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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
BIAR AEY Akureyri Airport Akureyri
BIAL Álftaver Airport Álftaver
BIAE Arngerðareyri Airport Arngerðareyri
BIBI Baeir Airport Baeir
BJD Bakkafjordur Bakkafjordur
BIBK BJD Bakkafjörður Airport Bakkafjörður
BIBA Bakki Airport Bakki
BIBD BIU Bildudalur Airport Bildudalur
BGJ Borgarfjordur Eystri Borgarfjordur Eystri
BIBF BGJ Borgarfjörður Eystri Airport Borgarfjörður Eystri
BIBV BXV Breiðdalsvík Airport Breiðdalsvík
BIBR BQD Búðardalur Airport Búðardalur
BIDG Dagverdara West
BIDA Dagverðará Airport Dagverðará
BIDV DJU Djúpivogur Airport Djúpivogur
BIEG EGS Egilsstaðir Airport Egilsstaðir
BIEH Einholtsmelar Airport (Closed) Einholtsmelar
BIFM FAG Fagurhólsmýri Airport Fagurhólsmýri
FAS Faskrudsfjordur Faskrudsfjordur
BIFF FAS Fáskrúðsfjörður Airport Fáskrúðsfjörður
FLI Flateyri Flateyri
BIFL Flúðir Airport Flúðir
BIFZ Forsæti Airport Forsæti
BIGE Geysir Airport (Closed) Geysir
BIGJ GJR Gjögur Airport Gjögur
BIGR GRY Grímsey Airport Grímsey
BIGS Grímsstaðir Airport Grímsstaðir
GUU Grundarfjordur Grundarfjordur
BIGF GUU Grundarfjörður Airport Grundarfjörður
BIGH Gunnarsholt Airport Gunnarsholt
BIHL Hella Airport Hella
BIHE Herðubreiðarlindir Airport Herðubreiðarlindir
BIBL BLO Hjaltabakki Airport Blönduós
BIHK HVK Hólmavík Airport Hólmavík
Hólmsheiði Reykjavík
BIHT FLI Holt Airport Flateyri
BIHN HFN Hornafjörður Airport Höfn
BIHS Hrafnseyri Airport Hrafnseyri
BIHX Hrauneyjarfoss Airport (Closed) Hrauneyjarfoss
Hrauneyjarfoss Heliport Hella
BIHY Hrísey Airport Hrísey
BIHZ Húsafell Airport Húsafell
BIHU HZK Húsavík Airport Húsavík
HVM Hvammstangi Hvammstangi
BIHI Hveravellir Airport Hveravellir
BIHR Hvolsvöllur Airport Hvolsvöllur
BIID HLO Ingjaldssanður Airport Onundarfjörður
BIIS IFJ Ísafjörður Airport Ísafjörður
BIKA Kaldármelar Airport Kaldármelar
Kárastaða Airport Borgarnes
BIKF KEF Keflavik International Airport Reykjavík
BIKE Kerlingafjöll Airport Kerlingafjöll
BIKL Kirkjubæjarklaustur Airport Kirkjubæjarklaustur
BIKP OPA Kópasker Airport Kópasker
BIKJ Kroksfjard-Arnes Airport Kroksfjard-Arnes
BIHV HVM Krókstaðarmelar Airport Hvammstangi
BIMN Melanes Airport (Closed) Melanes
BIMM Melgerðismelar Airport Melgerðismelar
BIMK Múlakot Airport Múlakot
BINF NOR Norðfjörður Airport Norðfjörður
BIND Nýjidalur Airport Nýjidalur
OFJ Olafsfjordur Olafsfjordur
BIOF OFJ Ólafsfjörður Airport Ólafsfjörður
BIPA PFJ Patreksfjörður Airport Patreksfjörður
BIRG RFN Raufarhöfn Airport Raufarhöfn
RHA Reykholar Reykholar
BIRE RHA Reykhólar Airport Reykhólar
BIRL MVA Reykjahlíð Airport Myvatn
BIRS Reykjanes Airport Reykjanes
BIRK RKV Reykjavik Airport Reykjavik
BIRF OLI Rif Airport Rif
BISA Sandá Airport Sandá
BISS Sandskeið Airport Sandskeið
BITH Sauðanes Airport (Closed) Þórshöfn
BIKR SAK Sauðárkrókur Airport Sauðárkrókur
BISF Selfoss Airport Selfoss
SEJ Seydisfjordur Seydisfjordur
BISI SIJ Siglufjörður Airport Siglufjörður
BISL Skaftafell Airport Öræfi
BISV Skálavatn Airport Skálavatn
BISK Skógasandur Airport Skógar
BISP Sprengisandur Airport Sprengisandur
BISG Steinasandur Airport Kalfatellsstadhur
BISH Stora-Holt Airport Stora-Holt
BISR Stórikroppur Airport Stórikroppur
BIST SYK Stykkishólmur Airport Stykkishólmur
SUY Sudureyri Sudureyri
Suðureyri Airstrip Suðureyri
BISN Svínafell Airport Svínafell
TLK Talknafjordur Talknafjordur
BITF TLK Tálknafjörður Airport (Closed) Tálknafjörður
BITE TEY Þingeyri Airport Þingeyri
BITO Thorisos Airport Thorisos
BITN THO Þórshöfn Airport Þórshöfn
BITM Þórsmörk Airport Þórsmörk
BIMS Tungubakkar Airport Tungubakkar
BIVH Varmahlid Airport Varmahlid
BIVA Vatnsnes Airport Vatnsnes
BIVM VEY Vestmannaeyjar Airport Vestmannaeyjar
BIVI Vík Airport Vík
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