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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
LPJO Alijo Airstrip Alijó Municipality, Vila Real
LPAR Alverca Alverca
LPMN Amendoeira
LPBJ BYJ Beja Beja
LPBE Beja Airstrip Beja, Beja
LPBR BGZ Braga Braga
LPBG BGC Braganca Braganca
LPCS Cascais Cascais
LPCH CHV Chaves Chaves
LPCO CBP Coimbra Coimba
LPCR CVU Corvo Airport Corvo
LPCV COV Covilha Covilha
LPIN Espinho Espinho
LPEV Evora Evora
LPFR FAO Faro Faro
LPFA Ferreira Alentejo Ferreira Alentejo
LPFC Figueira dos Cavaleiros Figueira dos Cavaleiros
LPFL FLW Flores Flores (Flores Isl.)
Funchal Cruise Terminal Funchal Madeira
LPGR GRW Graciosa Graciosa Island
LPHR HOR Horta Horta
LPLG Lagos Lagos, Faro District
LPLA TER Lajes Lajes (Terceira Island)
LPJF Leiria Leiria
LPPT LIS Lisboa Lisbon
Lisbon Cruise Terminal Lisbon
ZYD Lisbon Tp Lisbon
LPLZ Lousa Lousa
LPMA FNC Madeira Funchal
LPMI Mirandela Mirandela
LPMU Mogadouo Mogadouo
LPMF Monfortinho Monfortinho
LPMO Montargil Montargil
LPMR Monte Real Monte Real
LPMT Montijo Montijo
LPOT Ota, Mil
LPOV Ovar Ovar
LPPI PIX Pico Island Pico Island
LPPD PDL Ponta Delgada Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada Cruise Terminal Ponta Delgada Acores
LPSO Ponte de Sor Ponte de Sor
LPPM PRM Portimao Portimao
LPPR OPO Porto Porto
LPPS PXO Porto Santo Porto Santo
LPPV Praia Verde Praia Verde
LPPN Proenca a Nova
LPSC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
PX01 Santa Margarida Army Santa Margarida
LPAZ SMA Santa Maria Santa Maria (Island)
LPSR Santarem Aerodrome Santarem
LPAV Sao Jacinto Aveiro
LPSJ SJZ Sao Jorge Sao Jorge Island
LPSE Seia Seia
LPSI SIE Sines Sines
LPST Sintra Sintra
LPTN Tancos Tancos
LPVR VRL Vila Real Vila Real
LPVM Vilamoura Aerodrome Vilamoura
LPVL Vilar de Luz Vilar da Luz
LPVZ Viseu Viseu
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