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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
UNSR 1 Razryvno-Moiseevskaya Helipad , Tomsk
UUPM 163rd km Oil Pipeline Heliport Pechora, Komi
UNSB 181 Sobolinaya Helipad , Tomsk
Abagaytuy Heliport Abagaytuy, Zabaykal'ye
UNAA ABA Abakan International Airport Abakan, Krasnoyarsk
UNQA Aban Airport (Closed) Aban, Krasnoyarsk
UESY Abyy Airport Abyy, Sakha
Abzakovo Helipad Abzakovo, Bashkortostan
UHPJ Achayvayam Heliport Achayvayam, Kamchatka
UNKS ACS Achinsk Airport Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk
UWOD Adamovka Airport Adamovka, Orenburg
Aerodrom Tsherskaia , Pskov
Afipsky Airfield Afipsky, Krasnodar
URKF Afipsky Heliport Afipski, Krasnodar
Agan Heliport Agan, Khanty-Mansiy
Aginskoye Airport Aginskoye, Krasnoyarsk
Agoy Airfield Agoy, Krasnodar
Aim Airstrip Aim, Khabarovsk
AirLife Aerodrome Chernyi Yar, Astrakhan'
XRWH Akhtubinsk Air Base Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan'
Akhty Airfield , Dagestan
Ak-Kalakha Heliport Ak-Kalakha, Gorno-Altay
UNBC Akkem Heliport Akkem Lake, Gorno-Altay
UNHA Aksenovo Airport Aksenovo, Krasnoyarsk
UWUZ Aktanysh Airport Aktanysh, Tatarstan
XUMA Alabino Helipad Moscow, Moskva
Alakurtti Naval Air Base (Closed) Alakurtti, Murmansk
USSQ Alapayevsk Airfield Alapayevsk, Sverdlovsk
Albazino Heliport Albazino, Amur
UEEA ADH Aldan Airport Aldan, Sakha
UESX Aleko-Kyuyol Airport , Sakha
UNSA Aleksandrovskoye Airport Aleksandrovskoye, Tomsk
UHSA UHS Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinskiy Airport Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinskiy, Sakhalin
Alexandria Heliport Salsk, Rostov
Alferyevo Airfield Volokolamsk, Moskva
Alkatvaam Heliport Alkatvaam, Chukot
UEQN Allakh-Yun Airport Allakh-Yun, Sakha
Altay Resort Heliport Urlu-Aspak, Gorno-Altay
Altayskoye Podvorye Heliport Ongudaysky, Gorno-Altay
Alyye Parusa Helipad Moscow, Moscow City
XHXA Amaranka Airfield Amaranka, Amur
XIAL Amazar Air Base Amazar, Zabaykal'ye
ULLH Ambassador Hotel Helipad Saint Petersburg, City of St. Petersburg
ULDD AMV Amderma Airport Amderma, Nenets
UHTG AEM Amgu Airport Amgu, Primor'ye
Amurzet Airport Amurzet, Yevrey
Anadyr Airfield Anadyr, Chukot
UHAO Anadyr Heliport Anadyr, Chukot
URKA AAQ Anapa Vityazevo Airport Krasnyi Kurgan, Krasnodar
Anash Airport Anash, Krasnoyarsk
Andra Emergency Heliport Andra, Khanty-Mansiy
Andra Vertodrome Andra, Khanty-Mansiy
XUEA Andreapol Air Base (Closed) Andreapol, Tver'
UESA Andryushkino Airport (Closed) Andryushkino, Sakha
Anino Helipad Moscow, Moscow City
XHXK Anna Heliport Anna, Primor'ye
Anosino-1 Helipad , Moskva
UUWY Anosino-2 Heliport , Moskva
USDI Antipayuta Airport Antipayuta, Yamal-Nenets
Anuchina Heliport Yuzhno-Kurilsk, Sakhalin
UNEA Anzhero-Sudzhensk Heliport Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo
Apuka Airport Apuka
Arabatuk Air Base (Closed) Dauriya, Zabaykal'ye
UESH Argakhtakh Airport , Sakha
Argunsk Heliport Argunsk, Zabaykal'ye
UHOA Arka Airport Arka, Khabarovsk
UHBA Arkhara Airport Arkhara, Amur
Armavir / Krasnaya Polyana Airfield Krasnaya Polyana, Krasnodar
URKR Armavir Air Base Armavir, Krasnodar
UHWA Arsenyev Sport Airfield Arsenyev, Primor'ye
UNHU Artel-Amur Kondyor Airport Worgalan, Khabarovsk
Artel-Amur Kondyor Mine airstrip Kondyor Massif, Khabarovsk
Arti Airfield Arti, Sverdlovsk
UEMR Aryktakh Airport , Sakha
Ashuluk Airfield , Astrakhan'
Astashikha Heliport Astashikha, Amur
URWA ASF Astrakhan Narimanovo Boris M. Kustodiev International Airport Astrakhan, Astrakhan'
Ataka Helipad , Kemerovo
Atkarsk Airport (Closed) Atkarsk, Saratov
Atlasovskoye Helipad Atlasovskoye, Kamchatka
Atsevo , Pskov
Avachinskiy Heliport Yelizovo, Kamchatka
Ayanka Airport Ayanka, Kamchatka
UNIA Aydara Airport Aydara, Krasnoyarsk
UERA Aykhal Airport Aykhal, Sakha
USRA Ay-Pim Airport Ay-Pim, Khanty-Mansiy
XRRA Azov Airfield Azov, Rostov
XIAB Bada Air Base Bada, Zabaykal'ye
XWSB Bagay-Baranovka Air Base Sennoy, Saratov
UIUB Bagdarin Airport (Closed) Bagdarin, Buryat
UIUU UUD Baikal International Airport Ulan Ude, Buryat
Bakhanay Airfield (Closed) Bakhanay, Sakha
USPB Bakharevka Airport (Closed) Perm, Perm'
UNHB Bakhta Airport Bakhta, Krasnoyarsk
Bakhta Heliport Bakhta, Krasnoyarsk
Baklanikha Heliport Baklanikha, Krasnoyarsk
Bakovka Helipad Moscow, Moskva
Balagannoye Airport Balagannoye, Magadan
Balakhta Airport Balakhta, Krasnoyarsk
UWSB BWO Balakovo Airport Balakovo, Saratov
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