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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
MY04 Andros Central Andros Island
MYCA ATC Arthurs Town Airport Arthur's Town
GBI Auxiliary Airfield Grand Bahama
MYX4 Big Whale Cay Big Whale Cay
NSB Bimini North Seaplane Base Bimini
MYE2 Blackpoint Blackpoint
CEL Cape Eleuthera Cape Eleuthera
MYLM Cape Santa Maria Long Island
MYCC Cat Cay Cat Cay
MYCS Cay Sal Cay Sal
MYBC CCZ Chub Cay Chub Cay
MYAB Clarence a Bain Clarence Bain
MYCI CRI Colonel Hill Airport Crooked Island
MYAK COX Congo Town Airport Andros
MYCX Cutlass Bay Cutlass Bay
MYLD LGI Deadmans Cay Dead Man's Cay
MYXZ Deep Water Cay Deep Water Cay
MYRD DCT Duncan Town Duncan Town
MYEF Exuma Intl Great Exuma
MYE3 Farmer's Cay Farmer's Cay
MYXA Fowl Cay Fowl Cay
MYAF ASD Fresh Creek Andros Town
MYEG GGT George Town George Town
MYXB Gorda Cay Gorda Cay
MYEM GHB Governors Harbour Governor's Harbor
MYGM Grand Bahama Aux AF Grand Bahama
MYGF FPO Grand Bahama Intl Freeport
MYBG GHC Great Harbour Cay Bullocks Harbour
GTC Green Turtle Green Turtle
HBI Harbour Island Harbour Island
MYCH Hawks Nest Hawks Nest
MYXC Hog Cay Hog Cay
MY01 Hog Cay Exuma Williams Town
MYXD Leaf Cay Leaf Cay
MYXE Lee Stocking Island Lee Stocking
MYXF Little Darby Island Little Darby Island
MY03 Little Whale Cay Berry Islands
MYNN NAS Lynden Pindling Intl Nassau
MAY Mangrove Cay Mangrove Cay
MYAM MHH Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbor
MSK Mastic Point Mastic Point
MYIG IGA Matthew Town Matthew Town
MYMM MYG Mayaguana Mayaguana
MYX3 Mores Island Mores Island
Nassau Cruise Terminal Nassau
MYPI PID Nassau Paradise Island Airport Nassau
MYCB CAT New Bight Airport Cat Island
TBI New Bright The Bight
MYRP New Port Nelson Port Nelson
MYXG Norman Cay Norman Cay
MYEN Normans Cay Norman's Cay
MYEH ELH North Eleuthera North Eleuthera
MYXJ Ocean Cay Ocean Cay
WZY Paradise Island Seaplane Base Nassau
PWN Pitts Town Pitts Town
MYER RSD Rock Sound Rock Sound
MYX7 Rudder Cut Cay (Musha Cay) Rudder Cut Cay
MYE5 RCY Rum Cay Rum Cay
MYXH Sampson Cay Sampson Cay
MYAN SAQ San Andros San Andros
MYSM ZSA San Salvador Cockburn Town
MYAS Sandy Point Sandy Point
MYXI Scotland Cay Scotland Cay
TZN South Andros South Andros
MYBS BIM South Bimini Alice Town
MYAX Spanish Cay Spanish Cay
SWL Spanish Wells Spanish Wells
MYAP AXP Spring Point Spring Point
MYES TYM Staniel Cay Staniel Cay
MYLS SML Stella Maris Stella Maris
MYAT TCB Treasure Cay Treasure Cay
MYAW WKR Walkers Cay Walkers Cay
MYGW WTD West End West End
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