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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
LBZM Air Belozem Airstrip Belozem
Aytos Airstrip
LBBA Bahovitsa Airfield Lovech
LBWB Balchik Airfield Balchik
LBBZ Bazan Airstrip Bazan
Bedzhene Airstrip Bedzhene
LBBB Belchinski Bani Airstrip Belchinski Bani
Belozem Ssa Airstrip Belozem
LBIA JAM Bezmer Air Base Yambol
LBBL Blagoevo Airfield Blagoevo
LBBO Bohot Airport Bohot
Borovan Airstrip
Branichevo Airstrip Branichevo
Brenitsa Airstrip
LBBR Breznik Pernik
LBBG BOJ Burgas Airport Burgas
LBBQ Byala Ruse
LBWC Chayka Naval Air Base Tihina
LBPS Cheshnegirovo Air Base (Closed) Cheshnegirovo
LBDA Daskal Atanasovo Stara Zagora
Dobrich Air Base (Closed) Dobrich
LBSD Dobroslavtsi Air Base (Closed) Sofia
LBDB Dolna Banya Airport Dolna Banya
LBPL Dolna Mitropoliya Air Base Dolna Mitropoliya
Doyrentsi Lovec
LBDR Draganovtsi Airfield Draganovtsi
Dragoman Airstrip
LBDM Dve Mogili Airfield Dve Mogili
Dzhulyunitsa Airstrip Dzhulyunitsa
LBRD Erden Airport Erden
LBMG Gabrovnitsa Air Base (Closed) Gabrovnitsa
LBAM Gabrovo Airstrip Gabrovo
Gledka Airfield (Closed) Kardzali
Glozhene Airfield (Closed) Glozhene
Golyama Smolnitsa Airstrip Smolnitsa
LBGO GOZ Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport Gorna Oryahovitsa
LBGI Gorski Izvor Airstrip Gorski Izvor
LBGD Gradishte Airstrip
LBPG Graf Ignatievo Air Base Graf Ignatievo
Graf Ignatievo South Airport (Closed) Graf Ignatievo
LBGR Grivitsa Airfield Grivitsa
LBHT Ihtiman Airfield Ihtiman
Irechekovo Airfield (Closed) Irechekovo
LBWV Izgrev Airport (Closed) Kalimantsi
LBKJ Kainardzha Airport Kainardzha
Kalugerene Airstrip Kalugerene
LBKL Kalvacha Airport Kalvacha
Kamenets Air Base Kamenets
Karamanite Airstrip
KDG Kardjali Kardjali
Knezha Airstrip
Konush Airstrip (Closed) Konush
Koynare Airstrip Koynare
Kozloduy Airfield (Closed) Kozloduy
Krivnya Agricultural Airfield Senovo
Krivodol Airstrip Krivodol
Krushovene Airfield (Closed) Krushovene
Leskovo Airfield Leskovo
LBLS Lesnovo Airport Lesnovo
Levski Airfield Levski
Livada Airport (Closed) Livada
Lozarevo Airstrip
Lozen Airstrip
LBLN Lozen Heliport Lozen
LBMV HKV Malevo Airfield Haskovo
LBMD Marina Diveni Sveti Vlas
LBMA Maritsa Airfield Maritsa
Maslarevo Airstrip Maslarevo
Medovnitsa Airstrip Medovnitsa
Milkovitsa Airfield (Closed) Milkovitsa
Mogilishte Airstrip Mogilishte
LBMO Montana Montana
Moskovec Airstrip SSA
Mustrak Air Base (Closed) Mustrak
Nedelevo Airstrip
Nikola Kozlevo Airstrip Nikola Kozlevo
Nikolovo Airfield Nikolovo
Omarchevo Airstrip
Orliak Airfield
Ovchepoltsi Airstrip Ovchepoltsi
Panicharevo Airstrip Panicharevo
Petrich Air Base (Closed) Petrich
Pirgovo Airfield Pirgovo
Pirin Airfield (Closed) Gotse Delchev
Pishtigovo Airstrip Pishtigovo
PVN Pleven Pleven
LBPD PDV Plovdiv International Airport Plovdiv
Podem Airstrip (Closed) Podem
Polikraishte (Closed)
Popovo Airfield
LBPR Primorsko Airport Primorsko
Radomir Dolni Rakovets Afld
Rakovski Airstrip Rakovski
LBBR Ravnetz Air Base (Closed) Ravnetz
Raykova Mogila Airfield Raykova Mogila
Ruen Airstrip
LBRS ROU Ruse Airport (Closed) Shtraklevo
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