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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Aerodrom Belz
Aerodrom Krupske
Aerodrom Turijsk Turijsk
Anan'iv Airstrip
Artsiz Airfield Artsiz
Bagerovo Air Base (Closed) Bagerovo
UKFB UKS Belbek Airport Sevastopol
UKDB ERD Berdyansk Airport (Closed) Berdyansk
UKBC Bila Tserkva Airfield Bila Tserkva
Bliznyuki Air Base Lozovaya
Bolshoy Tokmak Air Base Tokmak
Borodyanka Air Base (Closed) Borodyanka
UKBB KBP Boryspil International Airport Kiev
UKLB Brody Air Base Brody
Buzova Glider Field Buzova
UKKH Chepelevka Airport Uzin
UKKE CKC Cherkasy International Airport Cherkasy
Cherlyany Airport Gorodok
Chernihiv Air Base Chernihiv
UKKL Chernihiv Shestovitsa Chernihiv
UKKL CEJ Chernihiv Shestovitsa Airport (Closed) Chernigow
UKLN CWC Chernivtsi International Airport Chernivtsi
Chervonobirka Airstrip
UKHW Chuhuiv Air Base Chuhuiv
QOH Darnitsa Bus Station Kiev
UKDD DNK Dnipropetrovsk International Airport Dnipropetrovsk
Dobryanka Airfield Dobryanka
UKCC DOK Donetsk International Airport (Closed) Donetsk
UKKD Drabiv Cherkasy
Drohobych Airfield
Dubno Air Base Dubno
Dymer Airstrip Dymer
UKFY Dzhankoy Airport Dzhankoy
Foros Helipad Foros
Frunzivka Airstrip
UKOG Genichesk Air Base (Closed) Genichesk
UKNG Gogoliv Airfield Gogoliv (Kiev)
Gora Klementyeva Airfield Otvazhnoye
Gorodnya Air Base Gorodnya
UKKM GML Gostomel Airport Kiev
UKFG Gvardeyskoe Air Base Sarabuz
Hardyshivka Airstrip Hardyshivka
Horodok Air Base Horodok
UKLI IFO Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport Ivano-Frankivsk
UKOI Izmail Airport Izmail
Kacha Air Base Sevastopol
UKHK KHU Kakhnovka Airfield Kremenchuk
Kalinivka Air Base Kalinivka
Kamyanka Airfield Dnipropetrovsk
KCP Kamyanka Airfield Kamyamka
Kanatove Air Base Kirovohrad
UKBE Kaniv/Pekari Pekari
Karabachyn Airstrip
Karankut Air Base (Closed) Volnoye
UKFK KHC Kerch Airport Kerch
UKHH HRK Kharkiv International Airport Kharkiv
UKHV Kharkiv North Kharkiv
UKHD Kharkiv North Airport Kharkiv
UKOH KHE Kherson International Airport Kherson
Khersones Air Base Sevastopol
UKLH HMJ Khmelnytskyi Airport Khmelnytskyi
Kiev West Kiev
UKKK IEV Kiev Zhuliany International Airport Kiev
UKKG KGO Kirovograd Airport Kirovograd
Kirovskoe Air Base Kirovskoe
Kobelyachok Airstrip Kobelyachok
UKBF Konotop Air Base Konotop
UKLO Kornych Air Base (Closed) Ivano-Frankivsk
Korostelivka Airstrip
Korotych Airfield Lyubotin
UKCK KRQ Kramatorsk Airport Kramatorsk
Krasni Okny Airfield
Kremydivka Airfield
Kruglaya Bukhta Heliport Sevastopol
UKDR KWG Kryvyi Rih International Airport Kryvyi Rih
Kryzhopil Airstrip Kryzhopil
Ksaverivka Airfield
Lanivtsi Airstrip Lanivtsi
UKHN Lebedyn Air Base (Closed) Lebedyn
Lidavo Airstrip Lidavo
UKOE Liman Airfield Odessa
UKOM Limanske Airfield Limanske
Liubsha Air Base (Closed) Kalush
Lokhvitsya Airport Lokhvitsya
UKCW VSG Luhansk International Airport Luhansk
Lutsk Air Base Lutsk
UKLC UCK Lutsk Airport Lutsk
UKLL LWO Lviv International Airport Lviv
Lyneya Airstrip
Malyn Airstrip Malyn
Mariinsky park helipad
UKCM MPW Mariupol International Airport Mariupol
Mayske Airfield Mayske
UKDM OOX Melitopol Air Base Melitopol
Mezhigyrya Heliport
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