóbano
MRCA CSC Codela Airport Guapiles
MRCC OTR Coto 47 Airport Corredores
MRCL Coyolar Airport Liberia
MRDO Dieciocho Airport Puntarenas
MRDV Dole Venecia Airport Pital
MRDD Don Diego Airport Limón
MRDM Dos Marías Airport Chorotega
MRDK DRK Drake Bay Airport Puntarenas
MRDC Duacari 2 Airport Guapiles
MREC El Carmen de Siquirres Airport Siquirres
MREO El Ceibo Airport Ticabán
MRCO El Cerrito Airport Filadelfia
MRED El Descanso de Poco Sol Airport San Carlos
MRER El Ron Ron Airport Ron Ron
MRET Esterillos / Finca Airport Parrita
MRFI PMZ Finca 10 / Nuevo Palmar Sur Airport Puntarenas
MRFS Finca 63 (Coto 63) Airport Puntarenas
MRFD Finca Delicias Airport Puerto Cortés
MRFL FMG Flamingo Airport Brasilito
MRFC Flying Crocodile Airport Nicoya
MRFP Frutez - Pital Airport San Carlos
MRGA Garza Airport Garza
MRGF GLF Golfito Airport Golfito
MRLB LIR Guanacaste Airport Liberia
MRNC NCT Guanacaste Airport Nicoya/Guanacate
MRGP GPL Guapiles Airport Pococi
MRGT Guatuso Airport Alajuela
MRHH Hacienda Homuha Airport San Carlos
MRHP Hacienda La Pacífica Airport Cañas
MRHS Hacienda La Suerte Airport Pococi
MRMZ Hacienda Manzanillo Heleport Sardinal
MRHG Hacienda Rancho Grande Airport Sarapiqui
MRHO Hacienda Rio Cuarto Airport Sarapiqui
MRHB Helibancosta Heliport Area metropolitana
MRIA PBP Islita Airport Nandayure
MRJO Jaco Airport Jaco
MROC SJO Juan Santamaría International Airport San José (Alajuela)
MRNI La Bonita Airport San Isidro
MRLV La Cueva Airport Liberia
MRLF La Flor Airport Liberia
MRAN FON La Fortuna Arenal Airport La Fortuna
MRLG La Garroba Airport Upala
MRLN La Guinea Airport Nicoya
MLLJ La Javilla Airport Guanacaste
MRLI La Ligia Airport Parrita
MRLO La Loma Heliport Escazu
MRLS La Victoria de Sarapiqui Heliport Sarapiqui
MRLY La Yolanda Airport Parrita
MRLA La Zampoña Airport Guanacaste
MRLZ La Zopilota Airport Guanacaste
MRIS Las Islas Airport San Carlos
MRLL Las Lomas Airport Siquirres
MRLP Las Piedras Airport Cañas
MRLT Las Trancas Airport Las Trancas
MRLE Laurel Airport Puntarenas
MRLM LIO Limon International Airport Puerto Limon
MRLC LSL Los Chiles Airport Los Chiles
MRRM Los Sueños Heliport Marina Resort
México Hospital Heliport San José
MRMJ CSC Mojica Airport Cañas
MRMA Monte Alto Airport Abangares
MRMR Monte Reina Airport
MRMC Murcielago Airport La Cruz
MRNS NOB Nosara Airport Nicoya
MRPM PMZ Palmar Sur Airport Palmar Sur
MRPA Palo Arco Airport Nandayure
MRPD Pandora Airport Limón
MRPK Papa Kilo Airport Uvita
MRPC Paso Canoas Airport (Closed) Paso Canoas
MRPN Pelon Nuevo Airport Liberia
MRPS Peñas Blancas Airport Santa Cruz
MRPY Playa Ballena Airport Puntarenas
MRPB Playa Blanca (J. W. Berteus) Airport (Closed) Puntarenas
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