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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
EHAK A12-CPP Platform Helipad North Sea
EHAX A18-a
Admiral de Ruyter Hospital Heliport Goes
EHMC Air Operations Control Station Nieuw Milligen Heliport Uddel
Albert Schweitzer Hospital Amstelwijck Heliport Dordrecht
Albert Schweitzer Hospital Dordrecht Heliport Dordrecht
EHAL Ameland Airport Ballum Ballum
EHAD Ameland Heliport Ballum
EHAM AMS Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Amsterdam, NH
EHHA Amsterdam Heliport Amsterdam
Amsterdam UMC Helipad
Antonius Hospital Heliport Sneek
EHMA AWG-1 Helipad Buren
Axel Glidersite Terneuzen
EHBL B13-A Platform Helipad North Sea
EHSG Borssele Alpha Heliport
EHSF Borssele Beta Heliport
Brunssum Joint Force Command Heliport Brunssum
EHHW Buitengaats / Bg-Ohvs2 Helipad Gemini Wind Farm
C. Steinweg Handelsveem Helipad
Camping De Muk Helipad
Castricum Glidersite Castricum
CM.com Circuit Zandvoort Heliport Zandvoort
Coolen Heythuysen Helipad
EHDT D12-A Heliport
EHDS D12-B Heliport
EHDV D15-FA-1 Heliport
EHDY D18-A Heliport
Damen Yachting Helipad
EHDB De Bilt
EHKD DHR De Kooy Airfield / Den Helder Naval Air Station Den Helder
De Koperen Hoogte Helipad Zwolle
De Kreupel Helipad Andijk
EHDP De Peel Air Base (Closed) Ysselsteyn
EHDV De Voorst Glidersite Marknesse
EHDL Deelen Air Base Arnhem
Defensie Munitiecomplex Veenhuizen Helipad
Dohler Roggel Helipad
Dokkum Hospital Heliport Dokkum
EHDR Drachten Airfield Drachten
Duiven Helipad
EHER E17a-A Heliport
Eemshaven Airfield (Closed)
EHHE Eemshaven Heliport Eemshaven
EHEH EIN Eindhoven Airport Eindhoven
Eindhoven Heliport (Closed) Eindhoven
Erasmus Medisch Centrum Heliport Rotterdam
Eric Richter Heliservice BV Helipad
Escape Helipad
EHSA Europlatform Heliport
EHFO F15-a
EHFD F3-Fb-1
Feadship Makkum Heliport Makkum
Forteiland IJmuiden Helipad Ijmuiden
EHGN G14-a
EHGQ G17d-a
Generaal-Majoor Brugman Kazerne Helipad
Gidding Groep Helipad
EHGR GLZ Gilze Rijen Air Base Rijen
EHLR Glider Field Biddinghuizen (Closed) Biddinghuizen
Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin Heliport Noordwijk
EHGG GRQ Groningen Airport Eelde Groningen
EHHS Haamstede Glidersite Schouwen-Duiveland
Hagaziekenhuis Den Haag Heliport Den Haag
EHQB Haven-A Heliport
EHQD Helder-A Heliport
Heli Holland Heliport Emmer- Compascuum
Heliair Harskamp Heliport Harskamp
Heliair Stroe Heliport Stroe
EHQF Helm-A Heliport
EHHV Hilversum Airfield Hilversum
QYI Hilversum Railway Station Hilversum
ZYH Hmc Westeinde Heliport Den Haag
EHQN Hollandse Kust Noord Heliport
EHQW Hollandse Kust West Alpha Heliport
EHQS Hollandse Kust Zuid Alpha Heliport
EHHO Hoogeveen Airfield Hoogeveen
EHQE Hoorn-A Heliport
EHYP IJmuiden Heliport ─▓muiden
Inter Scaldes Heliport Kruiningen
Isala Hospital Zwolle Heliport Zwolle
EHJA J6-A Heliport
Johan Willem Frisokazerne Helipad
Johannes Post Kazerne Helipad
EHKM K12-A Heliport
EHKP K12-B Heliport
EHKN K12-C Heliport
EHKO K12-D Heliport
EHKQ K12-G Heliport
EHKX K12-K Heliport
EHJR K13-a Heliport
EHKW K14-FA-1A Heliport
EHKV K14-FA-1C Heliport
EHKT K15-FA-1 Heliport
EHKS K15-FB-1 Heliport
K17-FA-1 Heliport
EHJB K1-A Heliport
EHJC K2B-A Heliport
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