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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
EFAA Aavahelukka Airport Kolari/Muonio
EFAH Ahmosuo Airport Oulu
EFHT Ahtari
Ähtärin kevytlentopaikka Ähtäri
EFAL Alavus Airport Alavus
EFJV Central Finland Central Hospital Heliport Jyväskylä
EFET ENF Enontekio Airport Enontekio
EFEU Eura Airport Eura
EFFO Forssa Airport Forssa
EFGE Genböle Airport Genböle
EFHJ Haapajärvi Airport (Closed) Haapajärvi
EFHI Haapamaki Airport (Closed)
EFHP Haapavesi Airport Haapavesi
EFHL Hailuoto Airport Hailuoto
EFHA KEV Halli Airport Halli / Kuorevesi
EFHM HEM Hameenkyro Airport Hameenkyro
EFHN Hanko Airport Hanko
HELC Helsinki Cruise Port Helsinki
EFHF HEM Helsinki Malmi Airport Helsinki
EFHK HEL Helsinki Vantaa Airport Helsinki
EFHE Hernesaari Heliport Helsinki
EFHV HYV Hyvinkää Airfield Hyvinkää
EFML Ii Airfield Ii
EFII Iisalmi Airport Iisalmi
EFIM Immola Airport Immola
EFIV IVL Ivalo Airport Ivalo
EFJP Jakalapaa Airport Jakalapaa
EFJM Jämijärvi Airport Jämijärvi
EFJO JOE Joensuu Airport Joensuu / Liperi
EFEJ Jorvin Hospital Heliport
EFJY JYV Jyvaskyla Airport Jyväskylän Maalaiskunta
EFKI KAJ Kajaani Airport Kajaani
EFKO Kalajoki Airport Kalajoki
EFKN Kannus Airport
EFHH Kanta-Hämeen Central Hospital Heliport Hämeenlinna
EFKR Kärsämäki Airport Kärsämäki
EFKJ KHJ Kauhajoki Airport Kauhajoki
EFKA KAU Kauhava Airport Kauhava
EFKM Kemijarvi Airport Kemijarvi
EFKE KEM Kemi-Tornio Airport Kemi / Tornio
EFIK Kiikala Airport Kikala
EFEK Kilpisjärvi Heliport
EFIT KTQ Kitee Airport Kitee
EFKT KTT Kittilä Airport Kittilä
EFRV Kiuruvesi Airport Kiuruvesi
EFKV Kivijärvi Airport Kivijarvi
EFKK KOK Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport Kokkola / Kruunupyy
QVY Kouvola Bus Station Kouvola
EFKH Kuhmo Airport Kuhmo
EFKG Kumlinge Airport Kumlinge
EFKU KUO Kuopio Airport Kuopio / Siilinjärvi
EFPJ Kuopion University Hospital Heliport
EFKS KAO Kuusamo Airport Kuusamo
EFKY Kymi Airport Peippola
EFLA QLF Lahti Vesivehmaa Airport Vesivehmaa
EFLL Lapinlahti Airport Lammake
EFLR Lapland Central Hospital Heliport Rovaniemi
EFLP LPP Lappeenranta Airport Lappeenranta
EFLN Lieksa Nurmes Airport Lieksa-Nurmes
EFMN Mäntsälä Airport Mäntsälä
EFMM Mänttä - Sassi Airfield Mänttä
EFMA MHQ Mariehamn Airport Mariehamn
EFMP Martiniiskonpalo Airport Martiniiskonpalo
EFHY Meilahti Hospital Helipad Helsinki
EFME Menkijarvi Airport Menkijarvi
EFMI MIK Mikkeli Airport Mikkeli
EFJE North Karelia Central Hospital Heliport Joensuu
EFNU Nummela Airport Nummela
Nummijärvi airstrip Nummijärvi
EFOP Oripää Airport Oripää
EFOU OUL Oulu Airport Oulu / Oulunsalo
EFHO Oulun University Hospital Heliport Oulu
EFPL Päijät-Hämeen Central Hospital Heliport
EFPE Peijaksen Hospital Heliport
EFPK Pieksämäki Airport Pieksämäki
EFPI Piikajarvi Airport Piikajarvi
Pistohiekan Glider Field
EFPA Pokka Airport Pokka
EFPO POR Pori Airport Pori
EFPU Pudasjärvi Airport Pudasjarvi
EFPN Punkaharju Airport Punkaharju
EFPY Pyhäsalmi Airport Pyhäjärvi
EFPH Pyhoselka Airport Pyhaselka
EFRH Raahe Pattijoki Airport Pattijoki
EFRN RVN Rantasalmi Airport Rantasalmi
EFRU Ranua Airport Ranua
EFRA Rautavaara Airport Rautavaara
EFRY Räyskälä Airport Rayskala
EFRO RVN Rovaniemi Airport Rovaniemi
EFNS Savikko Airport
EFSA SVL Savonlinna Airport Savonlinna
EFHS Seinäjoen Central Hospital Heliport Seinäjoen
EFSI SJY Seinäjoki Airport Seinäjoki / Ilmajoki
EFSE Selanpaa Airport Selanpaa
EFSO SOT Sodankyla Airport Sodankyla
EFSJ Sonkajarvi Jyrkk Airport (Closed)
EFVT Sulkaharju Airport Sulkaharju
EFSU Suomussalmi Airport Suomussalmi
EFPT Tampere University Hospital Heliport Tampere
EFTA Tampere/Harmala
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