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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
LYBJ LJB Airport Lisicji Jarak Belgrade
Bački Jarak Airport
Backi Monostor Airfield Sombor
Banjički Vis Heliport
LYBT BJY Batajnica Air Base Batajnica
LYBC Bela Crkva Airport Bela Crkva
LYBE BEG Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade
LYBV BEOGRAD/Dobanovci Dobanovci
Bogatić Airfield Bogatić
Bojnik Airport Bojnik
LYBO Bor Airport Bor
LYBS BUDVA/ Splendid Budva
LYCA Čačak-Preljina Airfield Čačak
Dakovica (Closed)
LYVA Divci Airport Valjevo
Golubinci Airstrip
LYJA Jagodina / Barutana Airfield Jagodina
Kelovic Airstrip (Closed) Priboj
LYKI KID Kikinda Airfield Kikinda
LYKT Kostolac Airfield Kostolac
LY87 Kovin Airstrip
LYKA Kraljevo Brege Airport Kraljevo
LYLE Leskovac / Mira Sport Airport Leskovac
LYKV KVO Morava Airport Kraljevo
LYNI INI Nis Airport Nis
LYNS QND Novi Sad / Čenej Airfield Novi Sad
LYPA Pančevo Airfield Pančevo
LYPN Paracín / Davidovac Airport Paraćin
LYUZ UZC Ponikve Airport Užice
LYPR PRN Pristina Pristina
LYPT Priština/ Batlava Priština
Progar Airstrip Progar
LYQQ Ruma/Borovica Ruma
LYSD Smederevo Airfield Smederevo
LYSP Smederevska Palanka / Rudine Airport Smederevska Palanka
LYKS Sportski Aerodrom "Kozhirsko Polje" Kruševac
LYSM Sremska Mitrovica / Veliki Radinci Airfield Sremska Mitrovica
LYSU Subotica Airport Subotica
Surčin Airstrip Surčin
Titel Airstrip Titel
LYTR Trstenik Airport Trstenik
Vojka Nova Pazova Airport Nova Pazova
LYVR Vršac International Airport Vrsac
Vršački Ritovi Airstrip
LYZP Zemun Polje 13 May Airfield Zemun Polje
Zlatibor Sport Airstrip (U.C.) Zlatibor
LYZR ZRE Zrenjanin Airport Zrenjanin
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