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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Aerial Club Vădeni Vădeni, Galat
DZM Aeroclub Cluj Dezmir
SIB Aeroclub Sibiu Sibiu
LRCW Aeroclubul Balta-Verde
LRT2 CIO Aerodrom Cioca Cioca
Aerodrom Crasna Crasna
Aerodrom Drobeta Drobeta
Aerodrom Fratauti Rădăuți
LRBG Aerodrom Ghimbav Ghimbav
Aerodrom Piatra Craiului Zărnești
Aerodrom Prejmer
Aerodrom Sălicea
Aerodromul Alexeni Alexeni
Aerodromul Buziaş Buziaş
Aerodromul Charlie Bravo Siria Arad
Aerodromul Ciceu-Andras Miercurea Ciuc
Aerodromul Costinești Costinești
LRPT Aerodromul Geamăna Aerodromul Geamăna
LRCD Aerodromul Măgura Cisnadie
LRSP Aerodromul Sânpetru-Brașov Brașov
LRDV DVA Aerodromul Săulești Deva
LRPV Aerodromul Strejnic Ploiesti
Aerodromul Topoloveni Topoloveni
LRMS Aeroportul Sportiv Elie Carafoli Târgu Mureș
LRAR ARW Arad International Airport Arad
LRBC BCM Bacău Airport Bacău
LRBS BBU Băneasa International Airport Bucharest
LRBN Bistrița Airfield Bistrița
LRBO Boboc Air Base Boboc
LROV Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport (U.C.) Brașov
LRCT Câmpia Turzii Air Base Câmpia Turzii
LRCS CSB Caransebeş Airport Caransebeş
Clinceni Airfield Clinceni
LRCL CLJ Cluj-Napoca International Airport Cluj-Napoca
LRCX Cobrex Heliport Brașov
Comana Airstrip Comana
LRCV CRA Craiova Airport Craiova
LRBH Crystal Tower Bucharest
Deveselu Air Base (Closed) Deveselu
LRFT Feteşti Air Base Feteşti
LRFL Floreni Airfield Floreni
Ghindari Airfield Ghindari
LROP OTP Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest
Ianca Air Base Ianca
LRBG IAR Gimbav Heliport Gimbav
LRIA IAS Iaşi Airport Iaşi
Ineu "King's Land" field
Lăzarea Airstrip Lăzarea
LRBM BAY Maramureș International Airport Baia Mare
LRCK CND Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport Constanţa
LRMC Năvodari/Midia-Constanţa Năvodari
LROD OMR Oradea International Airport Oradea
LRPW Ploiesti Ploiesti
Salonti Airstrip
LRSM SUJ Satu Mare Airport Satu Mare
LRSB SBZ Sibiu International Airport Sibiu
LRPH Şirna Ploiesti
LRSV SCV Suceava Stefan Cel Mare Airport Suceava
LRTR TSR Timişoara Traian Vuia Airport Timişoara
LRTM TGM Transilvania Târgu Mureş International Airport Târgu Mureş
LRTC TCE Tulcea Airport Tulcea
LRTZ Tuzla Romania Airfield Tuzla
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