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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
ENUN Aasta Hansteen Fpu
ENAE Æra Airfield Åmot
Agdenes Airfield Breivika Agdenes
Airlift Ljosland Ljosland
ENAH Ål Heliport, Medical Center Ål
ENXS Albuskjell a Platform (Closed)
ENXF Albuskjell F Platform (Closed)
ENAL AES Ålesund Airport, Vigra Ålesund
ENAX Ålesund Heliport, Hospital Ålesund
ENAT ALF Alta Airport Alta
ENWA Alvheim Fpso North Sea
ENWA Alvheim Offshore Heliport
ENAN ANX Andøya Airport, Andenes Andenes
ENGK Arendal Airfield, Gullknapp Aust-Agder
ENAR Arendal Heliport, Hospital Arendal
Åsegardmoen Airfield Harstad
Askestad Airstrip
Atna Stor-Elvdal
ENBE Balder a Fpu
Ballangen Airfield Ballangen
ENDU BDU Bardufoss Airport Målselv
ENBA Barentsburg Heliport, Heerodden Barentsburg
ENBS BJF Båtsfjord Airport Båtsfjord
ENBR BGO Bergen Airport, Flesland Bergen
Bergen Heliport, Sandviken Bergen
Bergen Seaplane Base, Sandviken Bergen
ENBV BVG Berlevåg Airport Berlevåg
ENLB Bjorli Airfield Lesja
ENBJ Bjørnøya Heliport Herwighamna
Blestergrende Airstrip
ENBO BOO Bodø Airport Bodø
ENBM Bømoen Airfield Tjukkebygdi
Borgund heliport Lo, Borgund
ENBB Bøverbru Airfield
ENQD Brage A Platform
ENBN BNN Brønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy Brønnøy
Bykle Heliport, Hovden Bykle
Bykle Sjøflyplass - Hovden
ENXC Cod Platform (Closed)
Djupvik Heliport Narvik
ENDO Dokka Thomlevold Airfield Dokka
ENDB Dombås Heliport, Brunshaugen Dombås
ENDH Drammen Heliport, Hospital Drammen
ENDP Draupner Platform
ENXE Edda Platform (Closed)
Eidsberg Airstrip
ENXA Ekofisk A Platform
ENXD Ekofisk D Platform
ENXK Ekofisk K Platform
ENEK Ekofisk Oil Field North Sea
ENXL Eldfisk A Platform
ENXB Eldfisk B Platform
ENEL Elverum Heliport, Innlandet Hospital Elverum
ENSM Elverum Starmoen Airport Elverum
ENXM Embla Platform
ENEN Engeløy Airfield Engeløy
Evje Airfield Evje og Hornnes
ENOP Fagerhaug Airfield
ENFG VDB Fagernes Airport, Leirin Fagernes
Fagernes Flyplass - Strandefjorden Fagernes
ENFJ Fedje Heliport, Høgden Fedje
Feiring Airfield Feiring
Fiske Airfield Surnadal
ENFA Flatval Airfield Frøya
ENFL FRO Florø Airport Florø
ENGN Folldal Grimsmoe Airfield Folldal
ENBL FDE Førde Airport, Bringeland Førde
ENFD Førde Central Hospital Heliport Førde
ENFR Frigg Qp Platform (Closed) North Sea
Frosta Airfield Frosta
ENFY Fyresdal Airfield Fyresdal
Gairasmoen Airstrip
ENDI DLD Geilo Airport Dagali Dagali
GEIR Geiranger Geiranger
Gjerstad Gård Airstrip Skarnes
Gjølstad Airfield Kongsvinger
Gjøvik heliport
ENKL GLL Gol Airport Klanten Flyplass
Gossen Airfield Aukra
Graundalen Snåsa
Gravvold Airfield Surnadal
Grong/Bjørgan Airfield Grong
ENBG Grønneviksøren (Haukeland Sykehus) Heliport Bergen
ENGC Gullfax C North Sea
Gulli Airstrip Nes
ENXG Gyda Platform (Closed)
Haakonsvern Heliport Bergen
Haga Airfield
ENHA HMR Hamar Lufthavn, Stavsberg Hamar
ENHF HFT Hammerfest Airport Hammerfest
Harstad Heliport, Hospital Harstad
Harstad Heliport, Stangnes South Harstad
ENEV EVE Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes Evenes
Haslemoen Flyplass Våler
ENHK HAA Hasvik Airport Hasvik
ENHT Hattfjelldal Airfield Hattfjelldal
ENHD HAU Haugesund Airport, Karmøy Karmøy
ENHX Haugesund Heliport, Haugesund Hospital Haugesund
ENBX Haukeland Universitetssykehus Heliport Bergen
Hegglandsdalen Flyplass
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