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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Agathonisi Heliport Agathonissi
Agios Efstratios Heliport Agios Efstratios
Agios Pavlos Airfield Chalkidiki Nea Kallikrateia
LGAG AGQ Agrinion Air Base (Closed) Agrinion
Aitoloakarnania Astakos Heliport Aitoloakarnania Astakos
LGPZ PVK Aktion National Airport Preveza/Lefkada
LGAX Alexandria Airport Alexandria
LGAL AXD Alexandroupoli Democritus Airport Alexandroupolis
Alexandroupolis General Hospital Heliport Alexandroupolis
Alonnisos Heliport Votsi
LGKM Amigdhaleon Airport Filipos
Amorgos Heliport Chora
LGAM Amphiali Heliport Salamis Island
Anafi Airport (Under Construction) (Closed) Anafi
Anafi Heliport Anafi
LGAD PYR Andravida Air Base Andravida
Andros Heliport Andros
Antikithira Heliport Antikithira
Antiparos Heliport Antiparos
Antiparos Heliport Antiparos
Argos Airport (Closed) Argos
Arkioi Heliport Arkioi
GX02 Arnissa Edessa
Arnissa Airport Edessa
LGPL JTY Astypalaia Airport Astypalaia Island
LGAT HEW Athen Helenikon Airport (Closed) Athens
Athens Helenikon Airport Athens
Attiki Aegaleo Heliport Attiki Aegaleo
Attiki Afidnes Heliport Attiki Afidnes
Attiki Anoixi Heliport Attiki Anoixi
Attiki Aspropyrgos Heliport Attiki Aspropyrgos
Attiki Kato Kifissia Heliport Attiki Kato Kifissia
Attiki Koropi Agia Marina Heliport Attiki Koropi Agia Marina
Attiki Koropi Profarta Heliport Attiki Koropi Profarta
Attiki Mandra Heliport Attiki Mandra
Attiki Maroussi Heliport Attiki Maroussi
Attiki Vouliagmeni Heliport Attiki Vouliagmeni
Chalki Heliport Chalki
Chania Generalhospital Heliport Chania Generalhospital
LGSA CHQ Chania International Airport Souda
LGHI JKH Chios Island National Airport Chios Island
Dhokimion Airport Agrinion
LGRP RHO Diagoras Airport Rodes Island
Don Mansion Private Helipad Ialysos, Rhodes
Donousa Heliport Donousa
Dounis Airfield Megara
DRM Drama Drama
LGEL Elefsis Airport Elefsina
LGAV ATH Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport Athens
Eordaea Airfield Ptolemaida
LGEP Epitalion Airport Pyrgos
Ereikoussa Heliport Ereikoussa
LGKZ KZI Filippos Airport Kozani
GX03 Florina Airport Florina
Folegandros Heliport Folegandros
Fournoi Heliport Fournoi
Gavdos Helistrip
Gouvia Marina Gouvia
LGIR HER Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis Airport Heraklion
LGIK JIK Ikaria Airport Ikaria Island
Ikaria Raches Heliport Ikaria Raches
LGIO IOA Ioannina Airport Ioannina
Ioannina Delvinaki Heliport Ioannina Delvinaki
Ioannina Konitsa Heliport Ioannina Konitsa
Ioannina Vikos Heliport Ioannina Vikos
LGKR CFU Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport Kerkyra Island, Polon
Ios Heliport Chora
Iraklia Heliport Iraklia
Iraklia Heliport Iraklia
Ithaki Heliport Ithaki
LGKL KLX Kalamata Airport Kalamata
LGKY JKL Kalymnos Airport Kalymnos Island
LGKP AOK Karpathos Airport Karpathos Island
Karpathos Olympos Heliport Karpathos Olympos
LGKS KSJ Kasos Airport Kasos Island
LGTL Kasteli Airport Crete Island
LGKJ KZS Kastelorizo Airport Kastelorizo Island
LGKA KSO Kastoria National Airport Kastoria
LGKV KVA Kavala Alexander The Great International Airport Kavala
Kea Heliport Kea
LGKF EFL Kefallinia Airport Kefallinia Island
Kimolos Heliport Kimolos
LGKC KIT Kithira Airport Kithira Island
Kolhiko Airfield Greece
Kopaida Dimitra Airfield Kopaida
LGKO KGS Kos Airport Kos Island
Koufonisi Heliport Koufonisia
Kythnos Heliport Kythnos
Lamia Air Base (Closed) Lamia
LGLR LRA Larisa Air Base Larisa
Larissa General Hospital Heliport Larissa
Lecheo Airfield
Leipsoi Heliport Leipsoi
LGLE LRS Leros Airport Leros Island
Lesvos Eressos Heliport Lesvos Eressos
LGLM LXS Limnos Airport Limnos Island
GX05 Maleme Air Base Maleme
LGKN Marathon Kotroni Navy Helicopter Base Marathon
LGMR Marathon Wasser Airport (Closed) Marathon
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